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Spencer’s Spotlight: FKA Twigs and M3LL155X

Today is a brilliant day in the world of music and artistry. FKA Twigs has had a world of press lately. I mean really, she blew the world away at Coachella, she dropped LP1 and received amazing ratings, she was just nominated for a VMA Award for “Artist to Watch”, and on top of all of that she is engaged to Edward Cullen!

But today FKA Twigs pulled the rug out from underneath our feet and dropped her new EP, titled “M3LL155X”. The EP contains five songs which list as…

  1. Figure 8
  2. I’m Your Doll
  3. In Time
  4. Glass & Patron
  5. Mothercreep

We got to hear “Figure 8” earlier this month as well as “Glass and Patron” with a corresponding video earlier in the year. The other three tracks are brand new.

Not only did the EP come out on iTunes, but it came out with a sixteen minute long video which I can honestly say was better than any music video I have ever had the privilege to watch. This video was beautiful to watch and the artistry was truly incredible.


In my head I understood the video as a way for Twigs to show her audience her creative process as she lets her dreams and her mind impregnate her with these images and inspirations that she gives birth to that truly are her art and are very personal to her. That very idea is something I love so much about FKA Twigs because you can tell that her music and her career is something she is very passionate about. She doesn’t care if the radio wouldn’t play any of her music nor if her videos freak anyone out. It’s her dreams that she has given birth to and that is that.

Take a look at the video below and let it consume your open mind.

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“Figure 8” is a dark sounding song with an emphasis on her lyric “Let Me Live”. My interpretation of what Twigs is trying to say through the song and video is to take in the energy and happenings of the world and let it possess you, let it live through you and be who you are meant to be. The dark but beautiful song was represented in the video as well with a cameo of Michèle Lamy which was probably the best candidate to interpret the song because she was flawless.


“I’m Your Doll” is the second song on the EP. This song is a very traditional FKA song with a amazing new sound. The song is, as I interpret it, a way of FKA conveying the vulnerability we as humans surrender ourselves to when we find ourselves in love. It’s about the idea that we are practically crying out to that significant other to just open their eyes and see us standing there in complete desire to be loved  in anyway they would like as long as we feel that they are here with us. The video works alongside this theory in a way that we see FKA laying on a bed as a live sex doll just waiting to be given attention to by this very bothered looking man.


“In Time” is the third song on the EP and possibly my favorite. “In Time” is about being true to your partner or something you hold dear and just laying everything out on the table. If the love is true and the passion is real, a relationship can be mended and built even stronger in time. A relationship is a two-way street and it takes two to understand that both must learn to grow stronger so that the relationship can be the best that it can be. Listening to this song over and over again I just feel really connected to it and could possibly be one of my favorite songs FKA Twigs has ever done. Her vocals are so different in this song but that’s why I love it because I feel like she is yelling her words almost as though she is trying to get someone to just be quiet and listen to her even if she has to repeat herself multiple times. In the video, FKA is dancing around doing perfect choreography and to me this represented how she just feels the music just the way she wants to let her feelings be true and committed to.


“Glass & Patron” is a song that I have been rather familiar with and I have to say it is truly remarkable and I have been so excited for a version that I can finally own. The song is fast and like fire which is apart of the phoenix theme of the song. In this song, FKA is speaking out telling the world that it’s important for one in a time of doubt to teach themselves to know what they want and what they need, so that in a time of pain they can rebuild themselves and “rise from the ashes built from lust and hurt”. The video to this song is incredible and she vogues herself to the heavens with the biggest ode to “Paris is Burning” I have seen.

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Spencer's Spotlight: FKA Twigs and M3LL155X 3

“Mothercreep” is a very hurt song that has a lot of emotion built into it. This song is a little harder to read but from what I gather, this is song is about the moment when you just kind of realize how big the world is and how things can change so rapidly. The world can grow to be such a tough place especially when you feel like you are alone when all you want to do is run away to place that feels safe like home. This song was not represented in the video unfortunately but I really wish it was just so I can come to understand it a little more.


All in all, “M3LL155X” is a beautiful EP that ties in together all of these emotions and sounds that really just captivate the audience. I feel that this EP is truly FKA Twigs best work and I am so excited to see what more she does with this project. I don’t know if I have ever fallen in love with a EP as fast as I did with “M3LL155X”. Accolades Twigs, you deserve all of the Grammys!


You can buy “M3LL155X” on iTunes now and don’t forget to watch the video on Youtube.

Follow FKA Twigs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and visit the official M3LL155X site.

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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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