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Sidney’s Game Guide – Double Feature: Oathbreaker & Book of the Stranger

Game of Thrones

We’re moving right along at the most tremendous of paces. There is a lot to cover so let’s start with

The Most Awesome of Things

Well honestly, the stuff at Wall stuff was really great. There was so much everything that happened there needed rewatching. Something truly impactful was Melisandre, who acted as surprised at Jon that Jon came back. Melisandre is truly an incredible character for a bunch of reasons, primarily because you can never tell if she’s for real with this or not. I’m glad to see the people who killed Jon for being a traitor, yet didn’t see themselves as traitors for killing the Lord Commander, be gone. Especially cause it was a nice throwback to the lessons Ned taught Jon, “The man who passes the judgment should swing the sword.” The question now arises will Jon truly leave? And if he leaves, then what happens to the Wall? Who do we follow there? Will Sansa make it before Jon leaves? So many show changing answers are to come.

Bran going back through time was so great. Mainly because it gave us that great moment from Robert’s Rebellion with Ned at the tower. That fight scene was so well done and gave us just what we needed in terms of an action fix. I’m gonna say it again, there is MONEY in doing a prequel series. I’d love to see that.

Varys interrogating the accomplice of the Sons of the Harpy was glorious. Varys is such an important figure in this show, I love when we get these moments to remind them of this. He has such a grasp on the powers he knows how to wield. Conleth Hill is so comfortable with this character that it’s eerie how much he can make a scene his whether he’s leading it or just in the background.

The Good Stuff

FINALLY someone told Dany you ain’t hot shit and you need to earn your place in this world. Ugh! Finally. I’m glad we got to see a different side of what could have been for her. It makes the character a tad stronger where weakness has overtaken otherwise awesome moments.

I just want to say that I adore Tommen as king. I feel the sad irony will be that he actually would be a great king, but I do feel he’ll die before we get to see what he could do. Jonathan Pryce as the High Sparrow is just always great. How he manipulated Tommen’s good nature was so seamless and each bit of minutia he brings to a scene sets the tone in which the actors can perform.

I love that the Small Council told Cersei essential that she couldn’t sit with them. How could they make it better? By bringing Olenna Tyrell, she makes everything better. Cersei’s all but lost the control on King’s Landing, watching her not accept it
Dany’s getting to Vaes Dothrak was great….mainly cause you had the HBIC of The Real Housewives of Vaes Dothrak read Dany for FILTH! It was so much of what she needed to be told. Dany’s story feels like it’s gonna get stalled here for a minute, because if she leaves right away, then what is the point.

Ramsey Bolton is the Joker of this show. He might play the part of the leader, but really is an anarchist. His goal is not to rule but to destroy without sanction. He wants an independent North so he can torture without consequence. Them bringing


I’m not sold on Arya’s storyline, it still feels like this shoulda happened a season and a half ago and now they’re rushing through to play catch-up. Arya is stalled and she needs to either move forward or the sow needed to dedicate less time to it.

Also, Sam showed up…so ya know…batroom break..

Oathbreaker, in summation.

“We see women naked all the time on this show, but it’s TOO much for naked Jon Snow. Sam is still boring. Bran is just in a K hole. We need a Robert’s Rebellion series. We’re already excitied for Andy Cohen’s reunion of the Dothrak Housewives. Varys is the best ally in this show. Tyrion isn’t good at small talk. Olenna Tyrell remains out of fucks to give. Children exist in King’s Landing, simply to be manipulate by creepy old dudes. Is Arya part of the original Black Widow program or nah? Ramsey Bolton has a face that you just know he’s thinking about torturing people. If Jon’s vows ended upon death, does that mean he gets overtime for working after he came back, who does HR at wall? Inquiring minds want to know.

-The Book of the Stranger-

Tonight blew me away in ways I didn’t expect. I got three minutes in and was a wreck. So we might as well work through that cause I won’t wanna talk about anything else until we do.

The Most Awesome of Things
A Stark reunion….ish! When they open the gate and Sansa is on the other side…my heart jumped in my throat. When Jon saw her, my eyes watered. When he walks down and the score kicks in, I was bawling like a baby. Then when they get to what Sansa wants….I was like “COME THROUGH, SANSA!” Seriously, y’all, Sansa is my favorite character. Her story of wanting to be queen to accepting who she is as a Stark is one of the best arcs in the show. Sansa does her parents proud with every passing minute.

The Wall stuff was all great. The moment where Brienne goes up to Davos and Melisandre was so bitchy and wonderful,I’m glad we got that moment.

Lastly in this section, we should discuss the score for the show. There were several times in this episode where the score 100% made a scene as great as it needed to be. Kudos to you, Ramin Djawadi

The Good Stuff


Dany, you did good….real damn good here. One thing, we’ve seen Dany the Badass before, and then just like that she’s doing something really dumb. I hope this is the last false start for Dany because she has a lot to do and not that much time to do it. Jorah and Daario were really good together.

King’s Landing has some riveting stuff going on it it, but it’s getting to the point where a lot is happening and maybe they try and focus on one key thing for an episode instead of trying to get EVERYTHING in at once. Still great stuff and it’s all thanks to the talent they got leading each scene there.

Ramsey is a solid villain but he really is gonna need the on screen counterpart to really make him THE villain. He kinda just does stuff that’s evil and has for a while.

I’m glad to see Theon and Yara get more time together. I hope the show really gives them some focus because there’s absolutely a great story to be told. It seems like they will and I think we’re gonna be better off.

Tyrion’s stuff honestly felt unnecessary. Not that I don’t appreciate Tyrion moments, but I hate when it feels like a waste, tonight felt like that.

“The score can make this show. Crazy Robin is gonna grow up to be that crazy guy on Tindr. Brienne is petty AF. Is there a Jorah and Daario buddy comedy. The Real Housewives of Vaes Dothrak never got a thrown pinot gris. The High Sparrow was a rock star before he took his vows. Margery is still a boss. It’s never not funny when Cersei calls someone a peasant. Cersei and Olenna working together is what fear should look like. Yara gives everyone who give zero fucks on this show a run for their money. The world poured one out for Osha. Dany can be naked no issue, Jon Snow, not so much #thanksobama/double standards.”

Wow, ok, this season is powered by rocket fuel. It’s all going so well and I’m trying to remember a time where I was so excited to see the final result.

Keep geek.


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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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