Oh my Week….oh my….you um….damn….

Beyonce Drops New Video – Watch it, it’s super important.

The 50th Superbowl Occurs – Gaga, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé showed up. Cam Newton, however, did not. #WarDamnCam

Daniel Bryan Announces Pro Wrestling Retirement – NO! NO! NO! ….seriously though, what a loss, what a talent.

Donald Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary – Just remember people, everyone said, “George W. Bush would never win.”

Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary – In Iowa, a woman won the caucaus for the first time. In New Hampshire Bernie Sanders became the first Jew to win a primary. Meanwhile the Republicans want to limit women’s rights and make Christianity the official religion of a country that was based on freedom of religion….just sayin.

People Called Rally for Anti-Beyoncé – Glad we can get people angry about Black empowerment instead of white power. Unless this Beyoncé covering Rihanna’s new album, Anti.

Sidney vs The Week
And the Champion of the Week ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…Beyoncé, in addition to the stuff listed here, she also donated $7 million to create a homeless shelter in Houston and helped Red Lobster increase sales by 33%. Well done queen….Well done.

Any disagreements, well vote here so the Beygency can know who to arrest.

Week, team with Bey more.

Keep geek.