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The last time I talked about EastSiders (which was only in its first season), I was YEARS behind the curve. Like three years. But guess what? Season 2 debuted yesterday and I’m right on top of it (I am a top, after all).

When we last left EastSiders, Cal (played by Kit Williamson) and Thom (played by Van Hansis) had just broken up and were preparing to go their separate ways. The final scenes of that last episode stick with me – I told you I did the ugly cry when I watched it and I don’t lie about expressing emotions. It was really beautifully crafted, left us all heartbroken and unsure of what would become of them in Season 2.


Episode 1 opens up with Cal & Thom in bed together! WHAT! Oh, but wait there’s some other dude in there, too (and a hot one at that). It turns out, Cal and Thom have reconciled (to a degree) and decided to start dating again, though they still maintain separate apartments and are now throwing threesomes in the mix.

Nothing is ever simple or easy with any of the characters on this show.

Cal is still struggling with his alcoholism, though it’s a battle he’s not winning and the arrival of his self-centered and oblivious sister Hillary doesn’t make it any easier. She comes bringing all her baggage (literally and figuratively) and that includes a huge bottle of whiskey, which they nurse all night like two drunken babies. Alcoholism seems to be a family struggle (don’t tell me you forget Cal’s mom Valerie – played by the amazing Traci Lords – chugging gin martinis and raiding her hotels’ minibar last season).

We also catch back up with Jeremy (played by Matthew McKellington), whom both Cal and Thom cheated on each other with last season. He’s living with his sister Bri (or should I say “overstaying his welcome”) and is in a quite a dark place. His drug of choice is marijuana (my kinda guy) and it seems to be the only thing he can commit to because he certainly isn’t working (something Bri has no problem pointing out). But I hope things turn around for him; it’s awful seeing him so depressed and lost. As usual, Bri seems to be the only one with her shit truly together. He’s lucky to have her but at some point, she’s got to push him from the nest.

We don’t get to see Kathy in the premier episode but we do get a sad, drunken Ian (played by John Halbach). He’s holed up in the bar that Thom works at and is lamenting the state of his and Kathy’s relationship. He’s a broken man, drowning his sorrows only to have a beautiful Asian woman throw him a temporary life raft in the form of some hot sex in the back of his car. What does the arrival of this sassy vixen signal? Will Kathy & Ian find each other again and if they do, will this come back to haunt him? Like I said, nothing is ever simple or easy for these people so I’m not hopeful that he’ll get away with this unscathed in some way.

A lot of ground was covered in just the first episode! There are two more currently available but I’ll be back each Wednesday with my recaps/reviews.


Have you gotten the season yet? If not, head over to Vimeo and throw them your coins! I really want a season 3, so just do it.

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