Week…I see you’re off the wagon again.

Hillary Clinton Confronts Hillary Clinton – It’s as glorious as Kate McKinnon’s impression is.

American Horror Story Returns With Latest Installment – Which you can read more about in my preview with Spencer (here)  or my review ( and here) if you’ve seen it.

Rick Moranis Claims He Isn’t Retired – That’s nice dear.

Text Book Publisher History Book That Refers to Slaves As Workers – But like…what institutionalized racism?

Paparazzi Gets Naked Photos of Justin Bieber – Ok….I can see why some people Beliebe.

Ben Carson Says If Jews Had Guns, They Could Have Stopped Holocaust – I wanna say something but my mother told me not to insult the mentally handicapped….so I’m not gonna compare the mentally handicap to Ben Carson cause that’s an insult…and Ben Carson is a new level of dumbass.


And the Champion of the Week issssssssssssssssssssss….the paparazzi who got the pics of Justin Bieber naked because holy shit can I please just see the check for those pics?

Disagree…*looks at the rest*….ok.

Week…I’m calling the doctor….you need help.

Keep geek.