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Year End Awards

The 2015 Year Ends Awards Ceremony (Part Three)


If you missed Part One of the 2nd Annual Year End Awards, click here!

If you missed Part Two of the 2nd Annual Year End Awards, click here!



PF: Welcome back to the 2nd Annual Year End Awards Show!

CD: There are only three awards left and three pink trophies to give away but they’re three big ones and I know you like big ones Poppy.

PF: I’m a lady Chiffon. Don’t sully this evening with your dirty mind honey. Just introduce the presenter for the 2015 Drag Moment of the Year (2014 winner: Bianca, Courtney and Michelle in Rocky Horror Picture Show) dear.

CD: Fine! I’m very happy to welcome the winner of season five of So You Think You Can Drag and the single biggest importer of foam padding in New York City, my friend and colleague, the fabulous Alexis Michelle!



CD: Congratulations Katya and Diana! That was truly an epic performance gurls! (check it out here if you missed it!)

PF: And speaking of epic, we’re extremely excited to reveal the winner of the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award, named in honor of the late Jim Bailey, a legend of drag that we lost this year (Check out our tribute to Jim here). So without further adieu, we are proud to announce our first recipient.



CD: What a worthy winner! To learn more about Jimmy James’ amazing career, please check out his website (here)!

PF: Absolutely, truly one of the legends of our business Chiffon. And from a current, its time to announce the winner of an award that could be a future legend in the drag world. It’s time to unveil our biggest award, the 2015 Drag Queen of the Year Award (2014 winner: Bianca Del Rio)! 

CD: That’s right Poppy and we have five amazing nominees for this honor, Violet Chachki, Asia O’Hara, Peaches Christ, Katya Zamolodchikova and Bob the Drag Queen! Presenting this award is one of the most popular queens in the world today, former Drag Race star, the amazing Alaska Thunderfuck 5000! Take it away Alaska!



CD: Well the fans have spoken this year and Katya is our new Drag Queen of the Year! Congratulations Katya and thank you to the thousands of fans who voted in the 2nd Annual Year End Awards! 

PF: We also need to thank our friends at GAG Magazine once again for sponsoring these awards and we would be remiss if we didn’t thank all the special presenters who generously donated their time at this busy time of the year. I also want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2016!

CD: We appreciate the support of each and every one of our readers here and and we look forward to continuing to bring you best drag, nightlife, entertainment and pop culture coverage on the web.  Goodnight everybody and remember to have your drag queens neutered or spayed! We’ll see you all next year for the 3rd Annual Year End Awards!

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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