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I’m not excited about writing this article.  Not because episode 6 of EastSiders wasn’t great – it was. But because it’s the finale of a season and (possibly) the series that means so much to me…as a writer, as a viewer, as a big ole flaming QUEEN and as someone who supports independent work by queer artists.  With creator, writer, director and star Kit Williamson (and co-star/partner John Halbach) relocating to New York City (much like Kit’s character Cal), the future of the show is uncertain.  And that is NOT the news I want!

But this article isn’t about me or my needs (as much as my enormous ego wants it that way).  This article is about the end of season 2 of EastSiders.  Episode 6.  “Evolving”.  So let’s dive in, damn it.

CRHxsYDU8AAWvr-.jpg-largeIt’s daytime and Cal and Hillary (played by Kit Williamson & Brianna Brown) are on the roof, chugging whiskey (as they are wont to do) and discussing his potential move to NYC.  He still hasn’t told Thom that he was given this opportunity, which is huge for him but would potentially break them up.  They haven’t been back together for too long so this could rock the shaky foundation their mended relationship is rebuilt on.  In walks Thom (played by Van Hansis)!  Don’t worry, he didn’t hear anything.  But it’s time to walk to the “beach”, where they are meeting up with Quincy.

I loved this scene because when Quincy brought up his concerns about dating Douglas, a drag queen who often prefers to go out in drag vs. dude mode and therefore making him look like he’s not in a ‘normal’ relationship, Hillary spouted some pretty deep shit. She said something along the lines of “normal is a elaborate performance put on by boring people”.  I fucking loved that because it’s so true!  And who is Quincy to desire normality?  He’s the most flamboyant person on the show – more so than Douglas!

We now transition over to Ian (played by John Halbach)  and his group of straight buddies having a dude brunch.  They’re teasing Ian for juggling two chicks when, wouldn’t you know it, Vera texts him.  It’s time for another rendezvous and he knows when she says to bring it, he’d better bring it.  So he does, to avoid Vera’s wrath.  Let’s face it: Ian doesn’t have much of a backbone.  When Vera tells Bri she’s on her way out for another “run”, Bri grabs Jeremy and they rush over to Ian’s apartment to stalk them!  She is determined to find out who Vera’s been seeing so often.  After Vera walks through Ian’s door, Bri waits a few beats and then BARGES IN THE DOOR!  I have been waiting for this scene ALL season.

Much to Bri’s surprise, Vera isn’t with another woman (as she feared).  She’s with a man!  And she’s ok with it.  WHAT?!  I mean, I don’t write the show or anything but I felt like we were going to get FIREWORKS and instead we got sparklers.  Or these.  Remember these?


Back to the boys.  As they leave the park, they run into Jeremy, fresh off his anti-climactic stalking mission with Bri.  AWWWWKWARD!!!!  This is their first interaction all season but a lot has gone on in each of their lives since season 1.  They’re grown up enough for this encounter – so much so that Cal and Thom invite Jeremy for a drink.  They head back to Thom’s place and to no one’s surprise, they have a hot threesome!  Honey, I’m not complaining.  I’ve always had the fever for Jeremy – he’s so dreamy!  I can’t expect Cal and Thom to keep their mitts off of him.  However, before they hit the sack, Cal’s drunken honesty kicks in (per usual) and he drops the bomb about NYC.

We now jump ahead in time a bit to see how things turned out for everyone.  Cal is in NYC, Ian’s no longer seeing Vera, Bri and Vera are banging again, Ian and Hillary decide to start over and take things slow, Jeremy moves out into his own place and makes some great progress with The Doctor…but what about Cal and Thom?!

As Cal travels back from the park to his apartment in NYC, we see Thom at the bottom of his stoop, waiting for him.  Cue the AWWWWWWWWW’s!  He doesn’t say how long he’ll stay but with how things have “evolved” in their relationship, it’s best that they just let things flow as they will rather than try to force it.  This was the lesson they’ve needed to learn all along.

At the end of last season, I was a weeping MESS but this time around, we get a happy ending (no massage parlor jokes please, I’m emotional right now).  All-in-all, this season didn’t have as much of those gut-wrenching moments but that’s OK.  It was far lighter in tone and serves as a nice contrast to an intense first season.  But what will happen next?  Will we ever find out?  God, I hope so.  And by God, I mean Kit.  Listen to me Kit: we need a third season.  It can totally work if set in Brooklyn! And now that I’m living on the East Coast, WRITE ME IN!

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