Ok week, well

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Wins World Cup – Men’s team still paid more despite losing because AMERICA!

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Bieber Posts Pic of Bare Ass on Instagram – ….and it barely dinted the internet.

No, like, he ACTUALLY said that.

No, like, he ACTUALLY said that.

Donald Trumps Says He Will Win Latino Vote – And somehow it’s not the craziest thing he’s said.

George W Bush charges $100 grand to Veterans Group for Speech – I don’t know what’s worse….him charging a veterans group or that people out there want to hear him speak…let alone pay him to do so.

Patti Lupone Snatches Audience Members Phone While They Texted During Performance – That man is lucky they still have a hand.

Donald Trump Surges to #1 in Republican Polls – …oh.

And the Champion of the Week ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Patti Lupone. Do you think I’m ACTUALLY gonna give someone ELSE an award over her?

Do you dare vote against her….well good luck.

Last Week Marriage Equality won because THAT IS WHAT IT DOES!!!

Keep Geek.