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Miss Bio-WERRRK Themed Presentation Judges’ Critiques

July 30, 2016 Chiffon Dior 1

Juicy Liu Gypsy Gemini: All this pink is soooo on point! I feel like you stepped out of the cartoon! I know you said you don’t usually play with color, but I would say keep […]

Naomi Smalls
Drag Queens

Meow Mixx: Naomi Smalls

July 29, 2016 Emily Meow 0

It’s time for another Meow Mixx, and this time it’s from an exciting new location (kind of), West 5 Bar! I say kind of due to being a frequenter to the venue, which is tucked […]

Drag Queens

The Drag ‘Gram of the Week: 7/25/16

July 25, 2016 Chiffon Dior 0

Instagram You love Instagram. We love Instagram. Drag Queens love Instagram. So we figured, why not combine the three as “The Drag ‘Gram of the Week”? Now when we say “Drag ‘Gram”, we’re not talking […]

Drag Class
Drag Queens

Head of the (Drag) Class

July 22, 2016 Chiffon Dior 0

This past spring, down in Austin, Texas, Rain on 4th held their second semester of “Drag Class” where established queens paired up with baby queens for a weekly drag competition, hosted by the fabulous Sabel Scities. […]

Drag Queens

Sitting with Spencer: Thorgy Thor

July 20, 2016 Spencer Williams 0

Good Day Friends! It’s a pleasure to be back.  I have a very special guest with me today. She is an accomplished musician, winner of multiple Glam, Odyssey, Get Out, and Brooklyn Nightlife awards, and a […]