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Game of Thrones

Some people complain that Game of Thrones waits too long to get into the action. Well um, your complaints were heard…cause here we are with…

The Most Awesome of Things
The Wall has become the most interesting places to be at, which considering the first few season’s activities, is really a winner for Most Improved story. The biggest question I think I have is what is next for Jon? His death means that his watch is, technically, at an end. Does he stay and fight the war to come or does he get involved in all the other fights elsewhere? I say he stays at The Wall, he seems too honorable to leave, even if death freed him from his vows. It’s all exciting and we only wanna know what’s gonna happen next. I wanna also put forth there is a lack of Sam….I don’t wanna say they’re related things but…um…let’s think it.

It says so much about Lena Heady as an actress that we don’t need to see Cersei do something dramatic to be impressed. She has to give a smile and we are floored and gutted. The little bit we got to see of King’s Landing made our minds race with anticipation for revenge on her mind. Something big is gonna happen and getting there is already edge of the seat exciting to be a part of.
Game of Thrones

Holy damn, we got a major development as Ramsey killed his father and just scorched the earth around him. Ramsey needs to be built to be unstoppable. It’ll make his defeat all the more great.

Lastly in this column, Sophie Turner is so damn good. She is becoming, more and more, the MVP each week and she never gets the most screen time, but she does make the best use of the time she’s given. I hope this is her season to shine, she’s earned the ability to do so. I hope it lead’s back to Winterfell to bring down Ramsey.

The Good Stuff

Tyrion can do a monologue a story about the phone book and it would be the most riveting thing. He seems to truly benefit being in a new location this, and it’s not just a side character to Dany. The scene with dragon was sweet. This is also great cause it showed that, in this world, talking to a dragon, is a moment of calm in this world.

Loved the return of Bran, loved the way they are doing flashbacks but hope we see only what we need to of it because I still feel there is something in a “Robert’s Rebellion” series. As for now, welcome back, Bran.
Game of Thrones

Very cool to be back on the Iron Islands, the reason this ends up here is because Yara is such a great character and we’ve been teased with her story for years and seen such potential not utilized. I wanna see them go full forward with her and make her a force by the end of this season. If she isn’t, then what was ever the point.

Ok, I’m bored by Arya. Her story needs to pick up. It’s been getting slower and more meaningless since she left The Hound. Maisie Williams is giving too much of to not be further along with the development of her story.

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Home, in summation
Bran and Company have been doing opium in a tree. Anyone in the show can die, but we care more about Ghost’s well being than anyone else’s. Cersei is totally blacklisted from all the hottest events. There were two deaths via giants smashing people into walls…and that is important. Not to question a psychopath, but the last time that Walda Frey was disrespected, we had a rather grim wedding.. Arya got offered food and refused, her dedication to summer body is an inspiration…but then again I just killed a strawberry shake, Blind Arya diet starts tomorrow! Yara is a goal oriented Westerosi Daria. Ya know your buddy’s girlfriend or boyfriend that you don’t really like, but ya gotta put up with, that’s Davos and Melisandre’s relationship. Jon Snow is apparently the line for which is TOO far for Game of Thrones characters cannot die.

We’re not just getting there this season, the season started there, and holy damn, I’m not sure we’re ready for what’s next. Hopefully the week moves at this season’s pace so we can find out what happen’s next.

Keep geek.


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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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