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Meow Mixx: Milk, “90’s Muppet Supermodel”


In a different location than my usual haunt at the Powder Room, I was lucky enough to interview the wonderful Milk at her second date of her UK Tour, in Portsmouth at Hampshire Boulevard! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day that the enchanting Milk returned to the UK, and I was thrilled when she turned up basically on my doorstep in my hometown. The night was insane, myself and the contagious Lydia L’Scabies DJ-d the preparty, then the show was hosted by the hilarious Cherry Liquor and supported by drag Prince Alfie Ordinary. Milk then took the stage and had the crowd in pieces with her tight lip-sync, fisting number and the nostalgic “Oh No She Better Don’t” medley. After the show, we talked LegenDAIRY looks, fake teeth and being a Muppet 90’s supermodel.. 

Emily: Hi Milk! So this is your second tour in the UK, I believe?

Milk: This is my second tour, yes m’am!

Emily: How do you find your shows over here differ from the shows back home?

Milk: Um, well first of all, they don’t tip here, and I’m not mad about it because I think they end up paying more for tickets here?

Emily: Yeah, compared to the US, they can be quite expensive over here.

Milk: Yeah, which is a lot! In the States, they usually don’t charge for entrance to the club to see the show, they usually charge for meet and greet. So, I think that’s where the money goes and I’m fine with that, like I don’t need to be tipped, I just want people to be able to come out and see the show!

Emily: Yeah, we don’t have the dollar notes here either, it’s only coins!

Milk: I thought about taking fly paper.. wait do you know guys know what fly paper is here? It’s like sticky paper?

Emily: Like in Bugs Life?

Milk: Yeah, yeah yeah! So like holding that up and getting people to throw coins at, and just peeling them off at the end of the night.

Photo by Anisa Cowan

Photo by Anisa Cowan


Emily: Ha! That’s an amazing idea. Do you think that the style of the UK queens so far differ from the style of the queens you know back home?

Milk: Um, not really, I’ve really noticed the broad genres of drag here in the UK, from I guess what they consider “British camp” which is mostly like high hair, sequin gowns, just like sort of simple yet beautiful makeup. So that’s still something that’s in the States too, but then there are weirdo drag queens here too, they’re really cool. So I think it’s fairly similar to the States actually.

Emily: That’s cool! So what’s your favourite act to perform?

Milk: I would say the act I’ve been performing the longest, since me touring for Drag Race just started is a Fantasia Barrino song, she won American Idol like Season 2 or 3, her song called “In Deep”, and so the lyrics are very much related to fisting.. can you write that?

Emily: Hahaha, I can so write that.

Milk: So yeah, very related to fisting, and my boyfriend is like “you’re still performing that song after all this time?” So yeah, it’s a fucking blast to perform and I’m still not sick of it, which is really great. Whenever I go to a new place, even though I may have done it so many times, people haven’t seen it.

Photo by Anisa Cowen

Photo by Anisa Cowen


Emily: Yeah, that’s wonderful! So you’ve been a part of a World of Wonder YouTube series called “Milk’s LegenDAIRY Looks”, are you still doing these?

Milk: Yeah, I still am! They are releasing them slowly.

Emily: What’s been your favourite so far? I liked the ganguro one.

Milk: The ganguro one is very fun, I liked the first one I did, the flower beard. I’ve just gotten more comfortable in front of the camera. Before I went on Drag Race I had never been in front of a camera, and after being on Drag Race, then doing LegenDAIRY looks, I was still a little awkward, now I think I embrace the awkwardness. It’s been really, really fun and really special to share with everyone.

Emily: It’s so popular as well!

Milk: Yeah! It’s one of their most popular ones, I think! I don’t know if people understand how much work it takes for LegenDAIRY looks. I film like three or four a day.

Emily: And you have to take each look off in-between?!

Milk: Yeah! I mean Alyssa’s Secret, she can talk for like an hour and have 7 to 10 episodes from that.

Emily:  I love her. I swear there was an episode the other day where she just tongue popped, and it was like 15 seconds long.

Milk: Yeah! She can do that and she can talk like that and that’s fine. It’s a lot of hard work, but I really enjoy doing that and I’m glad I was offered the opportunity to do that.

Emily: You’ve recently walked for Marco Marco. You’ve walked in his New York and LA shows, is that correct?

Milk: I didn’t do LA this year, I did LA last year, I just did New York!

Emily: Oh, weren’t you there though?

Milk: I was there! I was just a boy, ha!

Emily: How is it working with Marco Marco?

Milk: He’s wonderful, I think it’s a special relationship he has with queens and trans individuals and freaks and weirdos and whatever, because he really is one of the first and only designers to incorporate drags queens into their show. As queens we always want to strut our stuff, and to be able to do that in like high fashion, beautiful looks, I think is so cool.

Emily: You looked amazing!

Milk for Marco Marco during New York Fashion Week

Milk for Marco Marco during New York Fashion Week


Milk: It was really fun! Especially in New York this year.

Emily: It was gorgeous. I liked how dark it all was.

Milk: Yeah, it was a change from his normal collection amongst models and then amongst what the collection looked like and I think it was a blast. Especially being in New York, during New York Fashion Week was so major.

Emily: I’m going to New York next month, I’m so excited.

Milk: Oh wow! Have fun!

Emily: Have you had any British icons that have reflected on your drag at all?

Milk: Totally, I know everyone says it but I think Leigh Bowery has been an amazing inspiration to all and will be an inspiration for many to come. Just thinking about where he could be at this point 20 years later, it’s like.. fuck, just transcendent. I’ve always loved Pam Hogg’s creations. She’s a British designer. She’s amazing, she’s sort of that underground designer with really cool and conceptual looks. I’m a huge fan of Daniel Lismore. His ability to just layer and stack things on top of each other I find fascinating.

Emily: Amazing! So your troupe the Dairy Queens, can you describe a show to someone who’s never seen you guys perform?

Milk: It’s laid back, it’s very fun. We don’t put pressure on people, it’s not like a typical drag show. We’re sort of just normal human beings who like to just get drunk and put on a show.

Emily: So you like perform and club host as well?

Milk: Yeah, yeah yeah! And so the other two Dairy Queens, Ühu and Skim are both dancers and so they definitely have that.

Ühu, Milk & Skim. The Dairy Queens!

Ühu, Milk & Skim. The Dairy Queens!


Emily: I was meant to go see Skim at his ballet here last week!

Milk: The Trockadero’s!

Emily: I couldn’t go in the end!

Milk: Oh boo! Awww!

Emily: I was so excited, we booked the tickets ages in advance as well.

Milk: Awww, shit! Skim is wonderful. She was here for like 2 months.

Emily: Shes’s been here for ages. Ühu was in the behind the scenes videos of the Marco Marco walk as well, he’s an amazing dancer!

Milk: Yeah, they’re very amazing.

Emily: Did they meet through dance?

Milk: Well, I met James, Ühu, back in the beginning of 2008 and that’s when we started dated. Then Skim joined the Boston Ballet Company where Ühu was dancing already, and so we met Skim as a group and just sort of fell in love her stupidity.

Emily: You’re such a talented bunch.

Milk: Yeah, we have a blast together! We really love each other, we have a blast.

Emily: So you’ve recently been collaborating with Mac, can you tell us about that?

Milk: Mac Cosmetics have been doing a lot of events pertaining to lips, and so that’s sort of one on the global events like in the States and abroad, called “Mac: Art of the Lip”, so what’s more perfect with lips than lip-syncing, and what’s more perfect with that, drag! At the beginning of the year I was able to go to Croatia with them, and I never thought I would go there, so that was really fun. And then done stuff in Vancouver and in Miami, at the Macy’s store in New York and it’s been amazing. People in that company are really magical and beautiful.

Emily: They’re so diverse!

Milk: Yeah! Very accepting and it’s been a blast to work them.

Emily: You look like you’ve been having so much fun with them.

Milk: Yeah! And it’s good money, hahah!

Photo by Anisa Cowan

Photo by Anisa Cowan


Emily: We have some fan questions now! @IssyPrincessHigh is very inspired by you and she asks what inspires you with your looks? She says she admires how you always come up with something new and exciting and that she sometimes find it hard to get inspired.

Milk: Shit, it’s sort of hard. I still don’t quite know. I mean if I’m lacking inspiration, or if I do my face and I’m like “eh, I’m not feeling this”, like I’ll take it all off and sort of just stare at myself. I don’t know. You just have to come down a bit when you’re lacking inspiration. You can go online and check out different Instagram’s and check out different Facebook’s of people you’re inspired by and sort of mix it with your own brand. I mean I’ve just noticed that some of my best looks have come from really not knowing what to do and have been from going through three different faces that I’ve wiped off and then finally settling upon “wow this is good”. Sort of that last stitch effort is the best.

Emily: I’ve seen you’ve been doing a lot with colour recently, I love that.

Milk: I would say my brand or what I’m most inspired by are Muppet’s and 90’s super models. So I like to think of myself as a Muppet super model! So I’ve always been obsessed with the Muppet’s and obviously they’re so colourful, they’re so zany, they’re so quirky but sort of still incorporating a cool, edgy, I don’t know. It’s like a Muppet face on a 6’3 slender body, so it’s works. Haha!

Emily: @meganmachine asks: what’s your favourite object/item you’ve ever used in a look?

Milk: Huh. Favourite item. I would say the gap tooth is, you know, the tooth tar?

Emily: Is it just makeup?

Milk: It’s like cosmetic tooth enamel stuff. You know when you see people who dress up as zombies and they have like yellow-y teeth? It’s like what they use but in black. I would say that that really has sort of made my aesthetic what is it, and just no matter how perfect your face can be, I think it’s always nice to have what society considers a flaw to sort of ground you and not take yourself so seriously. So I have one of my friends, his name is actually Micheal Myers, but he’s not a murderer, from Philadelphia and he made me two flippers!

Emily: The fake teeth!

Milk: Yeah! So they’re giant! They’re like Chiclets in my mouth! I have one with a gap tooth and one that’s just a straight pair. They’re like my favourite fucking thing.

Photo by Anisa Cowen

Photo by Anisa Cowen

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Emily: Lastly, do you have anything you’d like to plug?

Milk: Check me out on Instagram! @bigandmilky on Instagram and Twitter, Milk The Queen on Facebook, Milk’s LegenDAIRY looks on WOWPresents is coming back out. I think that’s it!

Emily: That’s perfect! Thank you!

Milk: Thank you so much!

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