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Drag Queens

Beyond the Face: Royalty Edition with Misty Violet


Sidney Stokes: Misty Violet, or as she’s now referred to legally, once her lawyer (something something ending with Stein) made that so, QUEEN Misty Violet, tell us Misty, how are you doing. It’s been a minute since our last chat (check that out here!)….without a legally appointed supervisor.

Misty Violet: Ben Stein… Wasn’t he the red eyes guy? Oh… I’m coo!!! Same booze different place!

SS: Well tell us, since we last spoke, how if at all, has your career changed?

MV: Nothing has changed too much. Me and Allusia have decided to sew our bodies together since we’re always at the same gig.

SS: Oh well that’s nice, if you have to be seen together, might as well be with your 3rd choice.

MV: Bingo!

SS: Misty, when we last spoke you we’re working on booking shows and now you headline your own, tell us how you went from featured performer to THE headliner.

MV: I think Imagene Autry died right? Listen all I know is I showed up at Hamburger Mary’s and they threw me the mic.

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Beyond the Face: Royalty Edition with Misty Violet 15

SS: As I told you when you handed me a shovel to help dig a hole for her, she’s not dead, just retired.

MV: SIDNEY YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!! It’s mentally challenged! Jesus it’s 2016.

SS: I’m so sorry to the retirees that are mentally challenged, or as they prefer to be called Trump Supporters.


SS: You’ve spoken before how Imagene was a big influence on your career, how did you take the news that she’s was hanging up the heels?

MV: Listen Ima is…how should I say, “A woman with a mature calendar” she was ready to move on, and though I will miss her…bitch I’m on the flyer now!

SS: The votes were calculated, by others, I never touch math, and our readers named you the 2015 Queen of LA!

MV: I’ve heard math ruins lives tbh.

SS: It does. looks at camera with Misty Math….not even once.

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Beyond the Face: Royalty Edition with Misty Violet 15


SS: How did that victory feel when you heard the announcement?

MV: Honestly I feel very humbled that y’all would honor me like that! I usually get food thrown at me not crowns!

SS: Does that mean you don’t want food thrown at you anymore?

MV: No no no please still bring snax….but like now that I’m queen…I demand Del Taco only.

SS: Is that you telling me to go get you Del Taco?

MV: I just need a burrito in my mouth hole.

Sidney gets Misty Del Taco

(20 minutes later)

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Beyond the Face: Royalty Edition with Misty Violet 15

Sidney goes back out cause Misty really wanted Latino trade

SS: Ok! We’re back from the snack break. Misty, now that you’re not just West Hollywood’s dumbest queen and you’re the Queen of LA, what would you want to do this year that you didn’t do last year?

MV: Who didn’t I do last year…. AM I RIGHT LADIES?!?!? For realzies I’d love to get some art and merch out there this year. So keep yourself updated at to buy some shit!

SS: Do you do the art yourself?

MV: Hellz no!! I couldn’t draw a dick if I tried and I stare at those all day!

SS: If you could have one performance goal this year, what would it be?

MV: I should probably come up with a different number besides Party in the USA.

SS: What are the top 3 songs you would wanna add?

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Beyond the Face: Royalty Edition with Misty Violet 15

MV: I actually would love to try out some Demi Levato Confident, I wanna play around with some Roxy from Chicago annnnndddd a new church number? I haven’t been to church in a second.

SS: What’s church?

MV: I think you get chicken there.


SS: Do you have any plans to take yourself to other cities outside of Southern Cali?

MV: Oh I’d LOVE to travel more! Hey if you wanna have me perform in your home town get to your promoters and club owners and DEMAND to bring me out!!!

SS: She’s looking at you every other queen not in Southern California….SoCal queens….she’s seen you…and you aren’t pulling that shirt off like you think you are.

MV: Take the shirt offfff!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!

SS: Misty, normally we would do the lighting round about this time, but you’ve done that before. So I would like The Queen of LA to be the first to participate in the newest segment. It’s called

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Beyond the Face: Royalty Edition with Misty Violet 15

!!!Drag Queens Talk About Current Events!!!

MV: Oh Lordt.

SS: You ready your majesty?

MV: Yes your Stokery!

SS: Misty, with the Iowa caucus coming up, and the presidential campaign officially beginning, what do you really think about GOP Front Runner, Donald Trump?

MV: What the hell is a caucus?! I say no caucuses, isn’t that a dead body?! Oh and Trump is a dick… I’m a half Mexican gay boy who dresses up for a living… You think I’m a fan?

SS: I mean….I don’t presume to know or judge…aside from all those times I do.

MV: …every day

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Beyond the Face: Royalty Edition with Misty Violet 15

SS: Misty, I’m sure you watched the State of the Union address, just wondering your thoughts on Kentucky and Huckabee’s own Kim Davis showing up…wearing this.

MV: To be honest I hate the gays that pick on her for her sense of style that’s besides the main issue…HOWEVER…that deserves to burn in the deepest darkest circle of hell.

SS: Her or her sweater?

MV: The sweater… I want her to spend eternity with us in homo heaven.

SS: We lost an icon Sunday. Were you one of those that were influenced, in any way, by David Bowie?

MV: I think any artist whether they know it or not was influenced by that icon. Bowie was truly just too cool for this planet.

SS: How do you feel you were influenced by him?

MV: I have always loved his music, his sense of style is beyond anything I could ever touch and his sense of badassery of course! Dude came out as bisexual in the 70’s and was still the top shit.

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Beyond the Face: Royalty Edition with Misty Violet 15


SS: Ok Misty now for the good stuff….where you get to plug everything you got going on. As your royal subjects, where do you need us?

MV: Of course! Monday’s I’m at Lip Service at The World Famous Abbey, Wednesday’s at Flaming Saddles for Country Queens, Friday’s I’m at Penthouse for “Blow” Fridays Saturday’s at Hamburger Mary’s WEHO for Brunch with the “Brunchettes” AND first Saturday of every month I host MY show “Dumbelles” at Hamburger Mary’s WEHO!! Whew or if you ever want to know where I be follow me on the Facebooks!

SS: Misty, thanks for joining us. Congrats on your win and we look forward to your reign this year. This might be an awkward time to bring this up, but why is there $114 charge to Del Taco on my credit card?

MV: You said it’s gonna rain? Should I get my umbrella? Well thank you….and yeah about that…can we go back…I’m hungry again.

SS: I mean you are the Queen of LA and I live in LA so I think that means, sigh…yes your majesty.

Be sure to check out the Queen’s Coronation this Friday at Blow at Penthouse in West Hollywood for Ultraviolet night! 


Written By

Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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