Question: Condragulations on making the top five of So You Think You Can Drag! For my money, its the premiere drag competition in the city. Have you had a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished already yet?

Heidi Haux: Thank You Chiffon! I think as I’m taking this time right now with you, its the first level headed moment I have had to think about how far I’ve come. This competition was one of the biggest catalyst for me even pursuing drag, so to have all that I’ve envisioned become a reality- I can’t even explain the emotions that brings up.

Question: What do you think was your personal highlight and lowlight of the season so far?

HH: Besides the unique relationship I have developed with the cast, I think the first time I performed on that stage, back in week one is a hard highlight to top. Going all-in and giving them 100% Heidi was something I was nervous about but the Immediate support I felt was palpable. It’s carried me through this entire ordeal. As for as lowlights are concerned I would have to say my Legends and Divas night wasn’t my best. It was right towards the very end of the eight weeks and I had envisioned this number for a LONG time. All the pieces didn’t come together perfectly and that’s always disappointing. But looking back, if I hadn’t been ambitious and I tried to do something more safe, I never would have forgiven myself.

Winning Runway

Question: How would you describe your experience on SYTYCD? What was it like to work with Paige, Chelsea and all other guests that have come through?

HH: My Experience overall has been incredible. I came in hitting hard and have fought each week to win over the judges and audiences and it’s kept me on my toes, creating, and really relishing in all of this wonderful DRAG. Plus, I’ve been so lucky to have had a great turn out from my friends who have all been so supportive. I had never worked with Paige before, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But (at least to me) she has been more supportive than I would have imagined. I knew Chelsea before I did drag, so I really felt like she was pulling for me as a mentor and helped me polish up my numbers or ideas without ever directing me away from how I perform. At the end of the day, Its about OWNING your character. And the judges who have come through the panel this season have all reaffirmed that for me and praised me every time I was authentic to this crazy “Haux” that I’ve created to entertain you all.

Question: So without spoiling anything, what can we expect from you in the finale?

Answer: Well, I will tell you that I’m going to do something I have yet to do on that stage. And you can expect me to Fight; because nothing is decided until that final Lip Sync honey.


Question: Best of luck on the 12th! Any you want to plug before we wrap up?

HH: Well I think the whole purpose of me doing this competition in the first place was to act as one giant “plug” for myself. So….. Come to the finale November 12th everyone, see what I do, and Hire Me!!! My Winter/New Years schedule can open wide up with the right stirrups. Also, Follow me on Instagram @HeiditheHaux