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Miss Evening Gown Judges’ Critiques


Miss 2015 Evening Gown Judges’ Critiques:



“I love that you can turn up the heat with the kick of a stiletto.” – Deven Green

“First I must say I absolutely love your drag name! You were the femme fatale of the bunch! The hair, the makeup and those breasts were all a YES! I am loving all of the danger in your look! On a side note, Nebraska wants to know if she can borrow that dress!” – Mackenzie Claude

“I think you chose a very, very flattering gown for this category.  The overall look is in keeping with your overall style – dark – and yet, it’s a more classic take on what you’ve presented us with thus far.  The fit of the gown is really good, and the hair is nicely complementary.  I wish your lighting had been better so that we could have seen the gown “fire” more under the lights, and you need to be careful about exposed undergarments when wearing a gown like this (I’m not a fan of seeing the underpinnings when one is wearing an evening gown, regardless of how “in” it might be in streetwear.), but I think this is a very strong showing from you this week.” – Poppy Fields

“A very elegant dress, and it accentuated your figure nicely, would have liked some more accents to break it up a bit, a nice necklace perhaps, a bracelet…just a lot of dark colors in one place.” – Crunk Panda

“I really loved this dress on you, simple and elegant and your makeup was some of the best I’ve seen from you all pageant. The fit is very good and you modeled it well. I would have like to have seen it accessorized a bit more and while the shape and color of the hair look really good on you, it could have been styled more than it was. Its just a bit messy for evening gown. Overall though, nice job.” – Chiffon Dior



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Miss Evening Gown Judges' Critiques 17

“The elegant hybrid of an Arctic Ice Queen and an Egyptian Goddess.” – Deven Green

“Well Lady Portia you certainly brought the Fur-ocity with this look! I love the dress, the fit and your attitude in it. Everything came together to create a stunning look! However if PETA comes knocking make like Nebraska and run out the back door or climb out the nearest window!” – Mackenzie Claude

“Really love what I can see in the dress from the stills, but, the video, it was really hard to see much of what appears to be a beautiful gown.” – Crunk Portia

“”This week you delivered quintessential PORTIA: glamor, class and – dare I say – “realness”. You looked like you walked off a red carpet. Well done!” – Sister Indica

“As always you look beautiful. My problem with your presentation is that I don’t feel I really got a good look of your dress. The lighting of your video drowned out the color of your gown. In your picture, there was a lot of hair and fur. So really I have no idea what the bodice even looks like. Less would have definitely been more this week. I love what you were going for with the fur but this time unfortunately it was too much build up on top and it took away from your gown.” – Spencer Williams



“I soaked you up and quite honestly you were tasty as hell! Never say ‘no’ to a cookie puss!” – Deven Green

“Lacy Lane looked lovely in her milk and cookie inspired gown.  Her look was on point all around from the long flowing white hair and the white on her forehead to resemble spilled milk. Her gown was very well tailored and delicious.  She’s very comical and I could tell she put a lot of thought into her presentation. Who doesn’t like a girl who enjoys her cookies?!” – Meghan (Drag Coven)

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Miss Evening Gown Judges' Critiques 17

“This gown was the most creative in my opinion. I loved the milk carton headpiece!! I would love to see cookies cut out and scattered on the white part of the gown as well. But overall I really liked the concept.” – Dallas Coulter

“Your ideas always astound me, you are such a creative queen! However I must admit, I wish I could of seen you do a look without a costumey theme. Although, that being said, the head piece, make-up and hair are so damn cool. The dress fits like a glove and suits you perfectly.” – Emily Meow

“I was not expecting this, week after week you have made me smile. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at at first, then I saw the pattern. Who else can look like cookies being dipped in milk and kill it? You are awesome.” – Crunk Panda

“This was another dress that I was torn on. For what this look is, its top notch, truly a wonderful costume but that said, its still more of a costume for me than an evening gown. I might be old and set in my ways (no comments from the peanut gallery!), but I like more glam and less comedy from my evening gown looks. That being said, it really is a wonderful look that shows off your creativity and talent.” – Chiffon Dior



“This one was one of my favorites because it’s something I would wear quite often! The fit is great and well made. I have to note here that satin is probably the hardest fabric to wear as well as work with so extra points for making satin look good!” – Dallas Coulter

“You had a story and a concept, which I like.  The material could have gone very wrong, but it went with your storyline and you sold it.  I’m frightened!” – Alaska Thunderfuck

“I love this look overall and I think you’re the queen of theatricality. Including an element of the “grotesque” in order to keep the look true to character was risky, especially in a category that calls for glamour, but the great fit and the polished details balanced it well. Your makeup is gorgeous and red pointy claws are the best kind of nails. Your videos are always entertaining, they’re like mini films! I would have been interested, however, to see you branch out from your classic “costume” style.” – Courtney (Drag Coven)

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Miss Evening Gown Judges' Critiques 17

“As a Phanatic myself, I LOVED this. You presented it so perfectly. Everything worked well together. I like you took a risk of it having arms. I typically don’t like arms on a gown but LOVED this.” – Sidney Stokes

“Boxxa, I want to first say that I’ve been so impressed with your performance throughout this competition.  You are incredibly talented and creative, and are indeed a fierce queen.  That being said – this is far more of a costume than an evening gown.  I love your ability to adapt your strength in costuming to your category entries, but in this case I would love to have seen you in a more classic evening gown.  With your excellent sewing skills, you could have easily created something stunning that didn’t have a “theme.”  Much like your swimsuit entry, this was a bit off the mark for me, despite the excellent craftsmanship and creativity.”  – Poppy Fields



“Stunning!  Beautifully executed… creative… unique… breathtaking.  Transcendent.  I feel like a better person for having witnessed this vision!” – Alaska Thunderfuck

“I love the non-traditional elements of your look! Everything meshes well but still keeps a unique flair. Your accessories stand out without being overwhelming as well. I loved that you only had a small area to work with, and you worked it!” – Jamie (Drag Coven)

“Loved the presentation and the jeweled brow (Seriously….genius.) The dress did not feel like an evening gown. I feel this is a day look that you would change before your evening event.” – Sidney Stokes

“Your multi-faceted creativity was on full display again this week. From the hair, accessories, EYEBROWS (spoiler alert: totally going to rip you off) to, of course, the beautiful gown, you really outdid yourself. You should be very, very proud.” – Crunk Panda

“This one was my favorite in the gown category. I love the creativity here and it’s very flattering as well. The accessories were well thought out and complimented the look exceptionally. Beautiful.” – Dallas Coulter

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Miss Evening Gown Judges' Critiques 17



“The length of the dress is not ideal– It could stand to be a few inches longer.  Also, in this category, you need a color or a concept that is memorable and gag-worthy.  Black doesn’t particularly stand out.  However!  Having said that, what I loved was your attitude and your sense of sassiness and your personality.  That’s what made me forget about the length problems.” – Alaska Thunderfuck

“First let me say that I know Alaska will be so proud of those nails! The dress look great and the jewelry complimented it beautifully. The bow was the a great touch! You ‘nailed’ this look Ari Ola!” – Mackenzie Claude

“Ari Ola’s dress is absolutely beautiful.  You could never go wrong with a classic black dress.  The hints of lace completed the look and showed her sexy side. The make up worked very well with the gown, there was just enough without pushing it over the edge. Her entire presentation was very well thought out, professional, and all around glamorous.” – Meghan (Drag Coven)

“I LOVE THIS. I love you in black, and as the unofficial queen of bows this is such a great look for me to be experiencing right now. Your make-up and accessories are incredible, give me those nails! You look gorgeous.” – Emily Meow

“Gorgeous gown and you rocked the hell out of it, love the oversized bow on this one, and really like what the claws added.” – Crunk Panda



“This gown was certainly all the buzz! It fit your figure gorgeously and the hair was just flawless! Excellent overall look Cher. The only critic is that I would have loved the song choice to be Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow!” – Mackenzie Claude

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Miss Evening Gown Judges' Critiques 17

“This dress is fun! It’s a bold choice, and it looks great on you. I like your choice of hair with this as well. Big, long hair would have looked overwhelming with the colors, pattern, and frills. I was also interested in the setting of your video, it stood out to me. When you’re wearing a loud design like this, however, make sure you really wear it. Keep your walk strong and your confidence high so the dress doesn’t hide you.” – Courtney (Drag Coven)

“Loved the makeup and hair. Loved the location and presentation, did not like the dress. Too much going on. The sash of fur and hanging fur accessories through me off. I wish there was less going on with it. However. Your hair and makeup was some of the best to be seen this competition.” – Sidney Stokes

“Much as I hate to say it … this look completely misses the mark for me.  I’m not a fan of either the style or the material, and I don’t find this gown to be flattering on you at all, particularly when I’ve seen you look so much more gorgeous in this competition.  Your accessories go well with the ensemble, but I don’t find this hair to be complementary to either the gown or your features.  I’m sure it’s well-made, and I know someone spent a great deal of time working on it and it shows – but it’s not among my favorites.” – Poppy Fields

“I’m very torn on this look because you did some things very well but some things missed the mark for me. The fit of the dress is perfect and the accessorizing of it is very good as well. Your makeup is very good and while I don’t love the hair, it does seem to work with this dress. The musical choices and the location really worked as well and you certainly modeled it well. I think its the choice of the fabric that is bothering me. Evening gown is typically the most glamorous category of any pageant and I think these stripes and the colors just fall a bit flat for me.” – Chiffon Dior



“I think this was a great color choice with the hair and makeup. I also really liked the styling. Sometimes all you need is a nude shoe and an accessory!” – Dallas Coulter

“Finally, an angel who knows how to work a wing! Heavenly.” – Deven Green

“I love the way the dress fits and moves. It compliments the flow of your hair and the more reserved, pretty look of your makeup. You also accessorized very well- not too much, but not too little. The dress wasn’t perhaps the most glamorous choice for an evening gown, but the overall effect was still very classy. The whole video was calming!” – Jamie (Drag Coven)

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Miss Evening Gown Judges' Critiques 17

“My favourite thing about this whole look is the make-up. It’s literally FLAWLESS, that cut crease makes me DIE and your lip shape this week is perfect. The dress is elegant, not one of my favourite colours, but it’s lovely on you. I like the parts that attach to your wrist. Cute!” – Emily Meow

“I loved this ensemble. You wore the gown… it did not wear you! I loved the old Hollywood glamour feel of it. You have consistently stayed true to your aesthetic but still have always been ever changing. I love it! Great job to be honest.” – Spencer Williams



“This gown is really well made and fit perfectly! I also think the jewelry and hair choices were spot on. I would maybe give it a nude lining however in club lighting that’s not really an issue. Well done!” – Dallas Coutler

“A beautiful gown.  This truly is a show-stopper.  This garment was clearly made for you and you look beautiful in it.  Great work!” – Alaska Thunderfuck

“Lady SinAGaga your look is absolutely amazing. Your hair, your makeup, the gown… all of it! I love it. I have no bad critiques. A very good final look to conclude this pageant.” – Spencer Williams

“Stunning.  Everything about this was wonderful – the hair, the makeup … it all complemented the gown beautifully and the overall effect was spot-on for this challenge.  That you made the gown is even more impressive, and that it was your first attempt at making a gown is absolutely remarkable.  Amazing, amazing job.” – Poppy Fields

“As a natural born complainer, it really gets my goat when you girls don’t give me something to complain about but I’m not finding anything I don’t really like with this look. Its really just a total package. My only suggestions would be to possibly add some stones in the future to add even more pizzazz to it and to add the lining like Dallas had already suggested. Excellent work.” – Chiffon Dior

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Miss Evening Gown Judges' Critiques 17



“This dress is gorgeous! The hair and accessories are a perfect match. The fit is great and thank you for having a long enough hem!” – Dallas Coulter

“You have perfected real-time, slow-motion modeling – exceptional!” – Deven Green

“Gorgeous colour choices and accessorizing! I love how your video displayed every detail and angle of your look. I really admire your ability to make your looks big and bright without making them too over the top. I will say, though, I had a feeling based on past weeks that your gown would be purple before I even saw it. (P.S. If that hair ever goes missing, I swear I know nothing about it).” – Courtney (Drag Coven)

“You looked stunning the week. Everything was on point. If I had to critique anything I’d say that you have a face that could pull off a less dramatic eye…but I’m reaching because you really did nail it.” – Sister Indica

“I’m starting to think you might like purple Sabrina….almost as much as you love emojis! This is just a really well put together look. If I were to nitpick, and I will, I would have like to have seen a little bit of chest contour at the cleavage area and maybe a bit of jewelry, a bracelet maybe, would have added to the look. Overall though, job well done.”  – Chiffon Dior



“This is a fully realized storyline.  I love nature drag.  The silhouette is unique and it stands out.  Beautiful presentation.” – Alaska Thunderfuck

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Miss Evening Gown Judges' Critiques 17

“I love that you’re channeling a Penelope-Cruz-in-Wonderland moment.” – Deven Green

“Those breasts look amazing! I have no idea how you made those so perfectly but I demand you give me tips! Your overall look was giving me sister/wives realness! And you Luna Nova can be the sisterwife to my trouple any day! Great job!” – Mackenzie Claude

“You are literally living the fairy princess fantasy. I love this dress, it’s gorgeous and right up my alley, but perhaps slightly big for you. Although I’m so obsessed with the poofy-ness of it. The hair and make-up compliments the feel of this ensemble perfectly, but I’m not a fan of the earrings. Overall, you look wonderful.” – Emily Meow

Luna, I am so happy with the way you painted your face. You look stunning and its so refreshing to see the glamour side to Luna Nova. But… I have spent the past few days deciding how I feel about your gown. Do I like the gown… kind of? Do I like the gown as your finale evening gown? Not really. It feels more like a dated costume. We know that Luna Nova can portray a character. Miss Not Safe 4 Werk 2015 is supposed to be the future of drag and the face of our website for the next year and I would like to see a queen who has an understanding of today’s trends.” – Spencer Williams

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(she/her) Despite being a drag journalist for over a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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