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    PURE PANDA-MONIUM: The Return of the Shane-O-Mac



    People have talked about it, rumors have swirled on and off, and there were even some who said Shane was probably going to be gone for a good while. The heir to the throne branched out and “done good” for himself in a whole other medium, in a market halfway around the world.

    As the road to Wrestlemania really kicked into high gear, you could hear moans and groans from the casual to the smarks, each unsure exactly what would happen. You’ve got so many of your big names who aren’t 100%, Daniel Bryan just called it a career, Reigns is still going to be headlining whether anyone likes it or not, and the list can go on and on. You know how it goes, depending on who you talk to, there is a near infinite list of complaints, and rarely if ever, is there a moment where everyone loses their mind and you get that feeling of hope restored.

    In a world where social media is king and every dirt sheet runs the same story, just hoping to be the first to report it, a rare thing happened a week ago. As Vince began to troll us all, out of nowhere…HERE COMES THE MONEY. Shane emerges in a suit with a tight haircut and a fresh pair of Air Jordan 1s. The roof explodes, and before you know it, he’s facing off against the old man and his sister.



    Many of us are for a moment, reminded of the last time we got a similar surprise, when WCW folded, there was Shane buying it to compete with his dad, and now after seven years, he returns to once again challenge his father. I recently listened to an interview with Shane where he mentions his conditioning, the guy is a no kidding athlete, right now he is on two a days, sometimes three a days, and has been for a while now.

    Shane buys WCW

    When in doubt, bring in a McMahon

    As our friend Good Ol’ JR would say, business has picked up. I’m sure a curveball or two will be thrown, as right now a Hell In A Cell against Undertaker really doesn’t make any sense at all in it’s current form, and while that match seems to be used more than it should be in the past several years, I have little doubt, if the card continues as currently advertised, it will be one for the ages, as Shane is built for a match…and stipulations like this.

    Was Shane’s confrontation on Monday more shoot than work? Was this a reality era pipe bomb to appease the internet smarks? Who knows, people even began speculating over stock prices because what if Shane really was telling of trouble behind the scenes for WWE. I guess none of us will ever truly know.

    Say what you will, and while all may complain sooner than later, but, one thing is for certain, Shane is putting asses in seats. So stay tuned, I have a feeling your favorite friends will be doing a Wrestlemania roundtable in the not too distant future!

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