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Miss Bio-WERRRK Themed Presentation Judges' Critiques 13

Drag Queens

Miss Bio-WERRRK Themed Presentation Judges’ Critiques


Special Guest Judges

Juicy Liu

Gypsy Gemini: All this pink is soooo on point! I feel like you stepped out of the cartoon! I know you said you don’t usually play with color, but I would say keep doing it, because it looks great!

Tini Davenport Phillips: Purple is definitely your color, and I loved all the big 80’s accessories (I’m a big fan of you rocking the one neon pink fishnet glove). My one critique is that you could go even bigger with the hair, either a bright color or just more volume, to match your wonderfully 80s outfit.

Maureen San Diego: I LOVE the back story for this, you really had me cracking up. Everything about this character and look is ridiculous, and I looooove ridiculous. The ginormous should pads are a nice touch.

Crimson Kitty:  Sooooo…. I want those earrings! I love the half Jem, half Jerrica look. It’s smart and such a fun concept. The bold and intense colors are perfect for this theme.

Flo Reel

Kitty Meringue: Kitty has great passion and great makeup skills, I just feel she needs an all over polishing of her look to bring her to the next level.

Pierretta Viktori: Pierretta’s video was vibrant and showed her confidence, her look was amazing and I love a head to toe queen!

Monroe Fitzgerald: Monroe has a fabulous concept and look to match. Her confidence is great, I just wanted her to relax a bit so I could see her personality.

Cream Victoria: Cream’s video was fun, but didn’t get a great look at her.

Miz Cracker

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Miss Bio-WERRRK Themed Presentation Judges' Critiques 14

Pierretta Viktori: Pierretta had a clear vision for her outfit, and it was flawlessly executed. If she seemed a little reserved (for a drag queen) in her presentation, she more than made up for it in her eye catching look and clear explanation for her choices. Pull out the stops with your persona, dove, you’re great!

Monroe Fitzgerald: Monroe had a beautifully structured outfit, and her reasoning for choosing the look was both clear and inspiring beyond the context of the competition. She seems a little nervous too tho! Open up and be fearless!

Kitty Meringue: Kitty had unique ideas in her very precise makeup, and her confidence made her presence feel warm and engaging. But when I look at the wig, the makeup, the outfit… I want to see more engagement with the theme. Everything is almost there but I want to see her go back and hit us over the head with the Jem vibe.

Cream Victoria: Cream, I’m afraid for you’re up for elimination. (Editor’s Note: Not literally) I didn’t see a reason for or conversation about your choosing the outfit that you chose. You dressed, but I don’t see a connection to the theme. Meanwhile, I feel like Off The Rack is written all over everywhere. I know you have more creativity in you–bring it out!

Dr. Jen

Pierretta Viktori. She KILLED this challenge! Her outfit, hair, makeup, everything, was PERFECT. I thought her intro and description were great. I loved what she said about creating a larger than life character with drag.

Kitty Meringue: I really liked Kitty’s makeup (LEOPARD PRINT EYE?!!!), and her video was heartfelt and real.

Monroe Fitzgerald: Monroe did a GREAT job with the look, and I thought her video was cute, but it felt a little more cosplay and less ‘drag interpretation’ to me. 

Cream Victoria. The video was SO GOOD. I wish she would have given us just a teensy bit of intro though. I felt like maybe she was the least outrageous of the bunch.

Samantha Newark

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Miss Bio-WERRRK Themed Presentation Judges' Critiques 14

I’m so blown away at the contestants!! Congrats to all – everyone is so truly outrageous!!!

13838414_10206961470422942_1134878816_o Judges Panel

Dallas Coulter

Pierretta Viktori: Gimme dat hat. I fully appreciate a fellow costume designer…it’s harder than it looks

Monroe Fitzgerald: Love the look! I’m a sucker for big hair. I also thought this video had a great message

Kitty Meringue: I wanted to see more of this outfit!! Thank you for using your platform to speak out on mental illness. I also found Kitty to be very funny and I can’t wait to see more!

Cream Victoria:  I definitely wanted to see more of an introduction of this queen but I do love that it was filmed “Garbage Pail Kids” the movie style. I liked the concept.

Kat Sass

Gypsy Gemini: Gypsy’s makeup is beautiful. I particularly like the lip and the hard cut cheek – it really feels like a cartoon in a satisfying way.

Tini Davenport Phillips:  Tini’s positivity and bubbly personality is infectious. I found myself smiling the entire video.

Maureen Sandiego: I appreciate Maureen’s creativity and approach to the topic of the video. She is pretty damn funny.

Crimson Kitty: I loved watching Crimson discuss her connection and similarities with Jem. I felt like this was the most thoughtfully considered presentation in that sense.

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Miss Bio-WERRRK Themed Presentation Judges' Critiques 14

Courtney Conquers

Gypsy Gemini:  Your makeup was on point for the theme! You looked like a modern version of just how I remember Jem from when I was little. You gave us a very quick shot of your entire look, but I would have like to see the actual outfit in a little more detail so I could have taken in the overall effect.

Tini Davenport Phillips: Your introduction of yourself, your drag, and what makes you outrageous was detailed and well though out! I enjoyed listening to your connection with Jem and the show. I would have liked to see a little more colour and shape in your makeup. Your bright, sparkly outfit overshadowed it a little bit.

Maureen San Diego: Your unique concept made me giggle most of the way through the video! I liked that your outfit captured the 80s flair of Jem without actually recreating her look. There were parts of the video where I was a little distracted between trying to read your captions but also listen to your character speak over the background music, which made a few points of the presentation seem jumbled. 

Crimson Kitty: I loved your dual identity idea! It was a great way to tie what you were saying about your own “daytime vs nightlife” work with the theme. I would have liked a fully body shot so we could actually see your outfit and experience the look as a whole.

Emily Meow

Gypsy Gemini: Your makeup is flawless, I love that you kept to the assignment and mixed in your own flare. Interesting that you feel that you stepped out of your comfort zone as it was a flawless look that really suited you.

Tini Davenport Phillips: I got so many good vibes from this video. Very 80’s and I loved your references. Your excitement for the contest in contagious.

Maureen San Diego: This video was the best kind of crazy. I love the characterisation. The look was Golden Girls meets Jem, and the makeup was perfection. I was howling. Excited to see what you have to come.

Crimon Kitty:  I. Loved. This. Your look is incredible, the hair is fabulous and your message is heartwarming. So glad you gave me a background on your life, and how that fits in with Jem’s message. I left this video feeling inspired, and that’s super important.

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Miss Bio-WERRRK Themed Presentation Judges' Critiques 14

Spencer Williams

Kitty Meringue: I loved the fact that you tried to execute a look from the Misfits. It made sense to me right away and I think it really payed off. Thank you for sharing your story and continue to channel it into your art! My only critique from tonight is that I would have loved to see a head-to-toe look. As a bio queen, I want to see everything you got! Also, if I want to look up Marge Simpson porn, that is my business.

Pierreta Viktori: I am so astounded by your costuming skills. The construction of this ensemble is amazing and you deserve a few hard-earned pats on the back. Also you did a great job modeling off your work while at the same time telling us about you and your drag. Great job!

Monroe Fitzgerald: This was definitely one of my favorites. You took a character from this theme and portrayed her in such an amazing way, while simultaneously relating it to your drag. The costume was on point, the makeup and wig worked perfectly, and your personality really shined through. Very well done. Please continue to be yourself throughout this pageant.

Cream Victoria: I understood and liked the idea of being a new addition to The Misfits. I do think that your look was a little soft-spoken. I know that is a crazy thing to say when you are wearing a big green wig, but I think it could have used a little more creativity. I did however, love the Beyonce fan effects you had going on. That always works for me. I also wish I got to hear your voice and a little about you! You are a star Cream Victoria, let your star-ness shine through damn it!

Crunk Panda

Gypsy Gemini: Really enjoyed the look, I’m a guy who dresses as many characters, and, I always make sure to let the character shine, but, also make it uniquely mine, so, I appreciate that you’ve made it your own!

Tini Davenport Phillips: Pleased to meet you, loving the purple! I think you grabbed a lot of great inspiration from Jem, looking forward to seeing what else you bring as the competition progresses. Keep up the hard work in your personal life!

Maureen San Diego: Good lord. Where do I even begin? Hahaha, Jem Mima. That was just fantastic. You’ve set the bar pretty high going forward, can’t wait to see what you bring.

Crimson Kitty: Always a pleasure to meet someone else who look to help others, great to meet you. You packed a lot of info into a short video, I think you could have benefited a bit more by focusing just a bit more on one or two things.

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Miss Bio-WERRRK Themed Presentation Judges' Critiques 14

Brandi Amara Skyy

Tini Davenport Phillips : Love how you incorporated your personal story and ensemble with Jem’s and decade it represented. Also loved your closing statement! Sounded a little rehearsed at times, but were extremely personable. Here’s my biggest critique: drag is about excess; you need more: more make-up, more separation between your ‘day’ girl and your drag persona. Don’t be afraid to go there.

Maureen San Diego: Love your creative interpretation of this challenge – so original!!!  At first, i had a hard time grasping what was happening because there was a lot going on (the piano, words on the screen, and your mouth moving), but once i got it – i GOT IT. After watching this, i still have more questions about who you are as a drag artist than answers, but you made me crack the fuck up – and THAT goes a long way :).

Crimson Kitty: LOVE your concept! i not just heard, but i could feel your passion for the art, your community, and what you’ve accomplished. At one point it felt a tad bit ‘promotionally’ when you started talking about your big Lady Queen bash, but hey, you’ve built a stage where there once was none – and i would be super proud (and promo-y) about that too!!

Gypsy Gemini: So truly truly truly GORGE-RAGEOUS!! Love the look – flawless interpretation of Jem. Would have liked to have gotten to know who Gypsy is – outside of the presentation theme – a little more. i got a bit of it when you started talking about being inspired by the Jersey queens, but i still don’t know how long you’ve been dragging, or who YOU are as a drag artist.

Ja’mie Queen

Pierretta Viktori: Amazing visual representation, and loved that you made the costume yourself! The lyrics matching the place you were filming in front of for part of the video was a really cool idea as well! Would’ve loved to have heard just a bit more about yourself, but the explanation of the look and the look itself was stellar!

Monroe Fitzgerald: I thought you were very well spoken and gave us a very complete view of the whole outfit.  You also gave a very detailed reasoning behind the look and that was appreciated as well! Watching it, I thought you connected very well to the audience. 

Kitty Meringue:  I would’ve liked to see the whole look, but from what we saw, the makeup was awesome! Very creative. I thought the video itself and your talking points were funny and we learned a lot about you.  Hope we can learn more in the upcoming weeks!

Cream Victoria:  A very creative approach to the challenge as a mini movie style.  I would’ve loved to hear you talk about you and the look so we could connect with you a bit more!

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Miss Bio-WERRRK Themed Presentation Judges' Critiques 14

Chiffon Dior

Gypsy Gemini: I really enjoyed the your video. I thought the look was  good and the makeup was very Jem. I would have liked you to share a little more about yourself and my biggest suggestion would be to slow down just a bit while talking. Keep that in mind when we get to Question and Answer.

Tini Davenport Phillips: I enjoyed you enthusiasm and obvious passion but if I could give you a one word critique it would be bigger. You need to go bigger with your looks for a drag competition. more hair, more makeup, just being larger than life in general.

Maureen San Diego: Your look while not quite Jem, fit in very well with this character you created. While your video was absolutely hilarious, you literally told us nothing about you as a person. The criteria was to tell us about yourself, not a fictional backstory of a character.

Crimson Kitty: I thought the concept was very good one although toning down the Jerrica side might have hammered the idea home a little more and made the Jem side pop a little more. Kudos for using the “Show’s over Synergy” as your sign off.

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Despite being a drag journalist for almost a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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1 Comment

  1. Savannah

    August 10, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    I’m really looking forward to reading the Judges Critiques for the other weeks! And I’m curious as to what their scores are each week.

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