Chiffon Dior: Hi there Juicy! How are you my dear? Congratulations on your big victory!

Juicy Liu: I’m great! Thank you so much! It’s an incredible honor. I can say this has been one wild ride.

CD: After two solid months of “GO! GO! GO!” with SYTYCD, has it sunk in yet that its over and that you actually won?

JL: That “Go! Go! Go!” has been my life the last two months, so for it to be over now is going to be so weird. I feel like the next few Thursday nights, I’m going to think… oh wait, do I need to be at New World Stages right now? Winning has been totally crazy, it’s totally not something I ever expected entering this competition. I think the biggest joy of this has been being able to get on that stage and perform.



CD: We’ve covered SYTYCD here on our site for the last two seasons now but I don’t know if people get the wringer you gurls go through. Can you give us an idea of what typical week is like for the queens during the competition?

JL: For me, every week had different challenges. Going into the competition, I think I knew what songs and concepts I wanted to work with for the first four weeks, but after that it was a week to week struggle to figure out what to do. Each week, you really have to be your own producer – putting together your mixes, getting dancers, figuring out costuming, getting props, scheduling rehearsals. Luckily, I had some really great friends who were helping me out along the way.

CD: So what were you feeling on the final night? Were you confident in your material?

JL: I was actually pretty nervous the final night because it was last time I was going to be on the SYTYCD stage. I think I was confident about the first number because I could be fun and silly in it. I think doing “Somewhere That’s Green” as my second number was something I very nervous about. I hadn’t really done a song without a lot of bells and whistles and it was something I wanted to try. I had no idea how it was going to go.


CD: One of the surprising things about your story is how this was basically your first time doing drag! How did you wind up in this competition?

JL: I was at SYTYCD almost every week last season and had so much fun watching it and really wanted to do it. I had dressed up in drag for a few Halloweens but had never really performed in drag. When auditioning came around, my boyfriend kept pushing me to submit. So I put together my first number, filmed it in my living room and sent it in. My boyfriend even tipped me in the audition tape! *Laughs*

CD: He clearly knows what’s good for him! Were you surprised that you got picked to compete considered your lack of experience?

JL: Uh yes! I think I did try to push that I had an acting background on the application in hopes it would help.

CD: Where did you get such a loyal fan base in such a short amount of time? The three times I was there this season, your support was clearly very tangible.

JL: Grindr. Just kidding. I have a great group of friends who knew drag was something I wanted to try and they really came out for me.


CD: As Paige and Chelsea were getting set to announce the two finalists, what was going through your mind?

JL: I thought two things. No matter what happens, I’ve had fun here. And also, since my friend Mark custom made this Mulan tearaway dress that I’m wearing, I need to find a way to tear it off on stage regardless if I make it to top two or not. *Laughs*

CD: The final lip sync was “Roar” by Katy Perry. Can you take us through that final performance and what you were feeling during that?

JL: It was kind of a “now or never” moment, and I knew Heidi and I were going to lay it all out there. So it was about not holding anything back and just seizing each moment of the song. And also working in that Mulan tearaway. *Laughs*


CD: So when can people expect to see your show debut? Do you already have ideas planned for that or are you still trying to get over the entire SYTYCD experience?

JL: We actually haven’t set a date yet, but I’m guessing probably early in the new year. I just have some half ideas for now. Really now, I’m just giving my brain a small break.

CD: You said you’re going to give yourself a little break but you do have a holiday project you’re a part of. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

JL: Yup, I’m doing a show with some buddies of mine called “My Big Gay ‘Gay Camp’ Christmas Spectacular” which will be at the Duplex on Friday, December 11th. It will be a fun holiday show with a bunch of holiday numbers. Also, I’m going to be doing a few guesting gigs here and there. I’ll be guesting along with Heidi Haux at Knockout Tuesdays with Miz Cracker and Judy Darling at Barracuda on Tuesday, Nov 17th. Also, I will be at Thick Thursdays at Boots and Saddles with Brita Filter and Tammy Spenks on Thursday, Nov 19th, and at Untucked and Uncensored with Marti Gould Cummings on Sunday, Nov 22nd.

CD: Well my dear, congratulations again on your victory! I’m looking forward to seeing what is next from you. Do you have any final words of wisdom to leave our readers with?

JL: Thank you again! Something I’ve learned is to make sure you pee before you get into drag for a few hours. It makes life so much easier.