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Recently, my good Judy – Valentine Anger – was featured on World of Wonder’s “Transformations” web series, which stars legendary club kid and author James St. James.  You’ll recall that I was one of the OG bitches to do this show and hundreds of shows later, many of my pals have appeared on it.  I’m so glad Valentine has been given the chance to show his boundless creativity and ability to create an eye-catching look out of ANYTHING.

I took Valentine into the Houndstooth Lodge to get all the T on his appearance.

12295745_1630966053833138_1409724661_oHi Valentine! I’m so excited to talk to you today about your appearance on World of Wonder’s “Transformations”. As you know, I was on episode 13 so WELCOME TO THE TRANSFORMATIONS FAMILY!

SI: So tell me how did you feel when you had the conversation that you would be featured on the show?

Valentine: When I had the conversation about being on the show I was excited. It wasn’t until a day or two before the filming did I feel nervous.

SI: What inspired the look you created for James (which was over-the-top and truly gorgeous when it was all put together)?

Valentine: James wanted a Fall/Thanksgiving-themed look. I wasn’t sure what to do but I had the color scheme in mind and I knew I wanted to build a head piece. So one day I was looking at some of my special FX material and remembered the Green Man mask I made. So I thought I’d try to do a version of the Green Man in Fall.


 SI: Well, it looked incredible and I’m sure it’s going to get many children to the Google Machine where they can research all about the Green Man…RIGHT, KIDS? I digress…where do you get your inspiration from in general – your looks are very eclectic!

Valentine: I draw inspiration from many things and many artists. Artists like Nelly Riccia, Ryan Burk, Muffin Head….Cheddar Gorgeous…

SI: I’m so obsessed with Ryan and CHEDDAR.  I’ll need to dive into the others.  Tell me about the day you filmed your episode – what was that like?

Valentine: The day we filmed was a lot of fun. Arty (from the Haus of Anger) came with me and was my support. I’ve had many run-ins with James so I was past the fan girl jitters. It was my name as an artist that was being put on the chopping block, so I was slightly terrified. All-in-all I had a blast and I love how the video turned out.

SI: Oh I know about those run-ins.  I believe it was I who introduced you two at Mathu Andersen’s Instagram Art Event. And speaking of me, I couldn’t help but notice one GLARING omission in this episode – you didn’t drop my name once. How could you?! We’re friends!

Valentine: GIRL! All I did was drop your name but they insisted I shut the hell up…and editing is magic.

12299617_1630966030499807_677294527_oSI: Tell me about The House of Anger…

Valentine: The Haus of Anger is a small estate of just Arty (the Mother) and I (the Daughter). We are fabulous.

SI: As I’m well aware, you are on your journey to becoming a Sister. I liked that you discussed a connection to those in need and giving back to the homeless community in LA. What made you want to join the Sisters in the first place?

Valentine: Joining the Sisters is a way that I can get involved and give back. Back home in Florida, the cafe I worked at would do a blanket drive every year called “Blanket the Homeless” and we would have bands play and people would come and donate. I remember speaking with you on a few occasions while painting about ways the Sisters could help the homeless. That stirred something in me. So I feel that maybe where my Sister duties may lay.

SI: What’s next for you? Any events coming up that you want to plug?

Valentine: I have something up my sleeve for 2016. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more details. I will say though if you are an L.A. artist (that means painters, sculptors, body painters. Body mod artists….etc) and are looking for something new to do with your art msg me.

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