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They’re Women Wrestlers, Not Divas!

This past Monday night on WWE RAW, one of the biggest moments in modern women’s professional wrestling took place! Upon watching it, I realized that we needed the perspective of NS4W’s favorite lady grappler, Sassy Stephie, on these epic events! So without further adieu, I throw it to our special guest columnist for today, the beautiful badass, Sassy Stephie!



Women’s sports are on fire! Any channel you turn on, women are a part of the highlights. From UFC’s Rhonda Rousey, American women’s tennis and soccer, you cannot escape the women’s sport buzz. and that includes sports entertainment, WWE!


In years past, WWE Diva’s division was considered a piss break match and many felt that it was put between the higher anticipated matches to let he fans breath before the next big match. All the Divas, past and present, are beautiful, but quite a few lacked the talent in the ring. Of course there were exceptions like Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz, Molly Holly and others however, you had Diva Search winners and models that were occupying some of the top spots. They may have earned those spots one way or another because they were entertaining the fans, but they were not professional women’s wrestlers.


Monday Night on RAW the WWE Diva’s champion Nikki Bella was in the ring with her sister Brie Bella and Bella supporter, Alicia Fox. Nikki boasted about how for 232 days she has been the Diva’s champion. She mentioned the responsibilities of being champion, taking on all challengers and the publicity that comes along with it and she stated she is the Total Diva and makes all the decisions in the Diva’s division. That brought out one of the principal owners of WWE, Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie said “Let me be very clear, I own WWE.”


Stephanie and the Bellas want the same thing for the WWE Divas, more competition. In fact Stephanie wants to make changes to the WWE Diva’s division, right now and calls out Paige, who is a regular on the Diva’s roster and has faced Nikki for the Diva’s championship on multiple occasions. Lately, Paige has been trying to recruit girls to help her take out the Bella’s because they always use “twin magic” or the numbers game to help them win matches. Nikki is confused on why Paige is out there. Stephanie being the strong woman that she is tells Nikki to stop running her mouth and says Paige needs back up. This bring outs Becky Lynch, an orange haired, steam punk, stand out Diva from NXT (The WWE’s developmental territory) and someone I have met during my career at Shimmer wrestling in Chicago. Becky had to retire due to an injury, but she rehabbed the injury and now is back setting the WWE and NXT on fire with her wrestling skills and passion. Even the commentators said, “she is fun to watch.”


Paige welcomes Becky with open arms but Stephanie looks and says that the Bella’s still out number the duo, so joining forces with them is a woman who was bred to be in this business, someone who is “genetically superior.” Charlotte’s music hits and the “Woooooo’s” start being heard all over the arena. Charlotte is the daughter of two time Hall of Famer Ric Flair, one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time. Charlotte has been having outstanding matches ever since she stepped into the NXT ring. She out does herself every time I have seen her in the ring.


The Bellas look sick to their stomachs at the team of young fresh Divas raise their hands. An upset Naomi and Tamina interrupt saying they still have unfinished business with the Bella’s and Paige. Naomi says that they are all the competition that Stephanie needs and they want want they deserve. Stephanie agrees and says someone shares the same attitude that they have, someone not afraid to stand up for themselves. Someone who calls herself “The Boss.” Out comes the current NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. She is one of the most entertaining people I have watched wrestle. She knows her character and flaunts it so well. Sasha is owning the ring at NXT, using her small size and quickness as an advantage.


Stephanie asks Nikki, “Is this what you had in mind when you said you were looking for a little competition?” Stephanie also says she has set the table for opportunities, but asks who is going to take it. The Bellas look uncomfortable when Stephanie says this and attempt to walk away but walk right into Naomi, Tamina, and Sasha. The Bellas decide to turn around and walk right into Paige, Becky, and Charotte.


The fans erupt with a “This is awesome” chant. Mind you there has been no physical confrontation YET! These women who have been busting their asses to entertain the WWE Universe are getting this chant. It’s not a chant that is given out frequently to the Divas (Unless you watch NXT regularly!. This is where I personally start tearing up some. I have been wrestling for over eight years and to see women I know or have met receiving this kind of attention and admiration is heart-warming. Watching it again now as I write this, I still get a little choked up over it. Big things are on the horizon for the Diva’s if this continues!




Nikki  decides she is leaving but turns and bumps into Sasha Banks, who is quick to send her crashing down on her ass. This starts what every fan was waiting for…..a fight. Michael Cole says “the battle lines have been drawn.” Everyone woman has her chance to shine, getting in a couple moves. At the end of the fight, the NXT women have Team Bella all tied up in submissions, Charlotte has Alicia Fox in the Figure 8, her version of the Figure 4 Leglock, made famous by her father. Becky Lynch has Brie Bella in her patented arm bar. Sasha grabs Nikki for the Bank Statement. Paige, Tamina, and Naomi climb back into the ring, prompting another face off. This draws another “This is awesome” chant from the crowd as Stephanie McMahon watches, clearly pleased with herself. Although there is no clear cut winner among the ladies on this night, there were actually several winners….. the WWE Universe, women’s wrestling fans especially, and any one that is inspired by strong, beautiful women going out to the ring, entertaining thousands, and owning every second of it.


With future stars like Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Paige stepping up and the WWE Universe taking notice, the sky is the limit for the Diva’s division! They’re Divas, they are wrestlers, and they are entertaining. Congratulations ladies, the stage is yours. We will be watching.

Sassy Stephie from Akron OH/Montreal Quebec. Professional wrestler for 8+ years. Loves Harry Potter, the Cleveland Browns, and foodie!


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