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Drag Queens

The Miss Contestant Interviews: Auntie Christ


Hello Auntie! I’m so happy to talk with you today! *looks around cautiously for blood* How are you sweetheart?

I’m doing fantastic Chiffon, and yourself?! *cautiously checks panties for blood* I always wear bloody panties when I perform. So it’s an inside thing. *laughs*

I’m going to let that one pass without comment, mostly because for once I don’t have one. So where are you from originally honey?

I am from the small town of Greensburg, Indiana. We’re known for the Honda factory, the KKK, and a tree growing out of our city hall! I now live in Indianapolis. It is more progressive than Greensburg by far, but it still has some work to do.


You know its going to be a fun childhood when the Klan is involved! Although KKK aside, you really had a challenging adolescence. It really touched me when you shared the story with me. Could you share a bit of it with everyone so they can get to know you a little better sweetie?

This cold, hard bitch..? *Laughs* Only kidding. Growing up my family had it all. We had money, food on the table, and a nice house full of us kids. Even though, like most picture perfect families, there were dark secrets hid behind close doors. When I was in middle my mother and adopted father had separated. I have never met my biological father, and never had a strong father figure in my life until recently. Anyways, with them being separated my mom and I were on our own. I had to take care of her, and she had to take care me. When I was in high school my mom moved in with her boyfriend who lived in Ohio. I lived in an apt while trying to finish high school, attend college classes half day, working three jobs, and competing with two cheer teams. I had a lot on my plate as a kid but it’s formed me to know right from wrong, and to work hard for the things I want.

That’s way more than the average teenager has on his plate! I think you’re quite a remarkable person. So how did shaking your booty in dresses and heels fit into all this? What was your first exposure to the world of drag?

When I was a tot my sisters and I would put on little shows at my family’s get together. We would make high heels from Jenga blocks and duct tape. Then perform our choreography of The Spice Girls. It was so fun, another example could be when I made my basketball team friends perform the Jingle Bell Rock routine from Mean Girls for my twelfth birthday! I took gymnastics and cheer for six years. I jumped to any chance to perform, as much I could. My first exposure to the drag world was RuPaul’s talk show. Although I was familiar with the drag world, I had never wanted to be a queen until the first time I saw Sharron Needles. I literally died at her Cincinnati Pride show. I loved her horror and no fucks to give attitude and I was hooked!


How did I guess that Sharon would have been an inspiration to your style? Did you have an interest in the macabre prior to being exposed to her drag?

Yes, I have always loved horror. My first exposure to horror was on my sisters fourteenth birthday we saw, “I Know What Did Last Summer.” I was hiding underneath the chair, but I loved every minute of it. My love of makeup grew from doing fx makeup and from Halloween. Elvira was a big inspiration too, and Sammy Terry. He is a local legend!

So how did you first get started in drag and please don’t say Halloween?

My first show was at my local bar Zonies Closet. We have open stage every Thursday and welcome everyone. I knew I wanted to start performing but it’s not like people will book a queen without experience, unless your lucky! I met Alana Steele, the show director, and she took me in as if I was her own! She’s so wildly creative In a tasteful way! Quite opposite of myself!

Alana is an amazing performer! Good choice in queens to learn from! So aside from the dark imagery, what would you say your personal style as a performer is?

My performances are high energy. I’m either swinging upside down from a stripper pole, jumping in the splits, are lipsyching for my life. Even if I’m performing a song about murder I’m giving it my all. I go for sexy but in an unconventional way. I go for the prostitute outside the 7/11, shaking from too much meth, just trying to make a couple bucks sexy!

So with a resume that prestigious, its no wonder you were selected to compete in the inaugural Miss pageant! What made you want to compete in a first time, online only drag pageant?

I figured with the pageant being online it would be a platform that I could show my authentic self. I have always said I wouldn’t do a pageant, I’m not that girl. Especially being a newer queen I figured this would let people know who I am throughout the U.S.


How would you characterize your experience in our pageant? What was the most enjoyable part of it for you? What about the most challenging?

I would say I had a lot of fun making the videos. I will admit some weeks were more fun than others. There were times that I wanted to just lay in bed and cry, but I didn’t. I accomplished every challenge, I did the damn thing! I had a lot of obstacles to overcome to finish the pageant. Overall I’m so grateful for this experience and I’m excited for what’s to come!

You should be excited! You’re just beginning your adventure. So overall, were you happy with how you did? Was it a positive experience for you overall? If you could change one thing about the pageant, what would you change?

I wish I would have done a few things differently for sure. With anything that is critiqued I look back and wish I would have done something differently, no matter how well I score. I wish I was in a better financial state, I wish a lot of things, but with my resources I’m proud of what I’ve created. It was definitely a positive experience! I’ve had people message me with love and praise! It’s been crazy! If I could change one thing I would have changed the celebrity impersonation video! Haha I felt like it was my weakest video looking back!

What does the future hold for Auntie Christ? What goals do you have for yourself?

I am going to continue to perform in Indianapolis at Zonies every other Thursday for now and I will be doing a little tour of Los Angeles and the surrounding area in late April and early May, including being at DragCon! I am working on starting up a monthly show with Mary Fagdalane. We’re in the talks of getting it set up but no promises yet!

Auntie, I am so glad that you have been a part of our first ever pageant. You have grown right in front of our eyes as a performer each week and you remained true to yourself throughout the competition. Do you have any final words of wisdom for the readers before we call it a night?

Thank you Chiffon. I’m honored to have been able to be a part of this pageant! To the readers, don’t ever let someone tell you your living your life wrong. Do whatever the fuck you want! If you are a drag queen, or aspiring to be one.. Make sure you are doing it for yourself. Be selfish when it comes to your life!

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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