Question: Condragulations on making the top five of So You Think You Can Drag! For my money, its the premiere drag competition in the city. Have you had a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished already yet?

Strawberry Fields: Thank you! It’s been an exciting season for sure. And to answer your question yes I have. Looking back on what I thought I was capable of accomplishing at week one, the difference is like night and day. I’ve developed a new sense of confidence and purpose.

Question: What do you think was your personal highlight and lowlight of the season so far?

SF: Well of course, week two Musical Theatre, was my high point as that was the week I won. And my lowest point would have to have been Fairy Tale week. It had nothing to do with my performance or the competition and more to do with what was going on personally in my life that week. The show must go on no matter what. That week was a true test of my ability to push through a nightmarish situation, and it was difficult. But I am better for it.

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Question: How would you describe your experience on SYTYCD? What was it like to work with Paige, Chelsea and all other guests that have come through?

SF: SYTYCD has been mind blowing! And also an emotional roller coaster. I have no idea what the heck I’m going to do with my Thursday’s when all is said and done. This competition has taught me how to connect with a large crowd, how to work on the fly, how to dance (and tumble) but more importantly SYTYCD has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing diverse gals. Paige Turner being one of them! She’s amazing and hilarious. As we all know! And it doesn’t hurt that we have similar taste in clothing! Both she and Chelsea have been wonderfully helpful! They are hardworking fierce queens and I truly look up to them. The guest judges have been amazing as well. Its great to get constructive criticism as it’s the only way to mature your performance.

Question: So without spoiling anything, what can we expect from you in the finale?

SF: Expect Strawberry Fields realness! *wink*

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Question: Best of luck on the 12th! Any you want to plug before we wrap up?

SF: Thank you so much! Be sure to come see the finale of SYTYCD on Thursday November 12 and then come see all five finalists at Penthaus the next night! Also be sure to LIKE me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram!