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What The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth

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Hello my dear friends. The finale has come and unfortunately, I don’t have good news for you guys. I wish I could look at you and tell you everything is going to be okay in The Walking Dead world… but I can’t. This week’s 90 minute finale was stressful from beginning to end, and it did not end on a good note.

In this episode, our survivors tried their best to get Maggie to a doctor in that irrelevant town but they were constantly followed by Neegan’s group, The Saviors. This race to the doctor ends with our survivors being surrounded by the Saviors and leads to the premiere of Neegan and his baseball bat, Lucille. The show ended with one of our characters being bashed to death… we don’t know who because The Walking Dead is pure evil. Meanwhile, Morgan finds Carol and saves her life from that angry man, meaning Morgan killed his first human. The two were then rescued by some guys in football like uniforms.

Lets break down the last episode of the season. I have a special guest with us today to help try and make this finale feel a little brighter, Chiffon Dior is here everybody!

Spencer– Chiffon, I am glad you are here to cry with us.

Chiffon – Thanks for having me Spencer but would it have killed you to clean up a little? There are burger wrappers and empty Coke bottles everywhere!


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What The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth 79


The Adventure of Carol

Spencer- Carol had a challenging season this year. So, it is not surprising to me that she is having a bit of a mental breakdown at the moment. Without Carol, the show would be a lot different and some of our characters probably wouldn’t be around today. With that being said, Carol has had to some things that no one should have to do. A lot of people are starting to say they are not fans of Carol anymore because she is screwing things up for everyone. But honestly, I don’t understand how that is true.The only person looking for Carol is Morgan… It was not Carol’s idea to go to one of The Savior’s compounds and assassinate people in the dark. Carol is stressed out because she has been taking a back seat this season. She has been cooking, sitting on the porch, and she even got a man. That is why she is going bananas because she can’t even enjoy being normal because she always has to save someone and make a bloody mess. I love Carol and I hope she recovers quickly. Carol if you can not love yourself, how the hell are you supposed to love somebody else can I get an amen.

Chiffon- Your love for Carol is well documented Spencer. I’m firmly in the middle with her. She’s a total badass ninja when she wants to be, but I’m not buying this crisis of faith she’s having. She’s been through too much to just walk away at this point. Like I always say, guns don’t kill people, Carol kills people!


Morgan and his First Kill

Spencer– In order to save Carol, Morgan killed somebody finally. Yes, I am extremely happy because that means Carol is going to live to see another day. But what do you want Morgan, a medal? I still cannot stand Morgan and I hope that this serves as the beginning of Morgan’s growth into useful-hood. Consistently throughout this season, Morgan has proved to be a big thorn in all of our sides. When he was re-introduced this season, I was extremely happy and excited but he just turned out to be a big pain in the ass. Well maybe next season will be better…?

Chiffon– I understand where Morgan was coming from this season in that he felt all life was sacred, even more so now that the world has gone to hell but I think most of us didn’t agree with his mindset. I think the moral ambiguity has always been at the heart of what makes this show work. You can’t help but place yourself in these challenging, often no-win situations and think of what you would do in the same spot. Its like Sophie’s Choice…..but with zombies.


Neegan and The Saviors

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What The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth 79

Spencer- So it is evident that The Saviors are no longer a joke. We thought we had the upper hand but really, we are so screwed. I see no possible way of getting out of this mess unless our survivors pack up and head to a different state (which is what I would do after watching my friend get bashed to death with a barbed wire bat). This is obviously the biggest challenge our group of survivors has ever had to face. If our group had the skill set they have now back when the Governor attacked the prison, it would be no problem. But nothing could prepare them for Negan and his large group of thugs. My idea is that Rick teams up with this new group that Morgan met and rage war against Negan… Just a thought. Honestly though, I am excited for the new plot with the addition of The Saviors.

Chiffon– This definitely has shifted the plot dramatically from the recent “Find a home, everything is going well, everything goes wrong, find a new home” pattern they’ve been stuck in for the past few seasons. I’m curious to see which direction they go because assuming Rick is still alive, he really feels like a man on the verge of completely breaking down.



Spencer– First of all, this game is sick! It’s kind of like guessing which queen is going to be announced for the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race except the winner gets a barbed wire baseball bat to the head? Honestly, I have no idea who this poor character could be. I thought that it was actually going to be Michonne due to the way the episode was hyped. But now, I have no idea. I don’t think it was Glenn because that is how the comics go and that is to simple of a route for the show. I don’t think it was Daryl because he was shot and we already had some time to grieve. Norman Reedus was also on The Talking Dead so I don’t suppose they would ask him to come and then ask him again next season first episode. I don’t believe it was Rick or Carl just because of Negan’s dialogue right before… do my radar is really pointing toward Michonne. But I believe Negan said “He is taking it like a champ” so that would rule out the women? Well lets all just hope and prey that it was Eugene 🙂 Also look at the video… it kind of looks like Carl’s shadow right before Negan swings…

Chiffon– I don’t think it could be Carl because that would mean Rick is dead too. There is no way he wouldn’t snap at attack Negan regardless of the odds or ramifications if he killed Carl. I had a feeling it was Abraham, but the more I think of it, I think it is actually going to turn out to be Glenn. Its the perfect swerve, do the thing that is so expected it becomes unexpected.


Looking Back and Looking Forward

Spencer- All in all, I think this was a really strong season. It felt like a really long season in all honesty. Just think,at the beginning of this season, we were watching the conflict of Deanna and her control over Alexandria. We then witnessed the mass herd and the massive attack on Alexandria from the Wolves, the burning forest, Glenn being dead but not dead, Carl losing an eye, the attack on Negan’s compound, new groups, I mean this season was massive! Remember that episode where Morgan learned how to use a staff. That felt like forever ago! This season was always interesting to me and I am so happy. I do not understand how there are so many people in this area though. The Walkers almost feel like a secondary enemy at this point, it’s just insane. I hope that next season they can come up with more material that is interesting and not repetitive. I don’t want our group to get a new town and lose it to Walkers or killers again. I want some progress in the story. I am not saying I want a conclusion soon, but I want to know that The Walking Dead is going somewhere and not just in painful, stressful circles.

Chiffon– Its tough. I feel like the show is on the same treadmill that Lost was on in its middle seasons. Until there is an official end date set for the series, I think the show is going to continue to meander. I’m hoping a storyline where they’re forced to work for Negan until they can finally overthrow him will shake things up a bit. All I know is, October seems like a long ways away right now. Thanks for having me Spencer but before I go I just wanted you to see something. Look at the flowers Spencer…..

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What The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth 79


Well everyone that is a wrap for this season’s What the Walking Dead. I had so much fun with this season and I cannot wait until next October so we can find out who was turned into a bloody pulp. Thank you so much to Chiffon Dior for your wonderful input and to for another year of this segment. I’ll see you all in October. Until then, keep your family tight, your Carols at home, and your baseball bats hidden from anyone with a personality disorder…


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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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