AHS: Sidney's Check-In Time "Checking In" 1

I will not start this review with a “Check-in” pun. I will not start this review with a “Check-in” pun. I will not start this review with a “Check-in” pun. I will not start this review with a “Check-in” pun.

*looks at article title*


Well welcome everyone to the NotSafe4Werk.com recap of the latest installment of the American Horror Story saga bringing with it Lady Gaga in lieu of Jessica Lange. So now that it’s here, how did it land, well let’s start with…

The Most Marvelous
The weirdness is back! Yes, one of my favorite parts of this premiere is that it it brought the slow burning weirdness of the show back this season. I’ve always hated in past premieres where they rush to explain it right away. Season one was effective, to me, because I liked getting a glimpse of the world, it’s bizarreness, and letting us enjoy figuring out how it’s gonna unfold.

AHS: Sidney's Check-In Time "Checking In" 2

Ok, You May Proceed
There was no way we were gonna replace anything Jessica Lange brought, so instead they brought someone who would add another dimension to the show and she was stellar at it. Lady Gaga had an on screen presence never felt overdramatic and she didn’t come across as an overactor. She looked gorgeous and her lines were delivered like they were walking out of her mouth on a red carpet. I look forward to seeing what she is gonna bring to this.

One of my favorite parts of the show is always the acting. This premiere, the acting was fine but it didn’t quite come off as the knockouts it usually is. Maybe that is the downside of the slowburn of the weirdness, but they set the foundations well enough that the talent should be able to nail it. I did love seeing that side of Denis O’hare and hope we see more of how he’ll bring that character to life.

Speaking of the acting Wes Bentley and Chloe Sevigny were awful. They were overdramatic, their line delievery was clunky, and their characteristics were nothing special. They seemed like archetypes of the characters they were playing

I’m gonna leave the story out of this for a couple episodes as I want to see where it’s going. This episode was foundation building and I love that they didn’t rush it, I do hope they have something planned. It will either be a fresh story or it’s gonna be Murder House set in a hotel.

Checking In, in Summation.
Ok, who stays in a hotel without checking Yelp? If no one checks out, and it’s in a dead zone, how does anyone leave a Yelp review? Those girls had it coming. Nothing brings a father and daughter together like a little Louisa May Alcott. Schmidty looks like he just came from American Horror Story: Circuit Party. German Expressionistic horror and rack focus = symbolism. Ryan Murphy is an awful gay man as evidenced by not even a little dude on dude action during that orgy. Ya know, yeah sucks to be murdered and drained, but at least the last thing you did was have sex with Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga….that couple could die happy. Bring Your Daughter to Work Day has gotten a tad out of hand. Wes Bently is a terrible father. Lost his son when he ignores him to check his phone, takes daughter to potential murder site. We all want Matt Bomer to walk around ours homes like he does that hotel. Heroin is apparently a big thing. We all knew they’d play Hotel California, it’s best they get it out of the way now. This show might be Bad Romance: The Series.”

Ok, well it’s weird and it feels fresh. I just hope we get more out of this season in terms of a story, but as of right now, I do not mind having to check it out weekly.

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