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New York City

A Brief Guide to NYC Pride ’16 (or What The Heck To Do This Weekend)

Well sure there is a big, fabulous parade this weekend, but what else is there to do for New York City Pride? Well, I’m glad you asked because I actually wanted to write a piece shamelessly promoting the shows and events of the people I like so this works out really well.

First up, I would head over to one of the best drag venues in the city, Boots & Saddle (100A 7th Ave S) for Bootsie Lefaris‘ Boots Scootin’ Bootsie show with special guest hostess Chelsea Piers!


If Chelsea wasn’t dirty enough for, then maybe the dirtiest cabaret in NYC is more you speed! Head over to The West End (955 West End Avenue) and have some fun with Terra Hymen and Brita Filter for their Haus of Mouth show at 9pm!


Next up, I would keep going  the night going with a little Therapy! No, not that kind of Therapy although it honestly couldn’t hurt. I would head to Therapy (348 W 52nd St) to see Miz Cracker with her guest Monet X. Change as they do more then just get boys half naked. They’re holding a benefit to raise money for the LGBT community in Uganda, a place where being a part of the LGBT community can get you killed. If you can’t be there, you can also donate here. Also, I assume they’ll be getting boys half naked too.


Then from there, you can run across the street and catch one of the most star-studded weekly drag shows in the city, Queen at Industry! Tonight you’ll see Holly Dae, Maddelynn Hatter, Jada Valenciaga, Terra Hymen, and another helping of Monet X. Change serving you some of the best in NYC drag! Show starts at midnight!



Then Friday night, camp is in session at The Duplex, Gay Camp that is! Its “My Big Gay Talent Show” featuring Philip Mutz, Ken Urso, Christian Mansfield, Bradford Proctor, Seth Tucker, Steve Riggle, Dan Gutierrez and two of our favorite NYC Queens, Juicy Liu and Strawberry Fields! The creators of the Off-Off-Broadway hit Gay Camp are returning with a one-night-only cabaret titled My Big Gay “Gay Camp” Talent Show, playing at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre on Friday, June 24 at 7pm. Click here for more info!

Press Photo 1 - Ken Urso, Christian Mansfield, Philip Mutz

Ken Urso, Christian Mansfield, Philip Mutz


In addition, The West End Lounge is playing host to the Liberty Continental Invasion this Friday night, hosted by Margeaux Powell. Click here for more info!


And it wouldn’t be Pride without Paige Turner‘s Big Gay Pride Show, this Friday and Saturday at the Laurie Beechman Theatre featuring Jackie Cox  and Sutton Lee Seymour! Get your tickets here!




Then if you can drag yourself out of bed at the crack of noon, head on over to Interface (140 W 30th St) for CoCo De’Ball‘s SERVING FACE pride brunch! Tickets are available here!



After you’ve had your fill of cocktails and brunch, why not head down to Had It Happy Hour‘s Pride Show at Pieces (8 Christopher Street) between 2 and 8 for more cocktails? Celebrate Pride by spending some quality time with Dusty Ray Bottoms, Alexis Michelle, Tammy Spenks and Brita Filter!



If you have a hankering to get off the island of Manhattan, why not take a trip to Astoria and check out the delightful Sutton Lee Seymour at Albatross Bar, Saturday night at 11pm!


Saturday night is a big night for ladies of NYC too as SIREN/ Girl Pride NYC is poised to have their biggest event ever with over a thousand tickets sold! VIP tickets are going but you can still be a part of it by heading here!


If you’re not wanting to get a good night’s sleep before the parade, then I think you should head back to Boots & Saddle to celebrate pride with Miz Cracker and Marti Gould Cummings! Show starts at 10pm!


And after the parade Sunday, if you’re not partied out, take one more trip to Boots & Saddle to see CoCo De’Ball from 4-6 and Fifi DuBois from 6-8! Or you can head over to The West End again for the Pride After Party with Bella Noche and Gina Tonic!


And finally, why not top off your weekend with a little bit of SIN at the Atlas Social Club, hosted by the fabulous Holly Box-Springs?


From all of us here at, remember to have fun, be safe and most important, remember what it is that you are celebrating! Happy Pride 2016!

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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