It’s been an expensive week for drag fans this week! The 2016 Battle of The Seasons tour dates were released this week. With a staggering amount of dates announced all over the world from March to June fans were incredibly exited for this years tour.. until the prices were announced. Two separate VIP options were available, one cheaper than the other yet still extremely pricey. With the top bar meet and greets in America being $299 (seriously?) fans have been in uproar, many not being able to afford it. In the UK, the prices were about the same as last year so I expected the high prices, yet the US prices have pretty much tripled. What do you guys think? Let us know!


More in Drag Race news, the show have been teasing us with the cast of Season 8. Their #Ruveal earlier this week was to use the new Drag Race keyboard on the lip-sync app “Dubsmash”, then some more clues on their Instagram will filters hiding supposedly initials to the new cast. Rumours include Kim Chi, Robbie Turner, Thorgy Thor, Naomi Smalls, Bob the Drag Queen, Acid Betty and Skarlet Starlet. Nothing is confirmed but we can’t wait for the new season!



It’s called “Emily forgot something huge and is dumb”. A few weeks ago, the wonderfully talented Divina De Campo from Manchester graced the stage of “The Voice”. De Campo wowed the judges with her rendition of “Poor Wondering One”, an incredible opera track from “The Pirates on Penzance”. Unfortunately, none of the judges turned their chairs YET it’s safe to say they all regretted it as soon as they set eyes on her! Judges Paloma Faith and Boy George both expressed partiular dissapointment in themselves on the show and online, with Paloma tweeting Divina and Boy George following Divina this week. There we go. Kind of linked to this week in drag ūüėČ Congratulations Divina! Follow Divina on Twitter here and watch her audition below!

In makeup news,¬†Ariel Versace is teaming up with Atomic Cosmetics to create some new lipsticks! Together they will be collaborating to create 5 new editions to the Atomic Line, which will debut Monday the 1st of February. The shades include a nude titled “Nood Beach” and a stunning blue called “Kiss My Fin” pictured below. Check them out here.¬†


This past week was also the week of the Drag Stars at Sea cruise! Cruising around the Caribbean with some of the biggest drag stars in the world? Sounds good to us although we don’t have any more details because what happens on the boat, stays on the boat!




We’re continuing the WERRRK.com Fan Video of the Week series. If you’re out at your local club and your favorite queen is performing a sickening number, break out your phone and film it! Send it to us at chiffondior@gmail.com (or message Chiffon on Facebook) and it might get picked to be our Fan Video of the Week! Our second video comes to us from the ladies of Drag Coven! Courtney and Jamie were¬†on hand at E Bar in Guelph to see Scarlett Bobo play with FIRE¬†performing “Funhouse”! Check it out!