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What The Walking Dead: Heads Up

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Hello Walking Dead Fans! We are back and have some great news! If you don’t want to read spoilers… now is your chance to disappear. OKAY WE ARE LIVE AND  GLENN IS BACK everybody, just like I told you he would! What what! Glenn managed to survive under the dumpster. Glenn ends up taking care of Enid or shall I say, basically forcing her to go home with him after she drew a gun on him. Glenn ends up making it back to the outskirts of Alexandria but realizes its surrounded by walkers… great. On the inside, Rick is working hard on strengthening the walls and trying to get people’s heads on straight. Rick, Carol, and Michonne question Morgan on letting some of the Wolves go. Rick and Carl teach Ron how to use a gun so he could defend himself but don’t give him ammo. After the lesson, Ron went and stole ammo from the armory. Spencer tried to sneak out of Alexandria to lead the walkers away but he almost falls in and dies (thanks Spencer). After things settle down, we see Ron walking behind Carl with a gun. But at the same time we see some balloons from a distance and everyone seems happy because they know its Glenn. But then a tower falls down and crushes the wall and lets in all of the Walkers…



What is more fabulous then being able to sleep now that Glenn is back! Really, I am so happy! I knew you were going to make it Glenn! Lets just hope this isn’t a way for the producers to let us be happy for a moment so that they can kill you or someone else next week on the mid-season finale. I also really enjoyed the moment when Rick, Carol, and Michonne called out Morgan for being an idiot. Yes, we all get you don’t want to kill. Okay…. but people were being set on fire in the streets and we do not have time for this nonsense.  Morgan we all like you, but can you either help or step-aside please. Finally, I just wanted to say Carol look phenomenal on this episode! YAS, YOU LOOK SO GOOD!



I am so irritated in the fact that Glenn literally almost died after trying to save someone. This man blew his brains out and fell on top of Glenn which almost took a future child away from a father. Now, he is helping this Enid girl! Will you ever learn Glenn? Maggie is literally going to have to die for Glenn to make good decisions. Also can we talk about Spencer making a mockery of the Spencer name? Really, rope climbing above Walkers? No, you got to figure your life out, SPENCER!



The MVP goes obviously to Glenn for coming out of this crisis alive. Lets just focus on staying alive and not making me regret choosing you for this esteemed position okay? I am not going to pick you next time if you end up surviving under another dumpster. JON SNOW TAKE NOTES!


See you all next week for the Mid-Season Finale! It will be crazy! Bring your boxes of tissues because there WILL be death. But as always, as long as it’s not Carol we will move on! Be kind to one another and don’t be afraid of the dark, just hide under your nearest body or trash devices.

– Spencer


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