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Drag Queens

Bon Voyage Sutton Lee Seymour!


Chiffon Dior: Hi there Sutton! I’m glad I’m getting to talk to you but I wish it was under better circumstances. I heard via the rumor mill that all the queens in the city have banded together and voted you off the island of Manhattan, where you will be banished to Puerto Vallarta. Can you either confirm or deny this story? I mean, I think FOX News is reporting it so it must be true!

Sutton Lee Seymour: *Laughs* Yes, I’m afraid it is true. I’m being deported to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for their season down there. I’ll be performing all winter long at The Red Room Cabaret Lounge, which is part of Act II Entertainment Stages. It’ll be a struggle without bitter cold winds, snow, and slush but somehow I think I’ll manage. But I encourage everyone to come visit!

CD: My heart bleeds for you. Truly. Tell me how this all came about for you.

SLS: I really owe cabaret songstress Carly Ozard a debt of gratitude because she came to my show one night here in the city and recommended me to Act II’s owner and producer, Danny Mininni. He watched some of my videos, sent me a lovely e-mail, we had a Skype interview and became fast friends. What I thought was gonna be a three week engagement became a five month headlining opportunity and I’m still floored! I couldn’t be more grateful to Danny and every person who has helped me along the way, including you, Chiffon, and all the folks at!


CD: That is truly amazing and well deserved my dear! So let’s cut to chase here, you’ve started up a GoFundMe account (Why not skip a Pumpklin Spice latte or three and contribute here?) to help with the expenses of getting this show off the ground. How is the fundraising coming along?

SLS: It’s going great, people have been VERY generous! Again, floored and grateful to everyone who has donated! Every dollar goes a long way, and as you know drag is expensive and this is the biggest show I’ve ever put up. It may be a one woman show but it is a huge team effort and I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’ve said THANK YOU enough so THANK YOU ALL AGAIN! Ha!

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Bon Voyage Sutton Lee Seymour! 77

CD: So what can people expect from this show? Has your brain been going 24-7 with ideas for this show?

SLS: It’s a fully realized production of a bedraggled star’s take on roles she feels she SHOULD have played but was constantly out shined by the likes of divas like Liza Minnelli and Patti LuPone. The big challenge has been transformations… It’s a 90 minute show where I never leave the stage and there are a vast number of transformations… for example, to give you a tease, I will of course sing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” in a fully realized Ursula costume and wig and then transform for a Chicago Mini-Musical where I play Roxie Hart AND Velma Kelly at the same time. it’s a lot, it may sound bizarre, but it somehow makes sense in my head. And I think audiences are gonna love it. Fingers crossed. But that’s why the show is called “Sutton Lee Seymour: The Way Off Broad!”

CD: So you’re clearly going the safe, non-ambitious route….

SLS: Listen, if I’m not ambitious and take a few risks there’s no point in being in the business we call SHOW.

CD: How did the the timing of this work for you in terms of your development as a performer? Is this the show you’ve always had in the back of your head?

SLS: The dream has always been to develop a full cabaret show, this opportunity was the kick in the panties to realize it. And hopefully this is something I can take on the road after Puerto Vallarta because I love traveling and the world is huge! I wanna see all of it!


CD: So for now, for the people who have enjoyed watching you perform over the years here in the city, do you have a farewell tour of sorts planned? Where can we catch you before you leave?

SLS: Yes! You can catch me at the following:

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Bon Voyage Sutton Lee Seymour! 77
  • *Monday, Oct. 26: The Swish Foundation Benefit Concert at Le Possoin Rouge (Get tickets here!)
  • *Monday, Oct. 26: BROADWAY MONDAYS at Hardware Bar with special guest Paige Turner
  • *Wednesday, Oct. 28: DRAG ACADEMY at G Lounge (filling in for Marti Gould Cummings)
  • *Friday, Oct. 31: HALLOWEEN at Albatross Bar
  • *Monday, Nov. 2: BROADWAY MONDAYS at Hardware Bar with special guest Jody Smith
  • *Thursday, Nov. 5: QUEEN at Industry
  • *Friday, Nov. 6: DISTORTED DIVAS at The Laurie Beechman Theatre (Get tickets here!)
  • *Friday, Nov. 6: DIVAS at Stonewall Inn
  • *Monday, Nov. 9: BROADWAY MONDAYS at Hardware Bar (last one until I return!)
  • *Songs in the Key of Equality Benefit Concert ( A benefit concert that aids in the fight for LGBTQ+ Equality. Get your tickets here!)

CD: So not to get ahead of ourselves here but once you finish your run in Puerto Vallarta, what is next for you? Are you coming back to the city or will you be off seeking your next adventure?

SLS: I WILL be back! After all, there’s no place like home.

CD: Thank you so much for your time today Sutton as I know your plate is pretty full with all the packing and plotting this show will entail. I’m truly thrilled for you and hope you hit your fundraising goals to make this show everything it can be! Hopefully I will see you before you depart but do you have any final words for the Big Apple?

SLS: I guess I just want to say thanks to everyone who took a chance on me and gave me a gig! I get to work with some amazing people here in NYC and I’ll miss everyone terribly! So take care of each other and I’ll see you in Spring! (Contribute to Sutton’s show here!)


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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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