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    Miss 2015: Explaining the Scoring System

    Miss 2015 Official Pageant Scoring:

    The queens’ scores for the pageant will be divided up into thirds. One third of the score will be from the seven person judges panel that will be revealed later this week. The second third will be the combined scores of the weekly special guest judges that we have lined up. The final third will be from the fan vote. You the readers will be able to vote on our site once a day for who you think won the category so be sure to vote every day for your favorite! I would encourage you to like our site on FB, to follow us on Twitter and/or to subscribe to us on YouTube so you always know when the latest videos have been released! Ever vote will count!

    The scoring each week will go like this in all three votes (NS4W Panel, Guest Judges Panel, Fan Vote), 100 points for winning the category, 90 for 2nd place, 80 for 3rd, 70 for 4th, 60 for 5th, 50 points for everyone else not in the top five, ZERO points if she fails to turn in a video. So the maximum points a queen can receive on any given week is 300 points, the minimum if a queen doesn’t finish top five in any of the votes but turn in all her videos is 150 points.

    The scoring will remain private throughout the competition but in-depth scoring sheets will be sent to the queens at the end of the competition. We are going to be transparent about this. There will be commentary from the judges each week so you will get some inklings about how your favorite queen’s efforts are being received but keep in mind that is the opinion of one judge so no one should be resting on their laurels.

    In the unlikely event of tie, Question and Answer will be the tiebreaking category. In the event that that category also somehow ends in a tie, I will curl up in a ball in the corner and cry. Also, Talent with Mixes will then break that tie. If that STILL ends in a tie, the winner will be determined by a lightsaber duel to the death.

    Thank you all SO much for your interest in the Miss 2015 Pageant and best of luck to all our queens!


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