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    Miss Themed Presentation Judges’ Critiques

    Miss 2015 Themed Presentation Judges’ Critiques:


    Anita Procedure

    “When I started watching the video, I wasn’t sure where you were going…Then when you shifted the video to the character! Seeing the transformation was really cool for me. Glad you brought in a wand, such a simple thing, but you would be surprised how often people leave out a prop or something just as simple and throw a wrench into their own costume plans. The lighting…scenery, everything are all costume pieces to me, and you just did fantastic.” – Crunk Panda

     “”Anita showed that she knows when to play and when to be serious. Girl had reasons that resonate in the real world.” -Christopher Logan of BooktheFilm



    Auntie Christ

    “Auntie Christ! You have me excited and scared, but I’m definitely a believer!” – NYC Drag Star Paige Turner 

    “The whole look was very cute and your analogy of stitching yourself back together after you’ve been torn down really resonated with me. I could have done with a little less posing and a little more getting to know more about you.” – Chiffon Dior



    Luna Nova

    “Luna Nova made a hilarious and creative character choice, both of which can get you very far in cosplay.”  – Kaddie O’ Keefe

    “Good job, but kind of a teeny bit obscure, and hard to remember/relate to. But the look was on point!” -Dr. Jen of Atomic Cosmetics


    Aurora Sexton

    “I still have PTSD from those Star Wars movies, but the costume was magnificent.” – Dr. Jen of Atomic Cosmetics

    “This queen is so cute! Great costume and I love that she could relate to the character. As a huge Star Wars fan (my cat’s called Anakin, eep!) she really did Queen Amidala’s speech justice, which was a unique, entertaining touch.” – Emily Meow




    “As someone who has created many a costume, I have such appreciation for the amount of work and attention to detail that you put into your Jem cosplay.  From the hand-tinting of the wig, to the piano key accents on the shoes, to the safety pin embellishment on the bodice – all  these things show a wonderful level of creativity and design ability.  The look isn’t an absolute re-creation either – it truly is a “couture” interpretation of the character.  Job very, very well done!” – Poppy Fields

     “I was really impressed by her costuming skills! So much detail! Girl, we should get together and rhinestone some stuff! Hot glue party!! (PS: don’t use E6000 unless you have to. Just breathing it causes cancer!)” – Dr. Jen of Atomic Cosmetics


    Lady Portia

    “I love when Queens use their platform to promote something bigger than themselves so thank you for using part of your video to do so. That said, the video itself, wasn’t great. It lacked the cohesion for someone as inspired as yourself. If you don’t have anything to say, don’t just repeat the same thing you said seconds earlier. I know we live in an world as seen through filters, but the filters hid your makeup and distorted your look. I loved what I saw of you in still photos because I could see how well you can paint, but for this challenge your look got swallowed up by the Mathmos of filtering.”  – Sidney Stokes
    “Lady Portia….go even BIGGER! You’ve got the personality for it!” – NYC Drag Star Paige Turner



    Lacy Lane

    “Your performance as Carl Fredricksen was great. I feel like this video opened up a window for us to get to know you even better as you portrayed another character. The connections you made between Carl’s story and yours was positive and inspiring so I feel you really captured the essence of what this weeks challenge really meant. In terms of costume, I feel that it could have been a little bit closer. I love how you were able to take a grumpy old man and drag it up but maybe we could have seen some brown pants at least  because at first I wasn’t sure who your character was until I put it together with the music. But the overall flow of the video superb and I think you did an excellent job.” – Spencer Williams

    “I thought this was super creative. I really loved the details, like the balloon shorts, and the bow tie (even though it wouldn’t stay up).” -Dr. Jen of Atomic Cosmetics


    Lady SinAGaga

    “Now I have not seen Inside Out, but I saw your video, and I feel it’s worthy of equal praise of the film Your look was spot on. Your energy was on another level and it was infectious. The video was so brilliant, especially explaining who you were by lip-syncing to the actor explaining the character. Considering you’ve been doing this only 7 months, you have the vision of a queen doing this seven years. Well done, I cannot wait to see more. You had me on a new level of Joy.” – Sidney Stokes

    “The Lady had me from the start. She was vibrant, in your face and completely fearless.” – Christopher Logan of BooktheFilm


    Boxxa Vine

    “At first, I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what was going on from the front of the costume…I thought, well, that’s beautiful…but, and then you turned around and I clearly saw Charizard! The lights included into were excellent. You can tell you enjoyed it, and I love the scale of it all. You put a lot of thought and work into this, your video is stellar, and loved the personality you brought with it! Just a beautiful costume, would love to see this in person.” – Crunk Panda

    “My Gawd Boxxa, you are killing it…You need to parade around Times Square in this and put the naked cowboy to shame! you are the master..bater of all trades! Werk!” – NYC Drag Star Paige Turner


    Cher LaWealth

    “Your Storm look was a really good costume but it worked much better with the cape on. The parts where you were talking were a bit rushed and you stumbled over your words at points. You might want to get yourself cue cards and slow it down it bit for future challenges, especially for Question and Answer.” – Chiffon Dior

    “She really brought several disparate worlds together to become the center of the Storm!” – Christopher Logan of BooktheFilm


    Sabrina Laurence

    “I think Sabrina created an amazing presentation video. Her cosplay was perfect and her beat was flawless. She displayed why she chose Misty well, and related to the character. Cute Pokemon reference to her drag name as well, and a thorough knowledge of the character she chose. Loved it!” -Emily Meow

    “Sabrina are absolute adorbs! I knew who you were right away. Stand up for the next presentation so your energy doesn’t drop for us at home, you have a great personality and we want to see more from you!” – NYC Drag Star Paige Turner


    Ari Ola

    “Such a great cosplay of Emma Frost!  While this is a literal interpretation of the character and isn’t necessarily pushing the “couture” envelope, it is extremely well-done and you look wonderful!  It was a wonderfully creative idea to incorporate the “diamond-skin” as part of the look, since that is inherent to the character.  I would have loved to have seen that more prominently featured in the makeup somehow.  Your explanation of why you chose a mutant character and how that relates to you personally was thoughtful and well-presented also.  Great job!”  – Poppy Fields

    “Ari’s reason to become Emma Frost resonated with me. And the slight sound delay in the video made me feel like she was really in my head. Very Emma.” -Christopher Logan of BooktheFilm

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