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Sorry this recap is a tiny bit late – I got so sidetracked with the Democratic Debates, which I live Tweeted while I sipped on a vodka & club soda (I made it a double).  But I think there was more at play. Perhaps I wanted to drag this out a bit (no pun intended) because I know we are nearing the end of the season and I just don’t want it to end!  Whatever the excuse, here I am, emotionally and mentally prepared to talk to you about EastSiders Episode 5: “Open Bar”.

We start off with Cal, Thom and Hillary (played by Kit WilliamsonVan Hansis & Brianna Brown) preparing to go to Cal’s first art gallery showing and he’s (understandably) nervous. Add in the fact that he can’t drink due to his little problem (ahem: gonorrhea) and we’ve got a real mess on our hands!  To make matters worse, the boys decide (for some UNGODLY REASON) to spill the beans to Hillary about their open relationship status AND their newly diagnosed STD.  Talk about a bad move.

That’s called foreshadowing, children.

The gang makes it to the event and my prayers are answered: VAL IS BACK!  Val (played by Traci Lords) could very well get her own spin off show because she is such a delightful character.  She’s basically my drunken Spirit Animal.  Anyway, she’s Cal’s Mom so she wasn’t about to miss her son’s first art showing.  She warmly greets her son and daughter but throws a cloud of shade over Thom, who she’s still mad at for breaking her son’s heart.

In walks Cal’s boss Paul’s wife, who is taking over the event since Paul is away at rehab getting treatment for his alcoholism (I wonder if they have a group rate for the rest of the cast).  She’s a tough, ball-busting broad who isn’t expecting much from Cal’s show – and is keenly aware of her husband’s bisexual philandering.  Yikes!  Like Cal needed any more stress.

Ian’s here! Ian (played by John Halbach) breaks the news to Hillary that he’s avoided her many, many, many phone calls and voice mails (um, 35 to be exact) because he’s been seeing someone else.  Such a man!  Why on Earth would he tell her that?!  She’s destroyed by the news and finds solace at the bar with Val, who  pumps her full of wine.  I swear, if we all took a shot every time Val said “time to get a drink” we’d be hospitalized.  But she, of course, has an agenda.


Unable to handle the pressure, Cal retreats to the roof.  Thom joins him and tries to comfort him, assuring him that everyone loves his work and that the event will go well.  Cal fears he hasn’t accomplished anything at his age, not uncommon for someone pushing 30.  Thom has similar fears, thinking he’d be a successful writer by now, not waiting tables.  But they have each other and that’s all that matters, right?


Back to Val.  She’s plying Hillary with booze so she can get the truth out of her about what is going on with Cal and Thom.  Drunken Hillary blabs all about them being in an open relationship!  However, there is good news for Cal to quell that awkwardness: he sold over half of his work and Boss Lady wants to send him to their New York gallery to do more art!

At home, the boys can finally drink and drink they do…a lot.  After a few bottles of wine, the truth starts to come out.  Cal doesn’t want Thom obsessed over hooking up with other guys, is struggling with being in an open relationship and wrestling with this New York opportunity.  They get into a colossal row, ending with Thom sleeping on his couch.

We’re one episode away from Season 2 being over.  How will it end?!  Will Thom and Cal break up? Will Cal move to New York and leave Silverlake behind?  Will Ian and Hillary become an item?  Will Brea discover that Vera’s been sleeping with Ian and confront her over it?  Will Jeremy let down his walls and commit to The Doctor?  I have so many questions and I need them answered, damn it!

I guess we’ll find out next week.

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