Week….what’s up with your hair?

Kim Davis Released from Prison to Huckabee Led Celebration – So a presidential candidate is celebrating a woman breaking the laws of the nation he wishes to lead….got it.

Stephen Colbert Begins Tenure as Host of Late Night –So does that mean Ben & Jerry’s isn’t doing “Americone Dream” any more? I’m asking….for a friend….that’s NOT me*.

*…totally me

Sam Smith Announced as Singer for Next Bond Theme – If you can’t get Adele again, get the male Adele.

Harry Potter Get’s Themed Bar in Toronto – Well if you are looking for an investor for your US location….um…I’ll turn to robbing banks.

Justin Bieber Performs On NBC's "Today" Show
Justin Bieber Goes Blonde – Well since Robyn isn’t around to rock that hair, someone else might of. Ok…this whole section was simply to complain we haven’t had new Robyn in a while.


And the Champion of the Week ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…The City of Toronto for giving the world the greatest place to drink.

Disagree….well you know exactly what to do…vote…and I’ll call you personally to explain why you’re wrong.

Before we part till next time I want to wish everyone the best on Patriot’s Day. What a horrible day this was 14 years ago and instead of remembering where we were that day, let’s remember how great everyone was to one another in such a horrible time. Let’s remember when we were all just great to each other regardless because no more hatred was needed. Let’s remember it and try to get back there without a horrible tragedy bringing us to that point. I don’t know if we get wishes on Patriot Day, I actually JUST found out 9/11 is called Patriot’s Day, but that’s gonna be my Patriot Day wish.

Keep geek.