Sidney Joel Stokes: Hey NotSafe4Werker’s it’s that time Of year when the leaves change, the skies get darker earlier, and you gotta remember to bring coat check money to the bars. It’s also a time of returns…especially to the small screen. That weren’t brings an even greater return. The return of #TeamSJoel to your lives to preview the upcoming season of American Horror Story. So with that in mind let me introduce my co host for this preview. The oh so talented, always stylish, and trendier than 80s night at a sorority, Spencer Joel Williams

Spencer Joel Williams: Hey Hey Everyone! I am so glad to be back talking about this show! My stuffed animals are tired of hearing me talk about Lady Gaga…

SJS: Yeah, at least two have filed gag orders. Luckily I LOVE discussing Mother Monster

SJW: That is all I love discussing to be quite honest

SJS: Tell me, what was your first thoughts when you heard that this season would be called Hotel

SJW: Well… my first thought was…Freak Show just ended! Why are we already naming next season. After Freak Show ended, I really just wanted the team to take a long while and figure out how to make next season their best work and not a scary version of Glee. But the second I saw Gaga tear away that mask… I knew there is still hope out there for an American Horror Story comeback.

SJS: Question, did Freak Show work for you?

SJW: As a whole? No. But there were certain moments that were definitely worth it! Last season they changed the theme song, gave more than just Jessica Lange a chance to sing… and suddenly nothing was scary. But I think the way they ended the show was such an excellent send-off to Jessica Lange so I felt really good about that.

SJS: That’s fair, I personally liked last season because I tune into the show for performances and unlike most seasons, it took me SIX episodes to realize this season had no story as opposed to four. Do you feel this season will be a return to form?

SJW: Haha definitely true! No, I am totally here for Freak Show still and I am going to rewatch the hell out of it when I get the DVD. But I think this season is a return to form. I think Ryan Murphy took a step back and looked at it and knew what he wanted something different. One way you can tell is the return of Chloe Sevigny.

SJS: Is Lily Rabe back?

SJW: Which is a poor decision on the shows part.

SJS: I agree and feel the greatest AHS atrocity is how they’ve wasted her talent overall.

SJW: Lily Rabe has performed at Emmy Worthy level each season honestly.

SJS: Without question.

SJS: Ok, now let’s talk about what we all (you and I) wanna talk about, Lady Gaga (See what I did there?)!

SJWFirst of all I just want to say… YASSSSSSSSS GAGA! Now that is over with…
Gaga is going to be a great addition to the show. We have seen her act before in such films like Machete Kills and I feel her aesthetic will blend greatly with AHS. Plus Gaga is dark and that is what we need to direct AHS back in the right direction

SJS: I feel there is a difference though. With Machete Kills, the point is it was supposed to be a B movie. Ryan Murphy gives a show with acting talent at its finest. I think that Gaga is an incredibly bold choice. As a fan I want her to keep the strong momentum she’s had going for her. I want her to be great so this brings her back to the level of importance we’ve always known she’s at.

SJW: It definitely is a bold move. I think it can either go really well or end her acting career. But I am pretty confident she will pull it out.

SJS: Truly. I want to see her hold her own. I want to see Barbra from her, not Britney, ya know?

SJW: I get what you are saying. I think there is a good chance we will get what you want. Gaga rarely does something she thinks will not work. I mean she declined a song with Cher because she just didn’t like it…

SJS: Aesthetically, I already know we’re in for something great.

SJW: But can we please talk about the costumes for a second, Lou Eyrich is doing the costume design again and I think we are in for such a treat!

SJS: Oh me to. I think this season will be like Beyonce’s fifth album, visual. I feel the costumes for her will be incredible and do we know if she’s had input?

SJW: Ha! Everyone looks crazy! The transformations are incredible.

SJS: Lady Gaga and Lou Eyrich have gotten to know each other and I am sure Gaga has had some input.

SJS: Agreed. I love the photos they released first.

SJW: It would not surprise me if Lou just saw Gaga and just knew what she was going to do.

SJS: Tell us a little about the costume director.

SJW:Lou Eyrich is a costume designer that works often for Ryan Murphy. She has done AHS and Glee. She won Emmys for her Costumes for Freakshow as well as Coven! I got to meet her back in August and she is a real icon.

SJS: Name drop much? Geez!

SJW: Haha! Well she is really impressionable, just like her costumes! I mean have you seen Sarah Paulson for Hotel?


SJS: With Lange leaving I am hoping for an amped up role for Paulson. She’s become an incredible staple for the show. While she never had the name Lange did, she always has had the talent.

SJW: If Sarah doesn’t win the Emmy next year i’m going to be so mad. Sarah has been one of the best talents on this show. Ever since Lana Winters, I knew she was a star so hopefully Ryan gives Sarah another chance and not just total Gaga screen time.

SJS: I hope Finn Wittrock can continue his streak of being super hot and talented and super hot.

SJUW: Ha! I was not a big fan last season. He was alright. Or maybe he was amazing and that is why I disliked him.

SJW: Yeah, that really was just a you thing. So if you had to pick one thing that you want to see the show do differently this season, what would that be?

SJW: Hmmm… this question is a lot harder this year. I just want the show to get back to being its true self. I want to watch it and be creeped out… I don’t want to see it try and appeal to the masses that need a show to fill in the hole of the now gone Glee.

SJS: That’s really a brilliant point.

SJW: It is a serious fear of mine. Where are the Glee stars going to go… *looks at Scream Queens*

SJS: Hope if any Glee stars come to AHS, they are the good ones.

SJW: I hope no Glee Stars come over… If anything they should be bringing back old AHS stars…Which is why I am so happy about Chloe Sevigny!

SJS: True! I feel , and have heard, this will be similar to Murder House. I really loved that one becaus it was the only one I didnt know what was happening, in a good way. It still remains the tightest season

SJW: Yes! Ryan Murphy said that Hotel would be connected to Murder House. All I know for sure is that the Murder House realtor is coming back.

SJS: Remember when he said they weren’t connected at all but changed his mind…I sure do.

SJW: But who could resist. If it were up to me, Myrtle Snow would check into the Hotel.

SJS: I cannot wait for More Francis Conroy. I just love anything new she brings to me.

SJW: I have not seen her mentioned anywhere for Hotel… If I do not see her anywhere, someone is going to lose their head.

SJS: I’ll drive you there….and we can go to get cupcakes after.

SJS: Alright Spencer, last question, and I think I know the answer, what is the one thing you’re looking most to this season.

SJW: Haha! I am trying very hard not to yell GAGA! But really, I am looking forward to being creeped out you know? I just want this season to make me shiver and look forward to the next episode. What about you?

SJS: I’m looking for the performances. I want everyone to do great and be great. I want the story to be great too but if the characters are worth it. I’m about it.

SJW: That would make me very happy as well!

SJS: Well, alright Spencer Joel, I don’t mean to brag, but I think we NAILED this preview.

SJW: Also no more love stories for Even Peters!

SJS:…we can’t ask for miracles Spencer.

SJW: Life is not fair…

SJS Alright everyone, from #TeamSJ, see you at the hotel!

SJW: Yes, my room will be between Gaga’s and Naomi Campbell’s… I hope they have a continental breakfast.

Keep Geek…with Style.

-Team SJ

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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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