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Sidney’s Game Guide: The Red Woman


Every premiere of a Game of Thrones season is just like the first time you have sex: You’re super nervous, you might not have a clue as to what you think is going on, and it’s over far too soon. Tonight was a BOLD push forward in a new direction it gave resolution, which led to some very fresh starts. So let’s jump to…

The Most Awesome of Things

The Sansa moment warmed my heart. It reminded me of Catlyn, who truly is a missed presence on this show, but it’s hopefully a great new start for Sansa who should be wanting so much revenge right now. Gwendolyn Christie deserved that badass moment and she was perfect with the followup with Sophie Turner.

Sidney's Game Guide: The Red Woman 79

Honestly, the coup in Dorne was the level of badass that was expected of the Sand Snakes last season, so seeing this well executed plan (and finding out that Oberyn swung both ways) was great. It should be really great to see Cersei’s revenge focus on a kingdom run by badass assassin’s Queen protected by her equally badass princesses.

SPEAKING of Cersei….one of the most epic moments was the first look of sheer joy as she ran to see her daughter for the first time in two years, and the quick turn of devastation upon seeing Jamie. This scene brought one of the core relationships of the show back to the forefront and reminded us just how devastating those two can be together.

The Good Stuff

Tyrion and Varys together is always something great, their back and forth is pure perfection. I truly wonder what ruling in absentia for Daenerys will do for those two and their relationship.

Sidney's Game Guide: The Red Woman 80
The Wall had, perhaps, the most interesting things going on but the least action. I think that we just saw Melisandre give her life for Jon’s. If this is the case, Jon will be free from his vows. I want to know where this goes but think they are off to a great start.


WHERE DID THAT DRAGON GO?! IT WAS RIGHT BY HER! Ugh! Anyways….so Dany joins the cast of the Real Khaleesis of Vaes Dothrak. Um, I feel this seems like a way to stretch out her getting to Westeros, which I wonder if we’ll see by season’s end. But I want to know how she got captured cause I feel they skipped something to get where they brought us to.
Arya didn’t get much here, but I feel she has some big stuff coming on up so I’m not worried.

I hate saying this, but honestly forgot about Margery locked up. I did NOT forget how much I wanted that Shame chick meet Cersei’s vengeance.

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The Red Woman, in Summation

Jon Snow’s killers both left him at the scene and then never denied killing him…amateurs. Theon and Sansa kinda had a Jack & Rose thing going for a minute there. Oberyn did stuff with duded and the Sand Snakes are Godfather level gangster. That badass moment for Brienne was universal payback for not using her in The Force Awakens. Considering the money of Westeros is located in Bravos, but Arya had NO money….the Bravosi are greedy AF. Davos trusts no bitch. Davos remains the smartest man on the show. Dany had a fucking dragon, and still got taken, why do we need to respect her? R’hllor is an AMAZING plastic surgeon.

Alright, here we go. If this episode didn’t tell you to prep your nerves, I don’t know what will, cause here we go.

Keep geek.


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Sidney's Game Guide: The Red Woman 81
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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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