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I’m back; did you miss me? What am I asking – of course you did! Get ready to dig in because as usual, I have a lot to say about Season 2 of EastSiders!

Sister Indica Says WATCH THIS: EastSiders S2E02 "Sodom (And Gommorah)" 1

Episode 1 opened the morning after a hot threesome between Cal (played by Kit Williamson), Thom (played by Van Hansis) and Trevor. Episode 2 brings us to the night before, where it all started. It’s Bastille Day and Cal and Thom are getting ready to go to their friend Quincy’s “Sodom” party (how those two connect is beyond me, but I don’t pretend to be anything more than poor white trash from Detroit). Cal is noticeably nervous about opening up his and Thom’s relationship and for good reason: it’s a huge step. To have an open relationship, there needs to be a solid foundation, great communication and trust. If you watched Season 1, you know this is a recipe for disaster as their relationship has none of those things…plus they just got back together after an awful breakup! And now they want to open it up?!

Bad choice for them. Great choice for us. We want the DRAMA.

They head over to Trevor’s house and Cal immediately rebuffs Trevor’s suggestion to skip the party, come inside and get down to werk. Using his friends being at the party as an excuse, Trevor relents and they head off to the party. We all know the truth: Cal needs more liquid courage!

Now we switch over to Kathy (played by Constance Wu) and Ian (played by John Halbach) . Yay – Kathy’s back! And she’s got that “Fresh Off the Boat” haircut. I miss her longer hair. It just shows you that a few inches really do make a difference (#amirite). Anyway, she’s just gotten a new job that will cause her to leave the area and Ian is totally nonplussed over it, or so it seems.

The truth is, Kathy is a drama factory and requires a high-level of attention and fussing over that, as Ian puts it, is exhausting. Of course he doesn’t want her to leave but he also needs a partner that isn’t so high maintenance – what about his feelings and needs? She admits she breaks everything she touches and pushes people away…and away Ian goes. They break up, outside of the party and now we see why he was drowning his sorrows in Episode 1. And why he found himself in a hot stranger’s arms.

Back to the boys. They get to the party and ooh – there’s Quincy! Ooh – there’s a drag queen! Ooh – there’s tons of booze! Ooh – Trevor knows JEREMY?! [Insert Record Scratch] While Thom consoles a nervous Cal in the bathroom, Thom gives Jeremy a call and we discover they are friends with benefits! I know Silverlake is small, but damn. Who isn’t sleeping together?!

The gang gets good and liquored up and when it seems that the threesome is not going to happen (Cal did bolt a few times, totally killing the sexy vibe): BOOM. He gets the courage and the three of them head back to Thom’s place.

Where does the gang go from here? I’ll tell you next week!

Have you gotten the season yet? If not, head over to Vimeo and throw them your coins! I really want a season 3, so just do it.

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