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A Haute Second with Spencer: The 2016 Golden Globes


Did somebody say…. award season? The Golden Globes are here! How exciting!? It’s that time of the year again when we all gather around our television’s and wait for our favorites to prance down the red carpet. The Golden Globes are one of my favorite events to watch so lets get to it! It’s show time. 

(Stars appearing in no particular order)

1. Zendaya in Marchesa


Zendaya looked absolutely beautiful. This three tiered gown was such a treat. As always, Zendaya did not disappoint. The neckline was just right. My only complaint is the way the hem lay… it just looked kind of bunched up to me. But still an “A” look.

2. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior


Of course, Jennifer wore Dior to the Golden Globes. The way the bodice lays over the skirt is just so freaking cool. I can stare at it all day. Plus the side cut outs in the skirt are just the right size. There is movement in this dress that moves the viewers eye from the skirt to the bodice and I love that. She looked amazing and she knew it.

3. Rosie Huntington Whiteley in Versace

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A Haute Second with Spencer: The 2016 Golden Globes 122


Donatella strikes again in the form of Rosie. This dress is fire! The dress is a simple silhouette but it is just so elegant. The gold color just radiates class and beauty. Definitely one of the best dressed of the  night for sure. Great job girl!

4. Lady Gaga in Versace


Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of the WERRRK.COM Best Dressed Female of the Year! You already know I am about to go on and on about how amazing this women looks. Never in my life have I looked at Gaga on ANY red carpet and been like… “thanks for trying boo”. Lady Gaga is going to forever be the red carpet queen. This look was amazing to me because you could feel how happy she was. She looked very Hollywood glamour which is a look she has not only wanted to look like but to feel like. I am so proud to see her a Golden Globe winner.

5.  Emilia Clarke in Valentino


Daenerys Stormborn of the House of Targaryen, the Unburnt, the Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi, the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and wearer of Valentino. I gave a big “yaaaaaassss”, when I saw Emilia. I mean come on! She looked great. I just can’t get over the fact that the mother of dragons wore black Valentino. I am slayed.

6. Corinne Foxx in Paolo Sebastian


This gown is absolutely everything. I love it! The drape of the fabric is so elegant, the embroidery is so unique and the color is so beautiful on her. I loved it. My only minor complaint is that I wish the sleeves were fitted but that is probably just a personal preference. You looked amazing. Bravo!

7. Cate Blanchett in Givenchy

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A Haute Second with Spencer: The 2016 Golden Globes 122


This dress is AMAZING! For some reason I cannot understand. Some people believe this dress deserves to be considered on the worst dressed list. Well if  you think that then punch yourself because this dress is freaking cool. Tassel all the way down. The construction of this gown is such a level of proficiency that I cannot even understand. Cate Blanchett, you are a goddess and I bow down to you.

8. Laverne Cox in Elizabeth Kennedy


I love this! The train just brings it all together. Yes, the silhouette is very simple but the way the trains lays behind Laverne mixed with a pure white… she looks like an angel. I am very happy with this! You go Laverne!

9. Eva Green in Elie Saab


When I realized my muse was on the carpet, I screamed. Eva is a rare sight on the red carpet but when she does show up, it is a moment worth waiting for. The sultry red lips, the slicked black hair, and this golden gown. I am living for it. Eva can do no wrong in my eyes…. it is actually my dream to dress her for a red carpet. Amazing job!

This year we saw a lot of embroidery and pastel colors. This is a trend I can definitely be happy with. Everyone just looked so elegant and feminine. It was a beautiful night. So who is my choice for best dressed? For once I actually have no idea who to pick. The stars really stepped it up this year and I just have no idea who to go to… With that being said, I am opening up the floor to you all so we can figure this out! Vote below for who you think is the Best Dressed of the 2016 Golden Globes and the winner will be announced later! I hope you all have a great WERRRK week and thank you for reading! Stay haute my friends.

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A Haute Second with Spencer: The 2016 Golden Globes 122
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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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