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Los Angeles 2015 Queen of Los Angeles Award

Los Angeles and New York. New York and Los Angeles. They’re the cities with more drag queens per square mile than any other! Drag is blossoming like never before on both coasts with more and more incredibly creative, gorgeous and talented queens showing up on the scene all the time. This award is to honor the drag queen in the City of Angels that made the biggest impact on the year 2015 so without further adieu, we present the nominees for the 2015 Queen of Los Angeles Award, sponsored by BLING DIVAS ENTERTAINMENT!

*Editor’s Note: We have made an executive decision to not include any former or current RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens on this list. Not to diminish the talents of queens like Morgan McMichaels, Kelly Mantle or others because lord knows we love us some Drag Racers but we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the talented young queens that have yet to gain that sort of national exposure. In addition, last year’s winner, Melissa BeFierce is not eligible as well.

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Cupcake Canne jete’s her way throughout Los Angeles with seemingly great ease. She can turn a classic look modern and make vintage seem new again! Her background in dance gives her a leg up and whether it’s on the dance floor or runway, this queen is always a delicious treat to take in!

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Delilah LaMont –This Southern belle made her return to drag this year in such a major way. Taking on gig after gig, this shooting star makes a diamond look cheap and raises brows higher than they could even be painted on. The year will culminate for her in being the star of her own showcase at Bar 10 in West Hollywood on December 16th!


Allusia Alusia – How many queens do you know that work every day of the week…let alone 2 sometime THREE times a day? Well only one if you know Allusia! That must be why international fashion designer, Marco Marco, had Allusia in his Fashion week show where she made her runway debut, because a million gigs a week is never enough when you can have a million and one.


Dakota D’Vil – This rock ‘n’ roll badass doesn’t need an amp to make a sound, she just needs some paint and all around her will know their experiencing something awesome. She’s the kinda queen that can make any venue her bitch, leave the stage a pile of embers, and make the other queen question how they’ll follow her.


Rhea Litré – Drag’s baddest bitch continues to take her art to new heights year after year with legendary ease. Rhea doesn’t just do looks, she embodies them, and makes all who look upon her know that the reason the word “fierce” was made is because nothing else was suitable for a queen like her. Cake Moss – With name as clever as that you best believe this queen can back it up. With moves so good you’d think she taught the pop stars all they know.


Cake Moss hosts, twerks, and moves so well that your brain might not be able to keep up with the action. When you have some of the biggest queens in the world on the VMA stage and yet you become the stand out, there’s obviously a reason.


Barbie’s Addiction moves at a level unmatched and unseen in LA. It’ll only take one death drop to see why Barbie went off the wagon for this queen.


Mayhem Miller – When writing the song “***Flawless” Beyonce had to ask Mayhem permission to use the word. She is excellence in grace and pitch perfect in painting. This timeless queen can occupy any time, any look, any world, and make every last bit look…well….flawless.


The Boulet Brothers – Bringing life to new areas of LA and making those already vibrant even more vivid, this event producing tandem redefines creativity and makes nightlife so incredible that you’d wish to never see daytime again. It really goes to show that genius like this might just be genetic.

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Misty Violet – What happens when you combine old school Hollywood beauty with the biting comedy of the modern day? You get West Hollywood’s dumbest queen, Misty Violet! What she lacks in IQ points, she more than with her beauty, look, and talent. Besides, when you excel so well at those three, who needs a brain?

Written By

Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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