Ok Week, it’s time for your check up, you don’t seem well tho.

Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Pleads Guilty to Sex With Minors – Well we wouldn’t have thought he was telling the truth, he said he kept the weight off by eating Subway.

Zorro to be Rebooted In Post Apocalyptic World – This sounds like an idea that’s a joke within a mediocre comedy you see cause you have nothing else to do.

First Ad Featuring New Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah Debuts – I’ll miss Jon Stewart, but won’t mind looking at Trevor Noah every night before bed.

This is a REAL Ashley Madison ad.

This is a REAL Ashley Madison ad.

Infidelity Website, Ashley Madison Hacked. Names released. – Oh great…now we can see what lying scumbags visit that site.

Josh Duggar, Pedophile and Incest Enthusiast, Had Ashley Madison Profile – In lieu of a snappy one liner, I’m gonna just post a link to the times Josh Duggar said gays threatened the institution of marriage here, because Duggar is the ultimate joke.

And the Champion of the Week issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…all the people affected by that website. Seriously, to each their damn own, but let’s not pretend everyone on there was allowed to fool around. Being lied to like this is awful and I want to give a championship to those hurt by the lies, cause they deserve a victory right now.

Who do you think won? I don’t know

Well week, you certainly showed up….strung out. Clean you act up by next week.

Keep geek.