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    This weekend I was lucky enough to travel to a new part of the UK for me, Bristol! I visited the guys at “The Queenshilling“, hosting the night EAT SLEEP DRAG REPEAT, starring Alaska Thunderfuck, hosted by drag prince Alfie Ordinary, support from Arran Shurvinton as Nosferatu and the Haus of Rampage. I spoke to ESDR’s artistic director Mike Pony to find out a little bit more about the night..

    Emily: Hi Mike!

    Mike: Hey there!

    Emily: When did ESDR start?

    Mike: ESDR started in September 2015. We’ve so far hosted Latrice Royale, Milk and Alaska. We are interested in drag that pushes at the boundaries and queers the edges. Our host Alfie Ordinary is the UK’s only Drag Prince and identifies as “fabulous”.


    Alfie Ordinary, the UK’s only drag prince! Photo by Nathan Russ

    Emily: Can you tell us about the house queens?

    Mike: HAUS OF RAMPAGE are the house queens. Totally feral, these fierce drag tranimals were born in the eye of the storm. Chaos reigns wherever they go, as they explode the Bristol drag scene with rebel, genderfuck, DIY aesthetics. Rampage are pure party monsters who live for hard liquor and good times. Watch out, they bite. Haus of Rampage are Krystal Beff, Roxytocin, Ivana Scatonya, Carmen Monoxide and Bowdacious.


    HAUS OF RAMPAGE Photo by Nathan Russ

    Emily: How does your drag night differ from other nights in the UK?

    Mike: We curate our support acts very carefully, opting for artists who make high quality, conceptual art drag. We’ve so far had support acts perform as the The Virgin Mary Virgin Xtravaganzah, a prom queen who loves her crabs Lydia L’Scabies and Arran Shurvinton, a prosthetic Nosferatu. We want more than just a lipsync, we want a really solid concept, bold looks and a confident performance. So far at all of our shows, our host and support acts have NAILED IT. We have a policy at ESDR that we will never tolerate racism, misogyny or bitchiness. We like to keep things positive and make sure everyone leaves feeling good. ESDR is becoming like a family and I hope it continues to grow.

    Arran Shurvinton as Nosferatu. Photo by

    Arran Shurvinton as Nosferatu. Photo by Nathan Russ.

    Now onto my own personal review! As a well seasoned UK drag show haunter, this night definitely stood out to me. I’ve personally never been to a club where the house queens gogo dance whilst waiting for the show to start, to warm up and keep the crowd entertained. The Haus of Rampage were captivating, wrapping each other up in paper and getting the audience hyped for the show.

    HAUS OF RAMPAGE. Photo by Nathan Russ.

    HAUS OF RAMPAGE. Photo by Nathan Russ.

    The wait for the show seemed to fly by, and before you knew it Alfie Ordinary took to the stage with his rendition of “Birthday” by Selena Gomez, accompanied by the house queens as back up dances. A flurry of sequins and fabulousness, Alfie hosted the show perfectly, with a range of acts from a tribute to the trash to treasure challenge from Alaska’s season of Drag Race to a Princess Diana moment of parting the crowd and singing on the bar. There was also a lipsync battle challenge where the winners prize is 2 tickets to the next ESDR night! More on that later..

    Alfie Ordinary and this shows lipsync winner! Photo by Nathan Russ.

    Alfie Ordinary and this shows lipsync winner! Photo by Nathan Russ.

    Supporting the headline act, was the haunting Nosferatu. Trust me when I say Arran Shurvinton’s portrayal of the vampiric character is matched by no one. With prosthetics, nails long enough to kill a man and 2 numbers that left everyone present gasping in either fear, laughter or awe, Shurvinton left the audience well and truly GAGGED.

    Arran Shurvinton's Nosferatu. Photo by Tim Jones.

    Arran Shurvinton’s Nosferatu. Photo by Tim Jones.

    Last but certainly not least, Alaska took to the stage. She glided through the crowd and wowed them with her catchy popular tracks from her debut album “ANUS” (available on iTunes). Chants of “Hieee”, “Your Makeup is Terrible”, “Anus” and “This Is My Hair” could probably be heard around the whole of Bristol. From storm trooper lightsaber battles (with help from some of the ESDR team), Golden Girls underwear, to borrowing one of my wigs to thrash about on stage, Alaska was the perfect climax to an incredible night.

    Alaska Thunderfuck. Photo by Tim Jones.

    Alaska Thunderfuck. Photo by Tim Jones.

    This Is My Hair. Photo by Tim Jones.

    This Is My Hair. Photo by Tim Jones.

    Overall, the crowed were electric, the wide variety and versatility of the acts were stunning, the venue was lovely and the staff charming. ESDR stands out to me for their message of inclusion and the loving vibe from everyone in the room. I highly recommend a visit to Eat Sleep Drag Repeat! Next up is the diamond crowned queen RAJA! Don’t forgot to grab your tickets here!

    Host Alfie Ordinary states “ESDR brings a cross section of drag to Bristol, from the feral queens ‘The Haus Of Rampage’ go-go set through carefully selected support acts to the headlining RPDR star. The night is a queer playground bringing all the misfits and fabulous people of the west country together in a celebration of drag talent, community and love.” Catch Alfie hosting Raja, and make sure to keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


    Thanks to all the team of ESDR, and here’s to a wonderful night!

    Make sure to like Eat Sleep Drag Repeat on Facebook to keep updated on upcoming shows.

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