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Miss Celebrity Impersonation Judges’ Critiques


Miss 2015 Celebrity Impersonation Judges’ Critiques:



“What a stellar concept. It was familiar and it was just delightful. My only negative was that the makeup seemed to not translate to the video as well as the still photos and it lost the concept a bit.” – Sidney Stokes

“I had to Google Jane Goodall videos and compare against yours so I could measure your performance. I honestly don’t like having to do so much work. What I look for an in impersonation is a celebrity so over-the-top that you’re given a lot to work with…and someone who is instantly recognizable. Sadly, Jane Goodall is not on this list. Better luck next round, gurlfriend.” – Sister Indica

“I can tell that a lot of work went into this. I would have liked to see more polish on the look at beginning but this is really a brilliant idea.” -Leigh Shannon

“I was very excited to see that Luna Nova had made such an interesting and unusual choice in Jane Goodall, and she did not disappoint me. It was clear that Luna Nova worked very hard on this, giving us three impressions for the price of one with her present and past Janes, plus the bonus “leave Britney alone” kid (bravo!). Great work with all the original scripted dialogue. My one criticism is that I got pretty uncomfortable the parts that had racial undertones. Hopefully it was not intentional. Besides that, it was great!” – Tanya O’Debra



“Another iconic name, some people may say “that’s too much purple”, I’m no such person, MORE! Like how you kind of crescendoed with the music, well done.” – Crunk Panda

“I liked it but it did not wow me. That said I can definitely see that you have the potential to perfect this look!” – Leigh Shannon

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Miss Celebrity Impersonation Judges' Critiques 15

“The dress was perfect Liza material. The background was distracting , but she made up for it by doing an excellent impression (with choreography to boot) of Cabaret. I’ll join your Cabaret Cher!” -Shawn Pelofsky

“You’ve been gradually improving each week Cher. While I would have like to have seen the more iconic red dress look for Liza, your character was still recognizable. Springboarding off what Leigh said, this is a character you should consider investing more time into developing because she could become something special for you.” – Chiffon Dior



“Looked just like her! I could see Kathy in that dress. As I’m from the UK, I’m not hugely familiar with Kathy’s performance style, but I looked up some performances and you had some of her mannerisms down! Really good lip-sync. That couldn’t have been an easy one to memorise, so well done!” – Emily Meow

“I really enjoyed the look, a lot. Love how all those colors look on you. I applaud you for knowing the material, like, thats a lot of routine to learn, so serious kudos there.” – Crunk Panda

“Definitely has the best drag name ever! Very clever. The makeup was flawless and the wig I want for myself. Nice homage to Kathy Griffin… and you are probably funnier than her.” – Shawn Pelofsky

“I worked with Kathy many moons ago and I must say I knew from the moment I laid eyes on Lady SinAGaga that this was exactly who she was portraying. The red hair is her crowing glory, and this lady gave good Griffin energy! She clearly demonstrated great timing and some Kathy sass. Joan Rivers would be smiling down from Heaven and giving her a thumbs up!” – Chris America



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Miss Celebrity Impersonation Judges' Critiques 15

“Accurate look! I think I may be one of the only people in the world who doesn’t actually keep up with the Kardashians, yet I imagine that’s exactly how she is. At least I really hope so. The phone call part was hilarious. The whole thing was just really well edited and I love the style of this video.” – Emily Meow

“I really, really enjoyed this. You managed to take a celebrity with not that many idiosyncratic mannerisms and make her recognizable and distinct – largely through the comedy featured in the “drunk dialing” section (hmm … ”Drunk Dialing” … that sounds familiar.) I also loved the clips of you running errands – you were really giving us “Kris” there. Very nice. Topical, very funny, well done on all aspects!” – Poppy Fields

“I loved Anita. She had the most original impression and didn’t lip sync. It was an actual impression and it was laugh out loud funny. She really took risks which were topical and edgy. The running mascara look was priceless. Bravo should do a show “Keeping up With Anita”.” – Shawn Pelofsky

“Well here’s the Reality about Ms. Anita Procedure… Her portrayal gave Chris a high fashioned, socialite drunkened, tres chic vibe and her envy towards the newly beautified Caitlyn was well demonstrated. It must be hard to know someone took Chris’ spotlight and Anita clearly felt her pain. Nice Job Anita! Beautiful look and a hot mess!!!” – Chris America



“I really enjoyed your Gwen, I enjoyed the look you put together and you seemed to be having a lot of fun with this one, just nitpicking, but, I think an outfit change would have really set this off since she has so many in the video.” – Crunk Panda

“Jeez…I’m a real asshole this week. But I’m going to blame it on Mercury being in retrograde since I’ve decided to take no responsibility for my actions. I don’t consider this video an impersonation at all. You didn’t look anything like Gwen, didn’t do any non-lipsynced performance as her to “show” me Gwen. It seemed very much ‘let me check the box this week’. I’ve seen better from you so I know you have it in you.” – Sister Indica

“Gwen Stefani is the kind of celebrity that doesn’t really have a crazy defining characteristic beyond her look, so you really have to nail the look. In order to that with Gwen, you need that midriff out and proud. Auntie Christ gave a little nod to that, but the key to celebrity impersonations is taking a characteristic and exaggerating it, not simply nodding to it. I also would have liked to see more choreography in the video.” – Tanya O’Debra

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Miss Celebrity Impersonation Judges' Critiques 15

“Well I’m gonna HOLLA BACK at this fantastic performer and say her Shit is Banana’s! Auntie has some room for improvement but clearly demonstrates Gwen’s funky rhythm and super Ka Wai e style!” – Chris Ameica



“Sabrina, this video was absolutely perfect. I have watched it probably ten times and I laugh so hard every time. It was great, you looked like her, you explained her, you made her incredibly funny, the puppet! I have no doubt in my mind you if you were on Drag Race you would have won the snatch game with that performance. Keep it up!” – Spencer Williams

“Whenever a queen does Joan Crawford, who they’re really doing is Faye Dunaway as you rarely see a Joan outside of Mommie Dearest (actually I think Lypsinka is the only one to do so – and it’s marvelous). Also, the Sally Fields in Steel Magnolias part of your mix made no sense. Do you think RuPaul would tolerate that shit in Snatch Game? Kudos on the look because it was cute and instantly recognizable…but I urge you to go deeper…like ball’s deep. Just pretend your rent is late and take it ALL the way!” – Sister Indica

“Sabrina Lawrence was definitely having fun with her Joan Crawford, which made it fun to watch. I appreciated the work she put into it, and I loved the exaggerated Joan Crawford hair. I’m not sure about the choice to go without pants; that’s more of a Faye Dunaway choice, who was famously ridiculous about her legs in her day. The inclusion of Sally Field was also a strange choice, but Sabrina gave it her all. ” – Tanya O’Debra

“You BITCH!!! So Crazy… So dramatic… so extremely CRUEL… so cool… so Joan!!! She nailed the attitude of our ice queen with precision and style. All I can say is… What a Bitch! I would Hang her in the all time Crawford H of F and that’s a good thing!!!” – Chris America



terms of your impression, but your look was for sure there.” – Sidney Stokes

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Miss Celebrity Impersonation Judges' Critiques 15

“Doing a character like Iris that most people on this sound of the pond might not be familiar with but you still delivered an entertaining performance. My biggest issue is you’re too pretty to be Iris. With that gorgeous mug, you’re more like the kind of lady a politician has an affair with!” – Chiffon Dior

“I’m afraid I didn’t know anything about your character but that said, I enjoyed your performance.” – Leigh Shannon

“Lady Portia showed great comedic instincts in the choice of Iris Robinson (who I had to Google, because I’m a dumb American). What would have put this impression over the top was a contrast to go with the phone call. For example, it would have been fun to watch her drool over a teen magazine while she gave the interview. Lady Portia was also a little too glamorous for Robinson; I would have liked see a little more frump in that rump. But I hope she works more on this impression in the future, because Lady Portia has the beginnings of something good.” -Tanya O’Debra



“I loved the look and concept you went with for the video. The makeup and hair were both stellar but the outfit didn’t deliver. Taylor Swift is a tad more conservative than that. Loved the concept of the video but didn’t quite deliver the way you normally do.” – Sidney Stokes

“I loved it! I had a feeling you would do Taylor because you are basically the same person… (I think she might have done your swimsuit submission differently though..) anyways it was great and you made her funny which is good because Taylor is not funny. My only critique is that I wish I saw a little cheesy lip sync to “Shake it off” or some “Blank Space” just to for my own pleasure.” – Spencer Williams

“In my opinion, you had one of the – if not the – most spot-on looks for celebrity impersonation. That – married with a really funny, clever presentation video – makes yours one of the strongest entries in this category. Taylor is difficult because I don’t really think she has that many “impression-worthy quirks” – she doesn’t really have a catchphrase, or interesting performance mannerisms, etc. – but you managed to nail the look and make a really entertaining video, so job well-done!” – Poppy Fields

” I love that you chose someone young and that you did it so well!” -Leigh Shannon

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Miss Celebrity Impersonation Judges' Critiques 15

“First of all, I’m living for the name Ari Ola. Ari Ola did a great job with Taylor Swift’s look, and I was happy to see the work she put into the original dialogue. She hit on a bunch of the key Taylor Swift jokes, such as her entitlement, the interrupting, and her pretending to be everyone’s BFF. Ari Ola could have gone a little further with these things, but all in all, it was a great first effort for a character she hadn’t performed before.” – Tanya O’Debra



“Love love love. Lucille is so iconic, so, I was a bit nervous when I found out you were attempting it, I’d be nervous if anyone was…but you looked fantastic and you emoted amazingly well.” – Crunk Panda

“Hilarious drag name. Really took the time to resemble Lucy. I really thought it was clever to lip sync that classic “I Love Lucy” scene. Her facial expressions and physical comedy were dead on. ” -Shawn Pelofsky

“That’s a classic number, but thought it was well done. Very polished!” – Leigh Shannon

“The look was spot-on and you were very funny. The only issue I had is that the lip synch seemed off at times, which could have been an issue with the video. If it wasn’t, that needs to be tightened up a bit but this is a potential money making act for you.” – Chiffon Dior



“Very accurate portrayal! I like the use of different ages for two different looks. Your speech pattern was perfect, and I like that you spoke as well instead of lip-syncing! Really funny and well written, and I loved the use of the green screen.” – Emily Meow

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Miss Celebrity Impersonation Judges' Critiques 15

“Ok, how adorable were you in this week’s video? I thought this was a very creative take on these two young ladies, and you did a really nice job overall. Wonderful handling of the accent as well, and the moments as Rosie were hysterical. The only thing that I would say is that this is a “risky” choice – while these girls are known to an audience that is quite large, it is a very specific audience, and non-Ellen fans might not know who they are; meaning, these young ladies are not necessarily as iconic as other choices. I’m not saying that is a bad thing at all, only that this may not seem as “flashy” as other choices might; and because you were portraying children, there seemed to be a bit less “polish” (in your overall look) as you’ve shown in other challenges. Having said all that, however, it was very entertaining and I enjoyed it immensely.” – Poppy Fields

“I’m not going to lie, I have no idea who Sophia Grace was and had to google her after watching this video. The good news: Lacy did a better impression of Sophia than Sophia did of herself. Her lip syncing was dead on. Also, I was impressed that Lacy looks like a real woman, which takes the drag out of queen. Kudos to you Lacy.” – Shawn Pelofsky

“Lacy Lane’s Sophie Grace was soooo good stealing the stage from her lesser ADHD girlfriend… But hey. That’s a good thing because everyone loves Seeing Gracie on the Ellen show and her vocal talents were bar none with that spot-on British accent. Good work my dear child. Good work!” – Chris America

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“This week I was rather disappointed. I know that you have been busy with shows and believe me, we all can understand you there so no hard feelings. I just feel that this could have turned out in such a better way. There was absolutely no connection to Katy which sucks because up close in past weeks you have looked like Katy Perry without even trying. You have done very well in this competition so let’s finish out strong.” – Spencer Williams

“Katy Perry is totally about her look, and since STR CHILD had forgotten the wig in that performance, it didn’t come across. A celebrity impression has to go beyond your normal drag number.” -Tanya O’Debra

“Oh my… she IS a colorful one… Yes indeed demonstrating that her Fireworks are a dynamic and sassy strut on stage. Now I understand you had a bit of a time crunch this week but the makings of something special is there if you wanted to pursue it.” – Chris America

“Oh honey. Let’s just chalk this one up to an off week because I know you are capable of much more. Shake it off and keep going!” – Chiffon Dior

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Miss Celebrity Impersonation Judges' Critiques 15
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Despite being a drag journalist for almost a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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