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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the fabulous Lady Portia Di’Monte for a little over three years. I discovered her via the (what seems to be now defunct) YouTube channel “Queens of The Week” and instantly fell in love with her cheery disposition and fun weekly vlogs on various topics. We became pals and I was so happy when I found out she was going to be competing in the inaugural Miss NotSafe4Werk.com Pageant, which I’m a judge for (don’t worry, I’m impartial).

I invited Lady Portia into the magical Houndstooth Lodge for a bit of tea and a short chat so you could all get to know this ray of sunshine from Belfast, Northern Ireland.



How would you describe who Lady Portia is, in one sentence?

I’d say: Club Kid – not! LMAO

Princess Diana’s long lost daughter, helping the gays feel good about themselves through the power of disco…and light contouring!

You’ve been doing drag for many years. How have things in the drag world changed since you started?

Well, when I started my shows were on cassette tapes, 1% of the world had Internet and drag queens generally looked like builders who wore sequin ball gowns, their granny’s hairpieces, and thought blue eye shadow was the shit!

But now-a-days we do our shows off iPhones.

What made you decide to enter an online drag pageant, so many years into your career?

I’d do anything to get a Green Card! If there are any rich Sugar Daddy’s reading this, I’m free to a good home and toilet trained.

How was the experience of being in the Miss NotSafe4Werk 2015 pageant?

Well, I’ve been shot at by the IRA so anything after is a high point! That and not having to wear bulletproof knickers anymore!

12124332_10153006098706315_824978415_oWhat advice would you give to someone looking to start drag?

Stay in school and get a job! If I’d learned to read, I’d have been a lawyer!

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I died in 1997 – but can still do a cartwheel in stilettos and a 10 second costume change!

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