Sidney vs the Week 1/29/16
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Sidney vs The Week 1/29/16

January 29, 2016 Sidney Stokes

Alright now Week, what is it this time? The Rock Returns to Monday Night Raw – If you watch and are not entertained, you hate all things good and I wish you best in your […]

CoCo's Party with Her Grandma
Drag Queens

CoCo’s Party with her Trailer Park Uncle

January 28, 2016 CoCo De'Ball

  Its time for another new episode as CoCo welcomes her trailer park Uncle to “CoCo’s Party”!       Be sure to join us next Wednesday for another edition of “CoCo’s Party” as CoCo welcomes….well….someone for an […]

Bendovah Plenti
Drag Queens

A Talk with Bendovah Plenti

January 27, 2016 Chiffon Dior

Chiffon Dior: Hi there Bendovah! I’m glad we’re getting to talk this morning. How are you doing honey? Bendovah Plenti: I’m doing great! Thanks for having me, Chiffon. It’s a pleasure to be here. CD: […]

The Week in Drag with Emily Meow
Drag Queens

#THEWEEKINDRAG with Emily Meow

January 25, 2016 Emily Meow

  Welcome to the Week In Drag! This week I was reunited with my friend Max for his second trip to the UK (his true homeland. Kind of..). I  accompanied Max as his last stop of […]

2016 WWE Royal Rumble
Popular Culture 2016 Royal Rumble Preview

January 24, 2016 Chiffon Dior

Chiffon Dior: Welcome everyone to the 2nd Annual Royal Rumble Preview Roundtable! As always, I am your hostess for the evening, Head Diva in Charge, Chiffon Dior! I’m joined once again by my […]

The Week In Drag
Drag Queens

#THEWEEKINDRAG with Emily Meow

January 18, 2016 Emily Meow

The whole world took a huge hit this week, with the loss of British icon David Bowie on Monday. As well as being a revolutionary artist and singer, Bowie was a huge queer icon. Coming […]

Sidney vs The Week
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Sidney vs The Week 1/15/16

January 17, 2016 Sidney Stokes

Oh hey Week, what did you bring me this time? Leo Side Eyes Gaga at Golden Globes – We made the same face at the idea Jack Dawson being able to handle Mother Monster. The […]