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Sidney’s Game Guide – The Door

Game of Thrones

Wow….if you didn’t remember, Game of Thrones cuts us in the feels right before it stabs you in the heart. Ok, get your Ben & Jerry’s and let’s get to this.

The Most Awesome of Things

Y’all the end of that episode was some sad sad stuff. Hodor was never important, he was never supposed to be until the end of this episode. He was, however, a moral compass by which we could always find some hope. His loss reminded us of two things that Game of Thrones does well: It can tell a story unlike any other show on television, and then find NEW ways to tell that story. The second: deaths are never without impact or meaning. Hodor’s loss will not be easy to swallow, but it will be important.

On the same note, Bran’s story is riveting. He is able to take the audience on the journey to remind us why “Winter is coming” is always important. The flashbacks have been brilliantly done story devices that change the dynamic of storytelling for the better.

So if you haven’t been keeping up with my reviews let me catch you up on what the show caught you up on tonight. Now lean in to the screen really close.


Seriously, she was a boss the entire time. She’s becoming more and more in control of her world that she’s intent to rule. Her scene with Littlefinger had me on the edge of my seat. Sophie Turner is on fire more than ever and she played the scene so well, that I was wondering is this where that fucker FINALLY dies? Now how the lie she told Jon will play, we’ll see. But that scene where they were strategizing felt an awful lot like a small council meeting, didn’t it?

The Good Stuff
So we saw something we never have, Varys was scared. We meet yet another red priestess (Kinvara) and she paints a vastly different picture than the other Red Woman sees in her flames. The idea that they are in opposition to each other: one of Dany and one for Jon, is quite fascinating dynamics that feel like the ground work is being laid. Either way, I want to see so much more.

The Iron Islands stuff is also really solid. Tonight felt like we finally learned more about the Iron Islands. I’m intrigued cause they are introducing a MAJOR plot mid way through an already packed season, but it’s entirely building to some major conflict and it seems we are finally getting some solid Greyjoy action.

Ok, I won’t rag on Dany like I normally do, but her story made it here because no matter my thoughts on the character, Emilia Clarke is brilliant and really is the reason when Dany rocks. Emilia Clarke is so talented that she could just read the phone book the rest of the series, and would make it emotionally rock.

So remember what we learned prior to, SANSA STARK IS THE BEST CHARACTER ON THE DAMN SHOW!!!!!

Yeah that, well her sister Arya balances out the scale on the lower end. I find myself less and less involved. Just when I felt we’d move on, they put her back in familiar territory. I’m bored, she still hasn’t’ decided what she wants, and I feel the show is better than this level of stalling, at least when the stall Dany, she does badass things in between. Arya just gets beaten down and makes threats I’m wondering if she’s ever gonna come through on….or if I will care by the time she does.

The Door, in Summation.

“Sansa should be on Drag Race: Girl can strategize, use attitude, and sew! Littlfinger doesn’t help his case by his creeper stache. We all wanted to see Brienne kill Littlefinger. This is more personal but I kinda wanna call Arya’s sparring buddy, “Becky from House Good Hair.” Jaqen’s biggest inspiration is Raiden from the Mortal Kombat movies. That little recap of seasons 1 was precious but oddly petty. The Kings Moot of Yara vs Euron was your early preview of what Trump vs Hillary looks like. Dany sent Jorah away to find his own cure, she’s the HMO of Game of Thrones. Ya know, that Gem of R’hllor choker might hold the key to beauty, but I’m pretty sure they bought it off Etsy. It’s gonna suck when Dany get’s back and realizes she has a red priest, if they can bring back people from the dead what’s a little greyscale on an arm. We lost a character who had one line in 5 seasons and we’re wanting to call outta work tomorrow because of it.”

Ok, well I’m outta Ben and Jerry’s and tissues, so I need to address that. Till next week Gamers!

Keep geek.


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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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