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Miss Q&A Judges’ Critiques


Miss 2015 Q&A Judges’ Critiques:



“I love a live singer and she gave great advice!” – Rhea Litre

“I loved that you had a main point to your answer and explained what you meant. It was clear and concise.” – Sidney Stokes

“I love how you answered this, some people kind of tip toe around answers or are kind of vague, and I appreciate how you brought personal perspective to it, and gave insight to the live aspect.” – Crunk Panda

“As someone who has competed in pageants and answered on-stage question before, I was bothered by you sitting down. While your answer was solid, I found the piano and wine distracting from what you were saying. I care more about your thoughts than your props.” – Chiffon Dior



“Great look, great answer.” – Rhea Litre

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Miss Q&A Judges' Critiques 13

“You are just so full of poise and elegance. This was perfect in my opinion, you answered the question well, and spoke very clearly. Wonderful!” – Emily Meow

“Bless you, my child!  I was so glad to hear you answer in this way, and I appreciate your understanding of the importance of diversity within the drag community.  I truly wish more young queens held this opinion, and am glad that you’re on the side of ALL queens and an advocate for inclusiveness!  Well done.” – Poppy Fields



“LOVED the Milk and Cookies look. Great answer.” -Rhea Litre

” You had an extremely hard question and thank you for calling me “Distinguished.” I love your answer and outfit. I love how you shared your own truth. THis was an amazing moment in the competition for you.” – Sidney Stokes

“I was truly touched and inspired by your answer.  You are a performer that evokes great joy from your audience, and it’s in great part (I believe) to the joy with which you perform and that you carry with you daily.  This answer – so well spoken – is evidence of that.  Well done.” – Poppy Fields



“Auntie Christ gave a great answer but lacked confidence.” – Rhea Litre

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Miss Q&A Judges' Critiques 13

“I just drank the kool- aid.” – Brandon Liberati

“You speak very clearly! I literally broke down at “fucked up shit”. I love your personality, and I think it really shone through with the way you answered this question.” – Emily Meow

“You did a great job of hitting the mark with time and I felt you had some queenly poise…but the quality of your answer left me lukewarm at a part in the competition where I should be dazzled. I’d have loved if you could have answered the question without throwing others under the bus, including my homegurl The Infamous Boom Boom. For that reason, I have no choice but to give you low marks this week.” – Sister Indica



“You could give a mighty good hand job with that hand choreography. Love a good pageant queen #Gorgeous” -Craig Ramsay

“Sinagaga, once again you have proved your excellence. Everything about this video was just outstanding. The look, the poise, the message…. I absolutely loved it. This is what we were looking for. Good job!” -Spencer Williams

“I greatly appreciate that advice you sent out, and feel it is kind of a universal truth, all too often people will come a bit short and throw their hands up, than you for reminding not just the baby queens, but all of us, to keep on grinding…if you really love it, you can get out there and grab whatever it is that you love.” – Crunk Panda



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Miss Q&A Judges' Critiques 13

” I would have loved to hear more from you. Utilize every second you are given.  Beautiful look though. Personally I LOVE a comedy queen and am excited to see you shine with your talents.” – Craig Ramsay

“Nice tits and thanks for the fart jokes.” – Brandon Liberati

“I felt like your answer was a bit short, and that you could’ve gone into depth a bit more, but I liked the message you put out.” – Emily Meow

“While I appreciate your answer, I don’t think you sold me on you answer. I hope this is one of those things you are able to show as opposed to explain.” – Sidney Stokes

“Rigidity aside from the answer, I think you answered it well, I think everyone has a certain style or trademark, not just in Drag, and personally, I love it  campy, and always appreciate a solid joke. As long as there are more than one dimension, rock the hell on!” – Crunk Panda



” That yellow brightened up my day…drag. Props for mentioning 2 ladies close to your heart AND for getting in where you perform. I’d love to see you shine onstage.” – Craig Ramsay

“I think I needed to be “buzzed” to appreciate your black and yellow striped outfit but i love that you are bee-ing yourself.” – Brandon Liberati

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Miss Q&A Judges' Critiques 13

“You go slightly over the time limit, and the reading of the paper at the beginning was slightly awkward, however I think you answered the question well, with a very interesting answer!” – Emily Meow

“Cher, this week was definitely not my favorite for you. Though you look great, the video felt very scattered. I know you were reading the question off of your hand and it just gave a bad start to the video… especially since the question wasn’t to complex that you had to write it down on your hand. Eye-contact should have been your prime weapon this week. As for your actual answer, it didn’t feel that well though-out.” – Spencer Williams



“Lady Portia was the most seasoned and poised for sure! I love her comedy she just went waaaaaay over 60 seconds. Shut it girl!” – Rhea Litre

“Oh pretty Lady Portia…. what was the question? tic tock tic tock….” – Brandon Liberati

“How I wish I could spend an afternoon with you!  I would imagine we’d have a “hoot and a holler,” as they say back home.  On a serious note, I really respect and appreciate all the work you do, and have done, in your country, and I’m so glad that you took part in this pageant.  It’s wonderful to have a little window into another part of the world, and the drag culture there, and you have been a fantastic ambassador!” – Poppy Fields

“”It comes as no surprise to me that you excelled in most aspects of this Q&A challenge…you work in radio for God’s sake!  However, with that training you should have been able to pair your response down to the required time.  Don’t over-egg the pudding, dear! Other than that, very well-done.” – Sister Indica



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Miss Q&A Judges' Critiques 13

“My Drag – My Art! YASSS take your stand. It was serious, honest yet not off putting or aggressive. Love the confidence in your body language.” – Craig Ramsay

“I just looooove a queen ( esp a young queen) with a cause and a backdrop!” – Brandon Liberati

“As an activist myself I love that you stuck by your answer and your guns. It’s what activism truly survives on, people standing by their beliefs. Well done.” – Sidney Stokes

“”As a well-known dragtivist, I commend you on blending a loud, proud voice for injustice with the art of drag.  I felt the quality of your answer was exceptional, you showed great poise, have a bit of improvement in terms of being clear and concise (rather than “um”, allow a pause) but you did pretty good on time so overall, great marks.  Well-done!” – Sister Indica

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“#ZoomInHoney You’re so pretty but I couldn’t see you. Imagination is where it all starts and I can HEAR (unfortunately not SEE) you have that. Your body language, voice and appearance match your beautiful name.” – Craig Ramsay

“I have been so impressed with your artistry throughout this competition, and while I’m not exactly sure that you stuck hard-and-fast to the question, the content of what you had to say and the way in which you presented yourself sold me.  You are truly an original, and I admire that greatly. ” – Poppy Fields

“Technical issues aside, I enjoyed your answer and much like you have throughout this entire pageant, you remained true to yourself. Nice work.” – Chiffon Dior

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Miss Q&A Judges' Critiques 13



“Having a theater background I love the phantom theme BUT be careful that your projecting of your voice doesn’t turn into yelling at your audience. Way to get in your credits and special talents in the answer. #SellItGirl!” – Craig Ramsay

“Boxxa your poise was great and I think you nailed that part of it. The way you present is very well put-together. I think your answer was a little “surface-level” and could have definitely went a little deeper on your topic. Learning about the time and effort is great but I want to hear more about your personal adventure, not your gas prices. Also I wish you would not have done another costume for evening gown. Though it was very well-executed, I don’t know if we have actually seen the true Boxxa and this challenge would have been a great opportunity to show off the real you and your personality. You are very talented but I just want to know that Boxxa Vine would wear the crown and not the Phantom of the Opera and so on.” – Spencer Williams

“First off, I was greatly impressed by you thanking the judges and fans. That level of administrative professionalism is often an overlooked part of a pageant queen. And then on top of that, you answered your question very well while exhibiting personality and confidence. Job well done!” – Chiffon Dior

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Despite being a drag journalist for almost a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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