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    Pure Panda-Monium: Me and…Ms. Jones (and other MCU Netflix news!)

    There has been a huge hole in my heart for what seems to be an eternity now.

    I binge watched and binge watched some more and suddenly, poof, like that…Daredevil was gone. While it’s been confirmed a second season is being filmed, there is a hunger that lies deep within many of us, one that Agents of Shield can’t quite feed with it’s commercial breaks and wide cast of characters, with multiple story lines intertwining into a web that can become a bit formulaic, or produce a swerve so out of left field, you would think Vince McMahon wrote it.

    Early on in Hell’s Kitchen, it seemed apparent that there would be more than just one person out there, we saw hints of things to come. Season two will bring us  (former Walking Dead heel) Jon Bernthal wearing the skull shirt as Punisher and will likely help deal with Kingpin’s war on streets, the war he sees as a kind of justice, and depending on your perspective, maybe Daredevil is the bad guy. I digress, this is more about the new lady in our soon to be Netflix queue.

    Marvel is doing it, bringing us (even if on a smaller screen) a leading lady to it’s universe. Jessica Jones has quite a storied history in her relatively short lifespan (compared to other characters), she’s been kind of lurking in the shadows to an extent for a long time. She’s been around Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and others. Long story short, she can fly, and she can kick a lot of ass. Netflix tends to loan itself to a darker grittier series, and the trailer below touches on that, it’s not all happy and go lucky.It’s a tough world and she’s a tough lady, and I love it.

    So, what will Ms. Jones bring us? Most likely we will see the long rumored and anticipated entry of one Luke Cage to the MCU,  and maybe a hint or two into a certain Ms. Carol Danvers. No matter what happens, I’ve got Visine and snacks ready for the binge watching that will take place on Netflix Nov 20th.

    Will Punisher be more than a cameo? Rumors are swirling that he may be due for his own series, while Iron Fist is rumored to be canned, or at least on the back burner due to production issues. Moon Knight rumors have escalated quite quickly, so, perhaps he makes his way to the screen in some form and ushers in his own series.

    Punisher and Moon Knight both deserve the grit that only Netflix can seemingly allow for right now. They both need a bit more than a feature film, especially poor Frank Castle who has received a fate only slightly better on screen than Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool)’s first appearance *shudder*.

    As always, MAKE MINE MARVEL, and make sure your or someone else’s Netflix subscription is paid for come Nov 20th!

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