To Top 2015 Bio Queen of the Year

    Drag has gotten so big that even biological women are getting in on the act! This category is recognizing five of the best bio queens in the world. Which queen will take home the 2015 Bio Queen of the Year, the choice is up to you!






    Miss Kat Sass

    I tried to nominate Miss Kat Sass for the “Best Cheekbones” award, but we quickly realized that no one else could could compete and it was just too unfair, so the category was abolished. When she isn’t traveling the continent for her own shows, this queen is busy sharing how knowledge with new bio queens, and that’s bad ass.
    Gypsy Gemini
    The first time I saw a picture of Gypsy Gemini, my jaw dropped because her paint was just so pretty. Then she did a Lady Gaga as The Countess look and it was so dead on that I’m still not sure I’ve fully recovered, to be honest. This queen can turn a recreation look or a look of her own like nobody’s business.
    Creme Fatale
    When I say that Creme Fatale paints…. I mean she PAINTS! One day she’s got blue hair, blue lips, and gorgeously big cartoon eyes, and the next she’s literally green from head to toe. Drag is always an art, but this queen takes that very literally and it’s gag worthy!
    Eppie Conrad
    She’s an emoji! She’s a corporate logo! She’s made entirely of glitter! UK bio queen Eppie Conrad is notorious for her signature face paint and it’s a glorious sight to behold. Most drag raises some kind of social consciousness, but Eppie literally transforms herself into brands right in front of our eyes…and right there on her face.
    Flo Reel
    There isn’t any style or look that Australian bio queen Flo Reel will shy away from. One night she’s the most adorable poster girl for Ganguro and the next she’s completely naked except for some strategically placed paint and glitter. The creativity involved in her looks is the kind that the rest of us wish we’d thought of!

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