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    Sidney vs The Week 1/29/16


    Alright now Week, what is it this time?

    The Rock Returns to Monday Night Raw – If you watch and are not entertained, you hate all things good and I wish you best in your future endeavors.

    Donald Trump Pulls Out of Fox News Debate Citing: Megyn Kelly– So Trump fears women with blonde hair. Good to know for the general election.

    Rihanna FINALLY Drops Her Album…for free – We should all aspire to be on her level of badass.

    Sure, Jan.

    Sure, Jan.

    Bristol Palin Calls Tina Fey “Desperate.” – Well if anyone is an expert on the subject on “desperate” it’s a Palin.

    Kanye and Wiz Khalifa Engage in Twitter Beef – ….that was won by Amber Rose. Upside, Kanye embraced by gays.

    Sia Released Her New Album – It’s perfect. Get INTO it.

    And the Champion of the Week ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…Megyn Kelly…for being the first great weapon against Trump…other than logic. First Human weapon…well as human as a Fox News Anchor can be….actually Megyn go sit down, you still suck. Sia’s getting his award.

    Ok week….thanks for the new tunes. Till next time.

    Keep geek.


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