Miss NotSafe4Werk.com 2015 Anything Goes Talent Judges’ Critiques:



“You are funny.  Period.  Like…several times legitimately “laugh out loud” funny, so brava!  When your overall production values get a tad more polished, and you don’t have on the same green eyeshadow as your chromakey background (thereby making your eyes disappear occasionally), you will be unstoppable on YouTube.  Your videos are always a little rough around the edges, but the content and substance are wonderful.” – Poppy Fields

“It was cheeky and clever. So cute. I would have liked a stronger lip sync, but it was a very cute concept!” -Sidney Stokes

“Great writing!  Great comedy!  I love any Queen who can incorporate “My Neck, My Back” into a kid’s show. And you officially opened the library on your fellow contestants at the end.  Great job!” – Kelly Mantle

“My dear contestant number 69, I can honestly say I never know what to expect from you week to week to begin with but I REALLY wasn’t expecting this! You walk the line between comedic genius and madness very well. I would say you could tighten up the length of the commercial segue a bit but all in all this was an inspired bit of hilarity with just the right amount of shade.” – Chiffon Dior



“Your video disturbed me; however, it disturbed me in the way that any thought-provoking art piece should disturb – it stayed with me and I pondered it for days.  This is a good thing, because it means you actually created something with substance.  I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and you took a great risk with presenting yourself with this sort of rawness and vulnerability.  The subject matter is controversial, the scene is graphic, and there are a lot of trigger issues at play here.  But in the end, I think you did a great job, and I think you have a wonderful talent in “film storytelling.”  Or just “cinema.” – Poppy Fields

“As a goth gurl from the mean streets of Detroit, I can appreciate a dark, twisted lass.  Your video left me wanting more though…there is so much talent in this competition that you really need to pull out all the stops to rise to the top.  Was this enough?  We’ll see…” – Sister Indica

“Very dark! Great lip sync! Weird transition between the 2 songs. Love me some Andrews Sisters! Wish I could have seen more performance from you…. Lot of visual shots… Hard to picture the performance live in front of a crowd.” – Ivy Winters



“You have become a highlight of my week. Watching your performance is always as fun to watch as you seem to be have doing it. This performance was so you and a tribute to NYC. Loved it.” – Sidney Stokes

“I liked your mix and thought your lip-sync was on POINT…however, you need to figure out what to do with your arms.  Arm movements separate the ladyboys from the legendary.  But with a lip-sync that solid, I think you’re well on your way.  Good job, gurl!” – Sister Indica

“I love a mix full of contrast and the way you played off the glitz and glamour of the music with the harsh reality of the spoken word is #totes up my street. The way you physically embodied the different persona was also fantastic but I’d like to see you push yourself further with the choreography in the dance-y sections to really define the two sides of this act even more! You make me wanna eat pizza and get stuck on the subway with Shirley Bassey.” – Meth

“Love the music! Super fun mix! Lived in NY for 9 years and that damn MTA!  Wish you had more worker clips because it was funny. Loved the ending! Would have liked to have seen more costume… Maybe different ones separating the songs? Tear away maybe? Overall good job hon!” – Ivy Winters



“OK I’m officially obsessed with you.  This video shows SUCH creativity – the mix, the execution…I loved seeing you play various characters – and playing them WELL.  Awesome – you did so well this week!” – Sister Indica

“Boxxa absolutely killed it this week, as always. So much effort went into this. The lipsyncs were flawless, all the costumes were perfect and you made me laugh. I loved how you edited this, and you should be so proud with what you’ve presented.” – Emily Meow

“Dare I say I enjoyed this MORE than the original??  😉  You slayyed these characters!  You slayyed the looks!  Great song choices!  Congrats to a multi-talented Queen! ” – Kelly Mantle

“JUDY LIVES! You took me down the yellow brick road and you gave me multiple characters, varied and fabulous make up skills, comedy, a nostalgic and contemporary mix and you can move in heels on a fucking farm. Tighten up your lip synch on the spoken word and then you will be sheer perfection. Brava my dear.” – Meth


“A woman after my own aesthetic heart. The visuals, per usual, fantastic. Loved the song choice and how well executed it all was. My favorite of your videos and that says a lot.” – Sidney Stokes

“BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you!  Brava!” – Kelly Mantle

“You are bloody GORGEOUS…you bitch! Your lip synch was flawless, the performance transitioned from classic chic to haunting beauty effortlessly and I’m a sucker for an unhappy ending. However I caught that cheeky sniff of what I’m hoping was sherbet my dear. Drugs are bad kids, don’t do drugs… do Meth” – Meth

“Visuals were awesome in the opening. Great they told a story and added to your performance instead of take away from it! Music was killer! STUNNING voice! That is a Talent honey! Haunting ending…. Beautiful job!” – Ivy Winters


“I feel like this video was a little bit more of what we were looking for in terms of talent! Ari I loved it because we were able to not only see you lip sync but also portray a message and shows us multiple sides to Ari Ola. I absolutely loved it! The rap was genius and this makes me want to make my way over to you so we can hang to be honest.” – Spencer Williams
“Love your name!  Love your upbeat energy!  Love your uplifting message!  A Queen with a cause!  And the little boy is adorable!”  – Kelly Mantle
“This talent was very you and that’s a good thing. You did a great job but I really need to advise you against hanging out with Spencer. All he’s going to want to do is go out for burgers.” – Chiffon Dior


“You seem like a fun gurl and I’m sure I’ll be tossing back shots with you in Louisville one day soon.  I applaud you for working choreography into your video because God knows I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld.  I thought your lipsync could have been stronger but appreciate the effort overall.  And bless you for doing day drag!” – Sister Indica

“That was fun!  Loved your backup dancers!”  – Kelly Mantle

“Love your look this week. The choreography was great, it felt like you were having a lot of fun. Great song, well done!” – Emily Meow

“Finding a party is a crucial talent for a queen, bringing the party is what sets a queen head and shoulders above the competition and you brought the party to Kentucky darling! Your body in that two toned jumpsuit was right on the money and I could tell you were feeling yourself…as were those backing dancers! Please give my number to the handsome moustachioed gentleman at the end of the bar, he was hot.” – Meth



“Sabrina, you looked amazing in this video – your makeup … hair … that gorgeous bustier – all are perfectly on point.  Having said that, I really wish that you had broadened the scope of this talent and given us a little more…more.  I’m not sure I would necessarily want to watch anyone emote into the camera for almost 8 minutes without some variety.  For this category, I want something that grips me and pulls me in and takes me on a roller coaster – whatever that roller coaster may be.  As talented as you are, watching practically the same thing for that length of time – however beautiful – doesn’t quite measure up to some of the other offerings in this category.  Being perfectly honest, I expected more -and I know you can deliver more.” – Poppy Fields

“Okay, this is enough. I want answers. Are you some kind of investigator? I swear, this whole competition you have just found a way to make me smile or exclaim YES (or YASSSSSSSSSS!), every single week you’ve looked amazing and really performed very well, the subtle nuance where you add in tears, I mean, wow. Keep doing what you do, because YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”  – Crunk Panda

“Hello sparkle!!! Absolutely loved the costume! It’s really hard to captivate the audience during a ballad. Especially during talent category. Wish it picked up midway through. Pretty visuals…. And those eyebrows!” – Ivy Winters

PortiaTalent  LADY PORTIA

“I am still convinced Chiffon allowed a biological women into this competition Lady Portia! Anyways, the talent was great. I absolutely loved the mix. My only thing is that I wanted you to show MORE emotion in your spoken word. In your Joan Crawford/ Faye Dunaway/ Joan as Faye/ Faye as Joan/ spoken word (who cares) I wanted not only your lips to match the words but your body as well. When you are lip syncing, if the voice is screaming and shaking, I want you to sell it! Scream and shake even harder! This is drag! Larger than life!” – Spencer Williams

“Really enjoyed the medley, but, my favorite part was your mic work at the beginning, I really like seeing those moments of a performer…performing, without performing, if that makes sense. That’s what I’d like to see more of from everyone…bringing out that side of you that is often times the true you.” – Crunk Panda

“You pulled out alllll the oldies but goodies for this one.  And you do them well! ” – Kelly Mantle



“Lacy! Your video was hilarious! You did a great job and obviously you are really talented. I just feel like we have kind of seen the food thing before if you know what I mean. Your “Meet The Queens” video was of the same concept…food. You even wore one of the same outfits from the “Meet The Queens” video. This to me kind of says you are relying on the food crutch and you have nothing more to show creativity wise which I know it isn’t true… Stop relying on that body has never been more relevant. Give us more!” – Spencer Williams

“Girl you made feel hungry and lord knows I haven’t had anything solid since the early 2000’s!
I LOVED the self-facial towards the end, you could have gone even further and filthier with the food, don’t be afraid to get real messy once in a while. Us Brits are obsessed with baking and cake based entertainment (If you havent heard of the Great British Bake Off you simply must track it down) so you would go down a treat over here with this act!” – Meth

“Great lip sync! It was hard to look anywhere but your face! It’s great to be able to capture the audience! Loved the 2nd look and song choice! 1st song could have been cut a bit shorter. Accessories I’d totes wear. It’s hard to eat and lip sync at the same time… You did a great job!” – Ivy Winters

“In and of itself this was a wonderful video but going back to the food theme again was a little disappointing. You’re incredibly talented and entertaining I would just like to see some variety from you!” – Chiffon Dior



“There is no denying you’re one hell of a performer, I’m sure  you were incredibly bummed by your technical difficulty, but you still put on a great performance. Would have liked you to engage the camera a bit as if it were the audience, when I watch a performance like this, I want to feel like the only person in the room, not that I’m watching you and hoping you don’t see me in the corner.” – Crunk Panda

“I could watch you dance forever. You’re honestly so hypnotising and the choreography is fab. This look is so gorgeous. I wanna steal this hair from you! Loved it!” – Emily Meow

“Very pretty smile! Loved the hand-ography! Wish most of the video was in “real” time to get a better understanding on how you move live. Loved the hair! I thought since you were just lip syncing to jazz it up could have used more costume.” – Ivy Winters