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What The Walking Dead: Here’s Not Here


Well this week’s episode was uh, well…..yawn… It was pretty boring if you ask me. But just like all episodes, there were some high points and some low points. So as part of these recaps, I have decided to revamp this column and give you all a quick summary of the episode followed by the most “fabulous” moments of the episode, the “tragic” moments”, and the real MVP of the episode.

So lets talk about it then shall we! This week we got to peer into the past of Morgan before he came to Alexandria. What did we find out?  Well after Morgan’s family basically killed each other, Morgan went crazy. But Morgan ran into this guy named Eastman. Interesting thing about Eastman is that he has a pet goat, tomato plants, and defends himself with a staff. After Eastman keeps Morgan in a jail cell, they end up becoming friends and Eastman brought Morgan out of his darkness. Eastman decides to train Morgan in the art of “not killing” almost like a Karate Kid movie. But Eastman ends up getting bit while defending Morgan… Even the goat dies. As this chapter concludes, Morgan goes out into the world. Present time, we find out that Morgan is telling this rather boring story to one of the Wolves.



I definitely think it was great to see what the hell happened to Morgan after Rick left because I know we were all interested. Also, the acting of John Carroll Lynch as Eastman was very well done. John really sold me his character and I grew rather fond of him as the episode went on. But out of this whole episode, I think the best part was definitely Tabitha the goat. I mean look at that goat!  She is extraordinary! Well… she was….



To be quite honest, this episode was kind of tragic as a whole. Yes, we got to figure out a a part of Morgan’s life… But did we really need a SPECIAL 90 minute episode to basically rehash the plot of The Karate Kid with Morgan as Ralph Macchio? There was almost nothing to this episode that really kept me excited. I felt myself kind of dozing off. Plus, the goat died! What kind of nonsense is that? But as I started to think about this episode I realized, the last time we had a long episode dedicated to one specific person, it was about the Governor. After those special episodes, the Governor destroyed the prison. So I am getting the vibe that after we figure more about Morgan, something terrible is going to happen. Also, can I just say that The Walking Dead is obviously jealous of The Game of Throne’s Jon Snow controversy and they are trying to get Glenn out there as well!



This episode the answer was so obvious! Who would be special enough to win the first official “What The Walking Dead” MVP award? The answer is quite clear, Tabitha the Goat! I mean the goat took this show on like a pro. Life has went to hell for these characters, but the goat always stayed true to herself and just kept on rolling business as usual. So for staying true to yourself, I thank you Tabitha. I am sorry you had to die the way you did… you will truly be missed…


Next week fortunately looks like a way more interesting episode. But until we know more about Glenn… I don’t feel ready enough to see Maggie. But we got to stay strong, just like the goat. Until then, don’t be afraid of the dark and keep your goats close…


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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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