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    Sidney vs The Week 9/18/15


    Week…you look filthy.

    Yes...THIS is the place people were upset they were accidentally taken to.

    Yes…THIS is the place people were upset they were accidentally taken to.

    American Airlines Sends Plane to Hawaii by Mistake – Yes. That’s where we are as a society…people complaining about accidentally going to Hawaii.

    Ariana Grande Did This ^ – I could honestly listen to an entire album of her do Celine…and Christina.

    Muslim Teen Arrested for Bringing Home Made Clock to School While Police Thought it Was a Bomb-But yeah…there’s no inherent societal racism.

    Iggy Azaela Goes After T.I. Following Him Denouncing Her – Wait….they’re both still around?

    The Second GOP Debate Occurred – I thought that American Horror Story started NEXT month?



    Rainbow Doritos Are a Thing – Someone please don’t let Heinz do a purple and green and all other colors of the rainbow ketchup.

    And the Champion of the Week issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…Ariana Grande for finally finding a way for us to understand her when she sings. Well done baby.

    Disagree…well go for it….I Double Dior dare you (Which is just a normal dare with a two drink minimum).

    Alright week, you really tried….well done….but come on…you can do better, go clean yourself off.

    Keep geek.


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