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    The Fashion Review with Spencer: The VMA’s 2015

    Last night was the infamous MTV Video Music Awards, broadcast from the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Luckily, I was on scene yesterday to get a first-hand look at all of the sickening fits and fashions –  plus I got to be in the pit so I could patiently wait for the drag queen extravaganza that was rumored to take place. The night was a lot of fun! Those who showed up for the event (which wasn’t that many) looked amazing. Miley was a great host and in great style. Kanye’s speech was something worth watching because … well I don’t know, but he high-fived me after so … whatever. Nicki Minaj and Miley got into some beef on stage which was fun. By the way – if any of you care to know – the media is blowing this thing way out of proportion, which is what Nicki wanted. I was there and when Nicki said that stuff to Miley, she looked all mad; but once the camera was no longer on her, she was laughing and waving to her fans. So … interpret that as you will. Of all of the awards shows, this was definitely one of them.  But let’s talk about the fashion!

    I think it’s only proper that I mention Miley first, since she was the host. The outfit she wore to the red carpet was my favorite of the TEN different outfit changes throughout the night. This silver custom Versace gave me all types of sensuality. If there is one thing you should know about me and fashion, I love nudity. I love seeing people comfortable enough with their bodies to just go out and be free. Miley Cyrus hosted the VMA’s and she just wanted to have fun and be herself; and in my opinion, she looked great doing it.  Plus …Versace … so …

    rita ora

    Rita Ora was stunning in a beautiful black Vera Wang dress. I have never loved Rita’s fashions on the carpet, but this time she really caught my attention. The shape of the bodice is just lovely, the neckline is a perfect type of plunging, and the black feathers are absolutely beautiful. It was very “Salem/Witchcraft meets Vegas.” I loved it. Good job girl!


    So I guess I have to talk about the Kardashian/Jenner crew. Kris, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kim were at the show in support of Kanye. I wasn’t a big fan of Kim’s ensemble so I am not even going to mention it. Kourtney and Kylie showed up in Balmain, of course, since they are big Balmain celebrities right now. Kylie’s dress was beautiful, I just wish it was a little more shapely and less box-ish. Kourtney looked the best out of the crew in a beautiful Balmain jumpsuit. It was simple but very appropriate for the event. Kris was in a Givenchy gown that was good, but nothing that special. I love the strap detail, however.

    nick in versace

    Nick Jonas in Versace once again! Yes! Nick has developed a habit of wearing Versace to award shows and I love it. I’ve never been a big fan of the Jonas Brothers but last night I was loving Nick. The outfit was on point. It was rather simple, but he still was able to look like a million bucks.


    Kelly Osbourne looked okay. Nothing too special. I always love her hair, so that is what catches my eye.


    Let us not forget our Drag Race and West Coast drag queens! I heard rumors that the girls were coming out to perform with Miley and I was not disappointed. They looked amazing! I mean each and every one of them looked amazing. I could look at each and tell you one thing that I loved about them, but unfortunately there was like … one million of them … so I would rather just leave it at “they all looked great.”

    nicki minaj

    Nicki Minaj wore a beautiful gown by Labourjoisie. I have been so happy with the way Nicki’s fashion has progressed throughout the years. It was five years ago when Nicki and Will.I.Am performed at the VMA’s – Nicki’s first performance in the national public spotlight, I believe. Then, she appeared in these crazy outfits which, wisely, drew attention.  Now that she has claimed her place in the industry, she appears in outfits like this gold gown, radiating beauty and power.  Nicki looked absolutely amazing. When I was inside the venue, Nicki walked by me after she performed and was so sweet –  plus I got to see the back of the gown and all I can say is … the butt is not a illusion. It is actually just that perfect.

    jeremy scott

    Jeremy Scott was at the VMA’s, of course. The creative director of Moschino designed the “Moonman” this year and it looked exceptional. In terms of his look, Jeremy looked great and I want to steal this outfit.

    fka versace

    FKA Twigs. My god … where do I begin? FKA is – by far –  the best dressed this year. When I first saw FKA, it was inside the building. I was just hanging out in the pit and then I turned around and saw her. I literally gasped and felt as if I was going to cry. FKA Twigs was standing there in this black lingerie dress by Versace and I just could not contain my emotions. She looked so elegant and the construction of that dress was just … ugh! Everyone else could have literally gone home, to be honest.

    taylor crew

    Of course the “Taylor Gang” showed up to the VMA’s as expected. Taylor Swift and her girl group arrived in squad form. As a group they danced, spilled the tea, and looked great together; but individually, some of them did not make the cut. Gigi Hadid looked kind of tragic with her excessive spray tan and the dress just wasn’t doing it for me. Serayah looked amazing in that fringe dress! Her look was one of the best in the group. I wasn’t a big fan of Taylor’s outfit this time. The Ashish outfit would have been nice if the pants were actual pants and not joggers. It wasn’t terrible, just not the best. Cara looked beautiful as always – the dress was just kind of “eh” even though it was Saint Laurent.


    Britney Spears! Boy, it seems like it’s been a while since we have seen you here! Britney is in a Labourjoisie dress as well and she looked great. It was nice to see Britney out-and-about showing off her rocking body. The cute little thing looked so awkward though, which actually made me happy because she is still the same old Britney. You go girl! Wiggle around in that beautiful dress and just be yourself, we love it!

    All in all, my pick for the best dressed of this year’s VMA’s is the flawless FKA Twigs, of course. I have never been so sure of a “best dressed” in my life. I mean, the Versace just “glided” on her and everything from her hair to her shoes was on point. Though she lost the award to Fetty Wap (whoever that is), FKA Twigs is the true artist to watch.


    So now it’s your turn to tell me who your favorite was. Vote in our poll or sound off in the comments. Until then, stay styling my friends!


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